Tebow is told to “be ready” to play on Friday night


With Tebowmania officially dead (or at least dormant), we don’t hear much about a guy who probably won’t play much, if at all, in the 2013 regular season.

But Tim Tebow likely will play in the preseason, especially in the games that feature cameo appearances, or less, from the starters.

With the first game one of the four games in which the starters don’t play much, Tebow likely should make an appearance against the Eagles on Friday night.  He says he doesn’t know whether that will be the case, but he has received specific instructions from coach Bill Belichick.

Just be ready when your number is called,” Tebow said, via Ben Volin of the Boston Globe.

Though Tebow doesn’t get as much attention as he did a year ago, he’s still got that glass-half-full optimism, not matter how empty the vessel may be.

“I feel like I’m getting better every single day,” Tebow said. “More comfortable with the offense, better timing with everybody around me, better understanding of what the coaches want me to do and with the offense, with the reads, with the timing.”

That’s encourgaing, but the question becomes whether he can get it done when it counts.  Thirty-one teams believed he couldn’t.  He’ll get a chance with the Patriots, at some point in the preseason, to prove them all wrong.

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  1. Tebow is always ready to play. It’s only ever a question of does his team want him to play. When the coach is ready to call his number then he’s ready, so when told he’s probably thinking in his head “really?”, but I’m sure he just said “ok” and smiled.

  2. It’ll be a regular Tebow appearance 4 of 9 for 27 yards and and INT, 4 runs for 13 yards and a TD and probably 2-3 sacks, all of the media will eat it up though.

  3. It wasn’t that the other 31 teams didn’t think he could do it. Most teams already have their qb and the teams that don’t aren’t strong enough to deal with the media scrutiny that bringing Tebow in would cause.

  4. crappygovernment says:
    Aug 8, 2013 8:02 PM
    Imagine if Christians treated that PED cheat Ryan Braun like anti-Christians treat Tebow for his Faith? Would that be ok comrades?


    Bad comparison.

    Better comparison: Imagine if Christians treated Ryan Braun and his belief in unicorns the same way Tebow gets treated for his faith.

  5. I believe most of the anger towards tebow is because:

    He’s done nothing to warrant really any attention for anything he’s done on the field (just his faith).

    In fact, the only reason his comebacks and timely plays made headlines was because nobody believed in him (because hes NOT a talented qb).

    Still we get articles like this, where we get informed a guy who was unemployed for a while, because nobody wants him, is told he’ll play in a preseason game…yeah, just like every other backup in the league. How come theres no article where the steelers told john parker wilson to be ready to play vs the giants saturday? Because he doesnt shove his beliefs in our face at every turn? Because he doesnt attribute every single thing ever to god?

    Long story short, at least why I dont like him is because im tired of hearing about him…especially when he’s done nothing to warrant ANY attention since 2011…and its 2014 in 5 months.

  6. Stiller43:

    Because if this article was about John Parker Wilson you probably wouldn’t have bothered to comment on it. But seeing as it is Tebow, here you are. Tebow has power over JPW because you just gave it to him.

  7. You really have to respect Belichick for the balls it takes to play Tebow. He’s not afraid of the QB controversy sure to happen after Tebow outplays Brady.

  8. ilovemyringlessfranchise says:
    Aug 8, 2013 8:25 PM
    I just don’t get all the anger towards Tebow, all he did was achieve the same amount of success with the broncos as did Manning.

    If you believe this all you do is look at the standings page and don’t bother watching any actual games. To even attempt to equate Tebow to Manning in anything related to playing football is the height of ridiculousness.

  9. I’m sure he’ll play; against the all carwash team in the last 8 minutes. I hope the Pats find a place for this winner, but they probably want to showcase Mallett when they can in the preseason, so they can get something for him next offseason. Brady will prob have to take more reps in the 2nd and 3rd gm, due to all the new young skill players.

  10. ilovemyringlessfranchise says: Aug 8, 2013 8:25 PM

    I just don’t get all the anger towards Tebow, all he did was achieve the same amount of success with the broncos as did Manning.


    False. Tebow acheived MORE, and with a worse team. Tebow won a playoff game.

