Nothing imminent for Bengals, Atkins


Yes, the Bengals and defensive tackle Geno Atkins have been talking about extending a rookie deal that expires after the coming season.

No, a deal isn’t on the brink of happening.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, nothing is imminent between the Bengals and Atkins.  The talks, which we’re told have been occurring for months, have no clear timeline.

The talks were first reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN.

The Bengals surely would use the franchise tag to keep Atkins in place, if his contract expires without an extension.  The Bengals currently have $17 million in cap space, according to NFLPA records.

A fourth-round pick in 2010, Atkins is due to make $1.423 million in 2013.

Regarded as one of the top defensive players in the game, the Bengals would be wise to get Atkins under contract — especially since the first guy in line after 2013 could be receiver A.J. Green, who will be two years away from free agency but who will presumably want the big deal he didn’t get as a top-five draft pick in 2011, thanks to the rookie wage scale.

27 responses to “Nothing imminent for Bengals, Atkins

  1. Well I heard on Hard Knocks that “they” think he’s the best DT in the NFL. And since they market him on the show as the clear leader and most respected player on the defense, I guess that means he should be getting a record breaking contract?

    Geno’s agent needs to capitalize and strike a deal before Week 1. He can get his price or things have the potential to become very awkward. The key is to secure the larger payment beyond the paltry less than $1.5MM salary he has remaining. They can get a max payout on all future years, so the only thing remaining is how much more can Team Geno bilk out of this current year left open for negotiation.

  2. While we haven’t had a ton of success as an organization, that doesn’t change the fact that I LOVE this team an I have Bengal blood running through my body!

  3. Just logic. Cheap owner. Wont invest until the QB is proven. Cut bait if Dalton isn’t playoff real. If the offense blows up and they go deep, then sign the guy, or franchise. Bengals back office playing to win, long term.

  4. Guys a beast. This steeler fan hope he heads to another division…preferably another conference.

  5. Dear mike brown,
    If you don’t sign these guys… I’m done

    Who dey nation

  6. “The Bengals currently have $17 million in cap space, according to NFLPA records.”

    “A fourth-round pick in 2010, Atkins is due to make $1.423 million in 2013.”

    Yup, that’s the Mike Brown we all know.

  7. If Atkins hopes to get paid like one of the top guys in the league at his position, or have a realistic chance to win a SB ring, neither will happen under owner Mike Brown in Cinci.

  8. Imagine the bengals if they actually weren’t cheap??? This team is better than the broncos, I just hope they don’t screw it up! Love the bengals ! My Vikes come first but bengals are my adopted red headed step brother !

  9. Mike Brown will wait until after the third preseason game to cut Robert Geathers, making sure we’ve got enough healthy DL bodies, and then have Katie start on a deal for Geno. That’s my guess.

  10. A defense with one good DT is still the worst defense in the NFL. Bengals will always be the joke of the AFC North. They are a terrible team, in a run down city, with a pathetic fan base.

  11. Smart move for both sides to do deal now. Geno gets security in case of injury, Bengals lock up an ascending all-pro DT at a price they can swallow. As a Bears fan I ‘d love to have this guy and hope things go better for Cincy and Geno than they did for Tommie Harris when he got hurt. He was never the same. If this deal doesn’t get done someone is asleep at the wheel.

  12. Ravanator must have lost money getting beat down by us in the past…Thats personal all day and most definitely incorrect….Make sure you win both games this year too….If not we will be waitin for ya….

  13. dallascowboysdishingthereal:

    But according to Jermaine Gresham, he admitted he cheated when Geno called him out. So maybe Gresham will take a pay cut to help max out a mega contract to Geno.

    All I’m saying is that a big contract like the one Geno is surely going to get especially now that the Bengals have postured like as if he’s the greatest DT in the game and to avoid scrutiny for letting such a great player walk, is just a massive risk. It bogs down the books for the 5+ years that it is on the books, and it makes a recovery for the next 5 years after the term much more difficult if things don’t pan out well.

    They are loading up on a massive amount of risk through a poorly leveraged asset once they break the bank with him, and that’s fine and dandy if you can win some SB’s sure, but you better have your ducks in a row and be ready to compete on an elite level and consistently, otherwise this franchise could have a very bleak future if they come up short on the capitalization of results part of the equation. To me that’s a very dangerous and scary proposition considering I don’t think Geno is the #1 DT let alone worth what the Bengals are probably going to pay him. It won’t be a value-deal, the only question is how much are they willing to overpay him above his value to keep him from walking. This is a BIG decision with lots of ramifications for incredible greatness or accelerated destruction.

    So who else is a casualty for the future, I’ve already heard Michael Johnson, the current franchise player is expected to walk, but who else is going to leave?

  14. Thestrategy,

    why do you feel he is not the number 1 DT in the game when he had more tackles, sacks and tackles for loss than Haloti, Suh, Fairley, Melton, 49ers DT’s….Remember Watt is NOT a DT he is a DE…. Take a look at PFF and see how they scored him… And If Ravens can give Haloti 67 million we can give the same to Geno…. Also losing Michael who didnt have a good year until his contract year is perfectly ok with us…We also have Dunlap, Gilberry and Margus “Ivan Drago” Hunt to replace Johnson if he walks…I think drafting and depth has done us well the last 4 or 5 years…. I can always educate ya whenever you need…just let me know. 🙂

  15. jwil007:

    Well you’re splitting hairs whether you call him the best or amongst the best, either way it’s no difference to the core of the situation that being that whether you rank him #1 or #2, or #5, you are still faced with the dilemma of paying him beyond what his contributions are worth as a player with respect to what a dollar can buy you on average. He’s a great player and it’s nice to lock him up, but there’s an important set of risk dynamics to consider, and I’m not worried about how the Bengals evaluate Geno respective to other DTs, I’m worried about what is the integrity of their long-term plan for the other 52 roster spots? Because those spots are going to inherently become much more difficult to manage once Geno has his new mega-contract as opposed to only a $1.4MM salary like he has now.

    I’m skeptical about the health of the balance of all of those other positions in coordination with this expected huge deal. Particularly because I don’t have a lot of confidence in Andy Dalton as a franchise Quarterback, I’m worried that this could be a potentially disastrous combination of effects over the long-term. They have some curious timing dynamics at play with that most important position on the team that is left as arguably one of the biggest question marks for the future.

  16. There was one play in the 3rdQ of the Steelers game at Riverfront last year where Atkins literally lifted up 340 lb guard Willie Colon and dumped him backwards into R’burgers lap for a sack.

    It was the darndest thing I seen in 30 years of watching football.

    I got the clip on my I-phone, and despite watching it hundreds of times over, it still makes me smile.

    Don’t chicken-sh*t him Mike Brown, pay the guy and get him locked-up.

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