Plaxico Burress carted off after apparent arm injury

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The Steelers may be down a receiver for Saturday night’s game against the Giants.

Multiple reporters at Steelers practice on Thursday reported that Plaxico Burress had to be carted off the field after going down hard on his right arm while trying to make a catch. Dale Lolley of the Washington (PA) Observer-Reporter reports that Burress had his arm in a sling while riding off the field.

There’s no word on the severity of the injury from the Steelers at this point and, as a result, no word on how long he might be out of practice. Burress is trying to earn a roster spot on the strength of his ability to be a threat in the red zone, an area that Burress believes he can still dominate as a 36-year-old who played just four games last season.

Obviously any extended absence would make it difficult for him to get that job and, perhaps, continue his career, so the diagnosis will be a big one for Burress.

27 responses to “Plaxico Burress carted off after apparent arm injury

  1. javanflac, if that timeline is true, he will be cut no question. His contract isn’t guaranteed. cya bye

  2. Was Plaxico’s gunshot wound to the leg so severe that he walks on his hands now?

  3. Stiller43 says: Aug 8, 2013 7:01 PM

    Must be quite an arm injury if you cant walk off the field.
    Ed Zachary.

  4. Plaxico has served one of the harshest penalties handed down by the CJ System. He’s paid his debt to society and his critics and detractors need to get off his case and take a good long hard look in the mirror. If he can’t help the Steelers win–then focus your comments there–otherwise your comments have nothing to do with football and that’s what this forum is for.

  5. Hey Rottenbreath,

    The Steelers are signing players because of injuries. Ozzie will be signing a WR or three because of he will realize he has NOTHING after Smith, who is a glorified #2 WR.

    And if you saw the quarter and a half of Bucs vs. Ravens that I just saw Ozzie isn’t even waiting until after the game to call FA’s. HAHA He’s seen enough. And so have I.

    Joe has transformed from Jumpball to “Dumpdown”. What a pathetic display by the Ravens offense. And Suggs was getting blowed off the ball and gasping for air. Dumervil was mouse silent.

  6. @father4 – you’re correct, he paid his debt to society – more than enough in my opinion. However, for us Giants fans, I think he’s fair game for ridicule for the rest of his career after carelessly throwing away a very promising season for the team.

  7. “Burress believes he can still dominate…”

    “Still”? When did he ever dominate? He scraped out a few 1,000 yard seasons, but he was never dominant.

  8. Thereyougo2, you act like he killed or covered up the killing of people. And all the haters, I never claimed that he was the sharpest tool in the shed, but he had an expired permit from I think FL and got himself in his own leg because he had it in his pants like a gangster instead of a holster(2 examples of his intelligence). True he wasn’t going to be even third on the depth chart, but his size would’ve helped in the red zone.
    The FA WR core is fairly thin but the steelers can skip right over Owens, Moss, and Ocho Cinco. Lloyd would be a decent pickup, but he will be overpriced and I think he has injury issues…who’s left? They just better land one before the ravens.

  9. jb you really need to stop thinking that you see things the same way as a pro football gm. and this was a preseason game. it doesnt count. come week one the champs will have their roster in place. i know you are worried. its ok

  10. If that roster has the same WR’s that you have now on it without any additions, I will be ecstatic.

    I know you have a roster full of bum WR’s on it, I don’t need to be a GM to see that. Your fans, local radio and media all agree with me.

  11. is that so? thats what everyone is saying? ok. i would be more concerned about the offense your boys are trotting out. its not pretty. no proven rb or te and no top wrs. i will take ravens offense with rice flacco and torrey any day.

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