  11. I can see the headline Sat. morning here on pft. actually I can see 2 of them. if he throws a incomplete pass or a pick the headline will be Tebow proves he can’t play in NFL. if completes a pass or throws 5 td’s it will say in a meaning less game Tebow looked ok. Tebow mania has died down because he plays for the Pats. and nobody expects him to play. but you still feature him so you can to make fun of him and get hits while complaining about the attention you give him.

  12. You go, Tim!! With the Patriots you will get the time needed to learn the system and get in when you need to get in, i.e., if Tom gets hurt, etc. Keep the faith, keep your confidence, and just be patient and learn right now. There is plenty of time, and when Tom does get hurt, or he retires, you will be the man. All these others don’t give you a chance; I know better!! You have the talent, you have the experience as a Winner, so there is no doubt you can lead a football team… being from North Florida myself, I have seen what you did in high school, I have seen what you did with the Florida Gators, and I saw what you did with the Denver Broncos when the season was literally lost and down the drain….. yet you, learning on the fly, as the season was underway, led them into the playoffs though they had been absent from them for a number of years…. So, Yes, Brother Tim, I believe in you and your quarterback talents!! When you get the chance, show them yourself. God Bless, friend, and Brother!

  13. As a former adamant Tebow hater I hope he can carve out a role on the team outside of QB. His willingness to be relegated to a 3rd stringer and stay quiet, abiding by the patriot way not clamor ing for media attention had done wonders for him in my eyes, he has accepted willingly being “just a number” and that bit of humility won me over.

    Keep your nose to the dirt and keep grinding Tim, BB and JMD will find a way to make you a contributor if your willing to do anything.

    To people expecting Tebow being used in “wildcat” situations, I wouldn’t get your hopes up, Brady WILL NOT come off the field, he is adamant about finishing games not coming out during blowouts. And he darn sure is not coming out in the first 59 minutes for any circumstance.

  14. Tebow doesnt shove his faith in peoples face with every turn.
    Only people that think that are the ones that SAY he does.
    I am not a Tebow fan but the hating is way overboard.

  15. For those who dont understand why some of us like Tebow, heres what you do.

    When you see Tim Tebows name in a headline. Dont read it.

    If he is on TV either:
    1. leave the room
    2. Mute it
    3. Change the channel.

    Since you are incapable of understanding why people like him, your best bet is to avoid him.

    As I am agnostic at best, all I can say about his religeous stance is it does not bother me because it doesnt concern me. I am not intimidated or moved by it. But what it does mean to me is that I have zero expectation that I will be readig about him going out, getting drunk, getting arrested or taking PEDs. And yes, I know there are a lot of players that wont do any of those, I get it. Blah Blah.

    Another thing I like is that I think he has stood up to the scrutiny of so many who like “Stiller43” above, think he has no place in the NFL. And has done so with class and dignity. I know I couldnt have done that.

    He has played for 4 different coaches, 3 different teams and 4 offenses. …..

    know what? Never mind. If you say you dont like him, stating facts are not going to change your mind and thats fine.

  16. Ohh really?! Tebow is going to play tonight! No way… oh wait he’s a sucky third string quaterback thats going to get time in the preseason. Thanks for your groundbreaking insight

  17. This can’t be serious? If I’m on the roster, I would expect to play in a stupid ass pre season game, why wouldn’t he expect it to play. Why would he need to be told, oh your going to play. Duh!

    ‘Today in the real Patriots news, the coach told his team that they have to play a pre season game tonight, like it or not and that they should prepare for it’. LOL

  18. nyyjetsknicks says: Aug 8, 2013 7:54 PM

    Step line: 5 – 17 for 78 yards with a late td

    After the game Fox News says he should start over Brady and he’s a 1st ballot HOF lock.
    Someone actually believed this was clever.

  19. nyyjetsknicks says:Aug 8, 2013 7:54 PM

    Step line: 5 – 17 for 78 yards with a late td

    After the game Fox News says he should start over Brady and he’s a 1st ballot HOF lock.

    And MSNBC said Obama could have played in the NBA!

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