Pat White, Mike Shanahan win the preseason


Say what you want about Redskins coach Mike Shanahan’s handling of his star quarterback.

His handling of his fourth one, and the fourth quarter, is to be commended.

Late in their win over the Titans, former second-round washout Pat White scrambled for a potential game-tying touchdown, but Shanahan elected to go for the two-point conversion.

White rolled out, looked around, and found tight end Emmanuel Ogbuehi for the score which made it 22-21, eliminating the possibility of more preseason football than anyone needs.

White doesn’t have much of a chance of making the Redskins roster barring injury, though he didn’t have a bad night, rushing four times for 34 yards and completing 5-of-8 passes.

But he made a couple of plays, including the one which prevented a fifth quarter.

49 responses to “Pat White, Mike Shanahan win the preseason

  1. I would like to see Pat White make the roster over gross man. Rex was absolutely awful in this game and Pat white didn’t have a bad throw all night and should have been 7-8 as 2 incomplete passes were very easy catches that were dropped.

  2. I totally want Pat White over Grossman. More than likely both starting QB’s aren’t going down, but I’d rather have a guy with a strong arm who can run the zone read rather than INT prone Rex Grossman.

  3. Call me crazy but if Chip Kelly is gonna roll out his Johnny college Pac 12 routine I’d take Pat White over Foles and Barkley any day.

  4. “But he made a couple of plays, including the one which prevented a fifth quarter.”

    Regardless of success or failure on the two point play, there couldn’t be a fifth quarter. Shanahan’s decision made sure of that. #HTTR

  5. It boggles my mind how much the media hates preseason football.

    Announcers in the booth sigh during the 4th quarter of preseasons and say things like “no please” and “have mercy on us” if it looks like a game will go into OT.

    I could understand the argument of someone will get hurt, but I could also see the argument of: “It’s the 4th quarter and nobody who is currently playing will be playing football in a month, so what does a few extra snaps hurt?

    I mean even 95% of the announcers who are complaining won’t be calling games during the regular season anyway. Is it so hard for them to go an extra 15 minutes?

    This logic baffles me and I would love to hear from the media why it would be so bad for a preseason game to go into overtime.

    Training camps have 5,000 fans sitting on lawn chairs, sharing one port-a-potty, in hope of seeing players practice, and the media is up in arms because a practice game may last 3 hours and 10 minutes instead of 2 hours and 45 minutes?

  6. Bearing in mind that he was playing against 2nd and 3rd string rookie scrubs, I thought he looked pretty good. Sexy Rexy better not get too complacent or he may find himself out of a job.

  7. If the Skins keep 3 QB’s, which they probably won’t, then the 3rd QB must be Pistol Pat White. The kid looked like a fish in water running the pistol/read option plays.

    On the flip side his competition for the 3rd QB spot, RG3 and out Rex Grossman, looked like his usual crappy self. The day he is out of a Skins uniform will be a happy day.

  8. Not uncommon. Tom Coughlin did it a year or two ago in a preseason game against the Pats that would have gone to overtime with the regular 1-pt kick.

  9. Wow!!!(that’s three Elaine),a coach going for it in preseason!Incredible!amazing!stupendous!!!!!!.Man the night shift sucks at Vandelay Industries!!!

  10. White doesn’t have a chance? I believe that to have a quarterback who can run the read option is by far more important than ….whatever Rex does well… which remains to be seen. By the way why is he still on the roster?

  11. “eliminating the possibility of more preseason football than anyone needs.”

    There is no Overtime in the pre-season.

  12. I’m sorry but how on earth do you think that
    Pat White would not make this squad over
    Rex Grossman? Throwing ability? Running
    Ability? Escaping ability? Able to run in for
    Touch downs??

    Rex in my opinion has
    To prove that he is indeed worthy enough
    To play at a higher level to make this team.

  13. Waive Grossman, keep White. More upside and Grossman has nothing that Cousins doesn’t have. Should be RG3, Cousins, White. On anouther note, Minnifield looked good, hope the kid makes it.

  14. Have to see him over the course of a few games but if they keep 3 QBs. He’s worth keeping over sexy rexy. That dude just plain out sucks!

  15. Sounds like an exciting game between the two teams most likely to pick 1 and 2 in next year’s draft.

  16. well there goes victim #1. I dont care if its preseason. keep the skins hate coming. its going to be a long year nfc east..and once again skins will be on top- in dominating fashion..httr

  17. If Rex Grossman has to play, it’s not like we’re winning the superbowl anyways, so why not keep White as the third QB? At least he’s fun to watch.

  18. There should be zero OT in preseason.

    Maybe arm wrestle or a game of twister to decide the winner.

  19. Cousins is definitely the #2 guy, so why not keep White over Rex Grossman for crying out loud?

  20. keep all the qb’s you can on the roster…
    you’ll need ’em come time when Bob 3 sticks, irg3, goes down, often!!!
    He’ll be done for the yr with another ligament tear by wk 8-9!!

  21. Oh yeah..and his professional stat line —

    0 for 5 on completions

    He’s a ROCK STAR!

  22. White looked good, Grossman didn’t. There isn’t ANY guarantee for either one of em as a 3rd stringer. After last night White’s chances are as good as Grossman’s.

  23. I think that the best play for the Skins if they are keeping three QBs is to waive Grossman and then bring him back as a member of the coaching staff. The main function he has is teaching the system to the other quarterback. If both RG3 and Cousins go down and you’re left with White at QB, you can always resign him.

    At this point in his career who is claiming RG3 and Out off of waivers? And you could pay him the exact same amount as he was going to make on his current contract to be a consultant.

  24. I hate to be the party pooper but….Rex actually had better stats than Pat last night.

    All these responses saying Pat played great and Rex didn’t, not sure they actually watched the game.

  25. rickc402 says: Aug 9, 2013 1:39 AM

    Waive Grossman, keep White. More upside and Grossman has nothing that Cousins doesn’t have. Should be RG3, Cousins, White. On anouther note, Minnifield looked good, hope the kid makes it.

    I’m really rooting for that Miniefield kid. He has some great potential. And he has the pedigree.

  26. Add another Redskin fan who’d like Pat White ont he team. It is obvious that coaching this preseason has done wonders for him and he has intangibles that would make for an interesting roster addition out of the pistol formation with either Cousins or the China Doll.

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