Fred Smoot revises his opinion on Emmitt Smith, a little

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Last month, former NFL cornerback Fred Smoot declared that no one likes former NFL running back Emmitt Smith.

Now, Smoot has revised his remarks.  A little.

“The only person who likes Emmitt Smith is Mike Florio,” Smoot said in his latest Reddit AMA, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post.  (I’m still not quite sure what that is, but it’s next on my list after figuring out how to get my microwave to stop flashing 12:00.)

Smoot’s adjustment flows from the article we wrote in response to his prior slap at Emmitt, in which I vouched for the all-time rushing leader.

The former Redskins’ aversion to Emmitt seems to come from a somewhat playful dislike of the Dallas Cowboys.  Indeed, that’s the only reason Smoot could give for supporting the notion that nobody (except me) likes Emmitt.  Which could make it hard to explain why, you know, Cowboys fans wouldn’t like Emmitt.

But it’s clear that Smoot doesn’t like the team Emmitt played for.

“Cowboys — gross,” Smoot said.

Given Smoot’s apparently high bar when it comes to that specific label, that’s saying a lot.

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  1. You post on the internet and don’t know what a Reddit AMA is? Even the president has gotten in on the AMA action..get with the program Flo. FYI AMA stands for “Ask me anything”. It is a forum where interesting guests come in and answer questions.

  2. Back when Smith, Aikman, and Irvin were playing….they came to Las Vegas for an autograph signing to support a local high school. People purchased tickets to get items signed….once the 45 minutes was up….Emmitt Smith left a line of about 150 people just standing there…he tried to coax Aikman and Irvin to leave right then as well. But they stuck around….Emmitt just left. Two stand up guys…one guy who could careless and just wanted to get to the strip.

  3. The only two things anyone remembers about Fred Smoot are his involvement in the Vikings Love Boat scandal and that ridiculous press conference he gave where he said “70% of the Earth is covered by water, the other 30% is covered by SMOOT!”

    Emmitt Smith, on the other hand, is not only the leading rusher in league history, but also a Dancing with the Stars champion and successful Just For Men spokesman. Not too shabby.

    When Smoot can do the foxtrot half as well as Smith, then he can talk.

  4. workin4theweekend says:
    Aug 8, 2013 5:32 PM
    You post on the internet and don’t know what a Reddit AMA is? Even the president has gotten in on the AMA action..get with the program Flo. FYI AMA stands for “Ask me anything”. It is a forum where interesting guests come in and answer questions.
    Hahaha and what is the Presidents current approval rating?

    Some people w jobs and a life don’t have time to sit on reedit all day.

  5. When Emmitt was asked for his opinion on Fred Smoot he replied, “Love his play, he carouses the quarterback.”

  6. “Cowboys — gross,” Smoot said.


    I always knew Fred played like one but, until I read that, never knew he actually was a 14 year old girl.

  7. Fred Smoot got arrested for DUI, then peed his pants in the police station, creating a puddle on the floor.

    Emmitt Smith is a hall of famer, won 3 super bowls, was a 6 time all-pro, went to the pro bowl 8 times, and is the NFL’s all time leading rusher.

  8. I am a life long Cowboys fan, but I have not heard a good thing about Emitt off of the field. Have heard many stories and read many articles that he was a pompous, self righteous *ss*ole. Hard to like someone like that.

  9. It’s funny and sad how former players, years after, can’t let old grudges go. First it was Tiki and now Smoot.

  10. Emmit Smith the third best running back this league ever had.

    Smoot press clock enter three numbers hit clock again, stupid!

  11. the more time that passes since the triplets ruled the 90’s, the more that i love michael irvin.
    say what you will about emmitt off of the field, but i have pics of him signing post-game autographs by his car after my 1st trip to irving.
    i rode in an elevator with aikman before a game in ’92, and he was kind of arrogant.
    as for the playmaker, i had friends that went to valley ranch in ’96, during a texas trip for a game. irvin went out of his way to stop their car in the parking lot to tell them to get out and take pics with freakin’ cool is THAT?? i still have a pic of that, but not the friends.

  12. Yes Emmitt did kill the bills twice n the big game
    but what do u expect from a team that went
    4 years n a row and couldn’t win… just face
    it Buffalo just sucks!!!

  13. What’s to like ? the man was lucky enough to get drafted to a team where any running back could have duplicated his success. He also showed the world that he wasn’t very intelligent when he tried a post player career as an analyst. but to say only Florio likes him is going too far. There are plenty of people around that grew up loving evertthing about the “STAR”. plus I think his mother likes him.

  14. Fred Smoot just needs to get over himself
    He just can’t stand the fact that Emmitt actually
    accomplished something n his career

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