Ron Rivera understands he’s on the hot seat


Panthers coach Ron Rivera understands exactly where he stands, and what he has to do this year.

Rivera, who is 13-19 in two seasons with a pair of 2-8 starts, actually laughed when asked by Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer if he was tired of hearing about being on the hot seat. He got a reprieve this offseason from owner Jerry Richardson, though a new General Manager (Dave Gettleman) who didn’t hire him makes his position tenuous this season.

What’s funny is the obvious gets stated every time and I get it,” Rivera said. “I will always say that Mr. Richardson has been very supportive and he’s told me just do your job, just do the best you can, Ron. He’s been tremendous. . . .

“Its inevitable people are going to talk about it. It’s kind of the new vogue, who’s on the hot seat. And I don’t think it’s fair because there’s only one person who truly knows and I think sometimes all the talk can kind of influence people. It’s hard for me to imagine that Lovie Smith is [fired by the Bears after] going 10-6 and not going to the playoffs when two teams from their division go to the playoffs. Again, they made the decision they thought was best for their football team. It’s just hard for me to imagine. It’s just unfortunate.

“Do I know I’m coaching for my job? Absolutely. Every time I step on this football field, every time I step in the office, I know we’ve got to do the best we can because this is a production based business. It is about winning.”

The Panthers have been echoing the talk about a sense of urgency all summer, because they know, like Rivera knows, a lot of jobs are on the line.

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  1. Let’s be real, the only reason he’s still there is because Richardson didn’t want to eat that much of his contract. See John Fox and his last lame duck year for evidence.

  2. Rivera’s seat is inside a volcano right now. So tired of losing close games.

    And don’t defend Lovie. 2 years in a row the Bears went into December as being a virtual lock as a playoff team and they choked. Granted Cutler was out in 2011 for some period of time but still.

  3. It’s over Ron. Some guys are just better coordinators. As a fan who endured the “Romeo Crennel Era”, more like Error, I know it when I see it. New GM almost certainly means new HC. And based on said GM’s comments last week possibly a new QB.

  4. Shouldn’t have left my Chargers, buddy. You screwed us both. Luckily for us, we found an excellent replacement. You, on the other hand, should be looking for a parachute.

  5. It doesn’t sound like he gets it. He rebuffed the question by essentially saying he knew his job was on the line from the very first day, because obviously isn’t everybody’s job in the world always on the line in some way? Thanks a lot for the insight coach. Oh and you suck as a coach, the film product stinks as does the W/L record. Just fire him now and get a real coach that can communicate logically with the media, because that kind of coach will also communicate logically with his players, and that’s what you need.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lovie replace Rivera if he doesn’t show improvement this season! Lovie Smith is a helluva coach, and his teams always look well prepared. Execution is on the players not the Coach. Before the Bears brought in Marshall/Jeffries they possibly had the worst WR talent in the league!!! You can’t fault a Coach they don’t buy the groceries they only get condemned when the meal doesn’t come out well……

  7. Well they certainly didn’t help Cam by getting him some weapons. And sorry Panthers fans Ted Ginn is not an offensive receiver weapon (we ‘9ers fans know as well as ‘fins fans). The running backs are good albeit grossly overpaid and rather unremarkable and who exactly is grooming Cam?? Rivera is a defensive guy. Who is grooming Cam?

    I think it’s hilarious that you have defensively minded HC with a #1 overall offensive weapon yet are gearing things towards the D. Ummm. Ok.

  8. @sampsonswag01 – Who exactly is grooming Cam, you ask? That would be quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey … you know, the same guy who worked extensively with Cam at IMG in Bradenton, Fla., during the NFL lockout … you know, before he went on to set rookie records in passing yards and break the record for most rushing TDs by a QB in a season … Yeah, educate yourself before opening your mouth and looking like a mentally disabled person.

    @bucrightoff – A slow start? Really? Against a Seattle team depleted by suspensions fielding a QB who doesn’t play well on the road? Against the Buffalo Bills who clearly don’t have it all together? Against the Giants (also a Panthers home game) where the team surely has a sour taste in their mouth from last season’s loss (the G.M. knows that team inside and out, too)? And the Jaguars … no comment necessary … This team will start 4-0 and surprise a lot of you naysayers.

  9. Hey, @cardiacat, you nailed it! Panthers have shown an attitude during Training Camp and look like a team with something to prove. There’s individuals besides Rivera and Newton that know this is the year that positive results are a necessity. Steve Smith is running out of seasons. Ted Ginn knows that this is his last chance. Brandon Lafell and Amonti Edwards know that their opportunities are running out. David Gettis needs to prove he was worth keeping during two years of recovery. Dominic Hixson has a chance to start afresh. All of this said, there should be a lot of urgency throughout the Panthers team.

  10. I’m a Panthers fan, and I say the Seattle game determines the fate of the year. If we lose badly in that game, Rivera won’t finish the season. Then again, cheapass JR, if this is Rivera’s contract year, will not fire him so he doesn’t have to pay someone else. JR is turning into the new Al Davis.

  11. I agree the Seattle game is going to say a lot. Despite what happened yesterday, I don’t think the Bills are going to do all that well, and we have an excellent chance to steal a road win. I have no expectations of beating the Giants. But if we win that first one and get a 3-1 start, we should be fine. But if Seattle blows us out, we’re probably 1-3 at the quarter pole and we’re playing out the string under interm head coach Mike Shula. And that would bring disaster of Biblical proportions.

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