Ahmad Brooks: No need to apologize to team for incident with teammate


49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks escaped prosecution for an incident in June that allegedly ended with Brooks breaking a bottle over the head of teammate Lamar Divens and he addressed the incident publicly for the first time after Thursday night’s preseason game against the Broncos.

According to the initial police report, Brooks hit Divens, a defensive tackle, with the bottle during an argument touched off by Divens’ refusal to give Brooks his car keys because Divens believed Brooks was too drunk to drive. Prosecutors felt there was not enough evidence to charge Brooks, who avoided delving into any details while saying that he wanted to move past a situation he deemed a distraction.

“I have nothing to say about it right now,” Brooks said, via the Associated Press. “It’s a distraction to the team and I just want to move forward. It’s in the past. What happened obviously happened. It’s a distraction to the team, so I don’t think it needs to be talked about. It’s not about football, and that’s how I want to approach it.”

Brooks also said he didn’t feel a need to apologize to his teammates, although 49ers safety Donte Whitner said last month that Brooks did just that following the incident.

22 responses to “Ahmad Brooks: No need to apologize to team for incident with teammate

  1. Brooks showed excellent decision making skills; first, getting trashed and demanding his car keys to drive home, and then smashing a bottle over a friend’s/teammate’s head – not caring at all that he could have injured/killed him, or possibly ended his career.

    Stand up guy 😉

  2. No need to apologize? You ignorant arse. Seriously? The only reason he didn’t press charges is because he was afraid he’d get cut and if he did get cut a new team would likely treat him like a pariah because he pressed charges on a teammate. Otherwise he would have done it.

    Think about it, the teammate was trying to keep you from drinking and driving. He was trying to stop you from getting a DUI and you beat the crap out of him with a beer bottle? #smh He’s lucky he didn’t kill someone.

  3. Where’s Goodell on this? Brooks crashes a bottle of the head of a guy trying to keep him from destroying his own life and probably that of an innocent…how many NFL player DUIs have there been lately…let alone those that have ended up with serious injuries or even death???

  4. You sir are A LOSER. You risked my life you dumb@ss. Good luck with Karma fool.

    Andy the next major injury will be a Broken arm, leg, knee whatever to this coward.

  5. If Brooks had been smoking marijuana instead of drinking alcohol, this breaking a bottle over a friend’s head thing would have been less probable.

    Mellow out Ahmad.

  6. Anyone who followed him when he was a Bengal isn’t surprised. This guy is trouble. He’s had a good 3 year stretch, but if you’ve followed his career you know he’s not a very stand up guy.

  7. And one day (probably fairly soon) he’ll wonder why he was cut and no one is signing him.

    Players can seem to get away with this kind of attitude and behavior while their play is at its strongest but when there is any sign of decline…
    buh bye.

  8. WOW! Respect to Divens for taking the car keys away. Brooks should at least sincerely apologize to him.

  9. He already apologized. He said, “Now look what you made me do. I’m sorry. I thought you wanted the bottle too, Lerry. Give me the keys then before I get you a round”!

  10. You know, there would be no team distraction in the first place if he hadn’t bonked his team-mate in the noggin with a beer bottle simply for trying to prevent him from driving while hammered. Let’s count the dumb-a$$ moves here: (1) getting drunk; (2) wanting to drive drunk; (3) assaulting a team-mate; (4) refusing to take responsibility for his actions; and (5) refusing to apologize or talk about the above. It’s hard to find one single thing this dope has done correctly regarding this deal.

  11. what? No public apology? No grief counselling? no major media outlets (yahoo….espn) turning this into such a big spectacle, and demanding retribution?

  12. pinion8ted,

    You don’t have the facts right dude. First of all, the incident happened at Brooks home, after Divens had already driven the trio home from a night of drinking. It was there, that Brooks asked for his keys back and Divens pretended to throw them into the bushes and started messing with Brooks.

    Several weeks earlier Divens had pushed brooks to the ground at a BBQ and Brooks cut his leg pretty bad. So there was some background of these two getting rough with each other.

    One more tidbit of info. Divens demanded 1 million dollars from Brooks or he would press charges. That is essentially extortion and Brooks refused and the prosecutor refused to press charges because of Divens trying to extort money from Brooks.

    Just saying, some of you act like you know whats up and are clearly spouting off without all the facts.

  13. @ ninersblogger

    Great points!

    The media never gets into the background or details of these stories and posts the most drama laden crap they can for viewership/readership/ratings.

    Can you cite your source? I’d like to read it/research it for myself.

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