Waters interested in playing for the Cowboys, at the right price

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Last year, offensive lineman Brian Waters never showed up for the Patriots.  Eventually, they released his rights.

So he’s now a free agent.  And the Cowboys are interested.  And Waters isn’t interested in playing for free.  Or anything close to it.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Waters will join the Cowboys if the price is right.

Waters spent 11 seasons with the Chiefs before joining the Patriots and eventually starting in Super Bowl XLVI.  He started all but three games from 2002 through 2011.

49 responses to “Waters interested in playing for the Cowboys, at the right price

  1. As a Cowboys fan, I know they need his help, or even depth.

    But promising more than you have, for a guy that quit last year…

    Not too sure about that.

  2. @keithdylan You can be very picky. The guy has the accolades and earned enough money in the league already. He could retire if he wanted to, that’s enough leverage for him to play for his price

  3. Dallas needs money next year for some big contracts (Dez, Sean Lee, etc.). This guy hadn’t played since 2011, I’m sure he isn’t in anything close to football shape. If he isn’t willing to play for market price, let him continue to suit on the couch and watch games this season. Keeping people like Dez around next year is more important.

  4. Suggestion: Incentives-loaded contract. See how badly he really wants to play…and produce.

  5. Dallas is too tight with their cap, especially since a lot of their big name players are ready for new and bigger contracts next season. Therefore, It doesn’t look too promising that Dallas signs Waters.

  6. When I saw the headline I hoped it would be Charlie Waters, but I imagine he’s a little old.

  7. “Brian Waters is a quitter. Plain and simple.”

    Would you want to live in New England?
    With Hernandez popping off. He wasn’t quitting, he was protecting his family.

  8. Cowboys have the cap space, but I wouldn’t do it.
    He played well for the Pats in 2011, very professional, but he’s 36 yrs old, didn’t play last yr, and now wants a retirement contract so he can play close to home. Sounds like a dog waiting to happen.

  9. You know, at first I was just happy to hear we had the opportunity to add an asset to the line. After hearing all he wants is money, its obvious he’s just an ass. Let Jerry play RG.

  10. You guys and gals do realize just because B Waters wanted out of N.E. doesn’t mean he just quit. He asked them to trade him to the Texans or Cowboys before last year (look it up) N.E. said no sit at home..alot like Mankins did the year before. N.E. isn’t paradise.

  11. As a Cowboys fan I would say it’s a no brainer to sign him BUT it will be wasted money. With all the players going down with torn ACL’s that have played for the past few years then I don’t have high hopes for someone who hasn’t played in 2 years

  12. Brian Waters was an above average player through his whole career. He was def a guy I wouldn’t have minded having on my team. If he can still play anywhere near his old level, then I would say he could be a bit help to that terrible OL in Dallas. I could be wrong, but I thought he said at one point that he didn’t want to play in NE anymore because he wanted to player for a team closer to his home and family in Texas, so it could be a great fit.

  13. He’ll sign for any price. Deep inside every player wants a star on their helmet and to be a member of the most popular NFL club.

  14. People are nuts, two years ago he was the Patriots best lineman, better than all-pro Logan Mankins.

    He wants to stay in Texas with his family, the Pats rightfully wouldn’t let him go to a rival for no compensation last year. Dallas should give him 4-5 million and be happy to do it. He is a outstanding player

  15. JJ will throw money at this guy and then wonder why he doesn’t work out. Over the hill, just like JJ. Go CowBabies!

  16. Dallas needs to wait to see what OL men gets released. To see if any good ones on the cheap Waters wants to much money.

  17. The Cowboys are running out of options at guard but it’s possible that they could pick up a decent guard when teams start trimming their rosters. Waters would represent a short term solution at best. Don’t feel real good about him.

  18. Its so funny to see people comment on things they dont kno first off the Cowboys are well enough under the cap to sign Waters they are close to 20 under, secondly Waters has stated that his family is more important at this stage in his life which being 35 myself I understand what he means but he lives and is from Texas he wants to play for either the Texans or The Cowboys to Home based teams so if they dont call he is fine with retiring get your facts before u make comments people

  19. Last year, offensive lineman Brian Waters never showed up for the Patriots. Eventually, they released his rights.
    No knock on the guy but that opening line says it all.

  20. cdvalenti got it right. Cowboys shouldn’t pay this guy more than Brandon Moore offer. They need their extra cap space to re-sign Lee and Bryant plus pick up free agents needed due to injuries during season.

    The Cowboys need to be smart here, and patient. They have a history of hitting the panic button and regretting it later. It’s time to take a different approach.

  21. Seeing a lot of comments talking about how he had a long career so he’s financially well-off.

    You guys didn’t watch “Broke” then on ESPN.

    That’s besides the point.

    If Brian Waters is a player that can start and protect your prized possession, sign him. The Dallas Cowboys will face some daunted defenses, you will not be able to coast with average talent on the offensive line.

  22. Brian Waters signed a two year deal with the Patriots when no one else made him an offer and then didn’t even bother showing up for the second year of that deal…Patriots fans have every right to be angry with him; he signed the deal and then didn’t show up when the Patriots were relying on him to hold down the other guard spot. If he wanted to go back to Texas so badly then he could have played out the second year of the deal and then moved on to sign with the Texans or the Cowboys or whatever team down south. Don’t criticize us for calling him a quitter when he didn’t even report to camp

  23. Waters has his price, but for an older vet that’s been out of the league for a year he can’t expect a large check. Dallas needs OL help like nobody else, but they can’t open the check book… They have no cap space anyways.

  24. I watched every game he played for the Pats – he was very good and the media reports said he was a professional. He had family stuff going on in Texas and wanted to play close to home. The Pats were not going to release him and risk the chance that he would sign with the Texans.

  25. Some of these comments crack me up. 1st thing first, there was always contact between him and patriots about whether he would return or not. Secondly, unlike most playes he is not flashy and does not spend money. He actually speaks to young players about the importance of saving because not everyone will last long. He does not have to play again and be okay. Thirdly, he is far from out of shape. I know this for a fact. He has been training extremely hard and few days ago did a mock conditioning test of 30 50yrd dashes timed….the others that were with him tapped out and he continued. Im talking from someone who seen with his own eyes. He did not quit on new england…he had the ability to make a choice that most players can’t… A team can cut anyone at any time …he is a veteran that is finacially set and has the ability to make the choices that are best for him. You can call him whatever you please because you dont know him but one thing you should remember is that quitter isnt it.

  26. Sour grapes Patriots fans not withstanding, Waters is highly professional and a quality lineman. How was he supposed to know that playing in NE would suck? Yet he still made the Pro-Bowl.
    The fact is, he asked to be traded and God…er…big baby Belicheat said no. Waters could have gone to the press and run-down the organization but he didn’t. Jerruh would be smart to sign him.

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