Brian Orakpo: I felt great being back out there


While the main injury focus in Washington has long been on quarterback Robert Griffin III, he’s not the only player on the team coming off a serious injury.

Tight end Fred Davis played Thursday night for the first time since injuring his Achilles last year and got so excited about being on the field that he drew a flag for excessive celebration after a touchdown catch. Linebacker Brian Orakpo’s enthusiasm at being back on the field after last year’s torn pectoral didn’t draw a flag, although a penalty would probably have been an acceptable price to pay as long as Orakpo “felt great to be back out there.”

“But once I got going, I just left the injury behind me,” Orakpo said, via Tarik El-Bashir of “I wasn’t really thinking about it. My body felt great. I just played reckless out there. I played hard and acted like I never got hurt before.”

That recklessness showed when he missed a tackle on Titans running back Chris Johnson’s 58-yard touchdown run, but, as with the penalty, that’s a small price to pay for a healthy return to action for Orakpo. As long as he remains healthy, chances are that Orakpo will perform and that should make for a more effective defense for the defending NFC East champs.

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  1. It’s interesting. Outside of the DC area, people sleep on Fred Davis. I see him ranked about 20th in a lot of TE fantasy rankings.

    Yet Orakpo gets all kinds of publicity. As a Skins fan I have to say Orakpo is highly overrated. He’s barely done anything for us. When he went down last year Rob Jackson filled in his spot and is a lot cheaper.

    Unless Orakpo really shows drastic improvement this year, seeing him walk is preferable to seeing him sign a lucrative contract.

  2. I’m the biggest Skins fan in the world and I think this guy is Waaaaaaaay overrated. He has no impact on the game other than preventing Kerrigan from getting double-teamed.

  3. I’ll always know him as the guy who was a complete jerk to the Geico caveman, and a cheater at scrabble.

  4. You’re both crazy! A healthy Rak is better than most out there. He takes pressure off Kerrigan pulls an extra o-lineman to cover him allowing the d-line and inside linebackers to get into the backfield a little easier.

  5. When healthy, i am pretty sure this guys is the most-held player in the NFL. At least he was when he went down last year. He’s a great player. Why all the haters?

  6. @muthohasaposse and @skinsfanwill I think you 2 CLOWNS have no idea on what your talking about. 98 has had 2 good years and you can’t count last year for obvious reasons but this will be his year because he has something to prove and 91 is on the other side. I don’t know how many penalties that were call and NOT call for HOLDING. Also this is probably the best defense that the Redskins have put together in a long time. If 50 was so great then why did 91 struggle all by himself when it comes to pass rush. 50 was a solid player but did not light it up at all. Next time you 2 CLOWNS think before you say something dumb again about your team or are they really your team.??????

  7. “He’s barely done anything for us?” “No impact on the game other than preventing Kerrigan from getting double-teamed?” Whose games have you guys been watching for the last 4-5 years? He’s the best pass rusher on the team, and has led the team in sacks every year except last season, when he was injured. Granted, he isn’t in the top group of pass rushers in the league; you’ve got to get double digit sacks to warrant that type of acclaim, and he’s only done that once (11 in 2009). But let’s not underestimate his ability, or his contributions. I’d call him a good, but not great, pass rusher.

  8. i agree that Orakpo is very overrated . . . he is a big liability in coverage and against the run . . . his is a pass rusher, but in reality is a one trick pony at that as well . . . going into last year he claimed he added a couple of new moves which if true, could make him a great pass rusher, but still not a great LB until he can stop the run and provide adequate coverage as well . . . if he can add those too, then he could be seen as a great LB . . . until then, mediocre LB that is a good pass rusher . . .

  9. @larrydavid7000 …

    You’re right! Anyone not saying someone on the team is the best must not really like their team. Also love how you can bash Kerrigan. You must hate the Skins too then, huh?

  10. @rufus …

    You’re right. He’s good, not great. Hence me saying he’s over-rated. I don’t think you break the bank for someone good. Compared to other players in the league with their own commercials does Orakpo measure up? Not really in my opinion.

  11. If he has a monstrous year all you who say he is overrated remember your words and bite them. I remember being held way more than anybody before he was hurt i think Orakpo is going to be nasty this year. I think he Still has a lot of potential. And hes a Beast!. The question to me is can he stay healthy?

  12. He’s going to help us a ton on passing downs. The pressure he brings on opposing qbs is going to be fun to watch. I just wish he could improve his game in coverage and he needs to be more disciplined on angles so he doesn’t over pursue. He really needs to work on being able to tackle when in space. If he can improve in run support and coverage he will be deserving of a huge contract extension. He will always dominate as a pass rusher. HTTR!!!

  13. Also, ROB JACKSON #50 played well in his spot, only a few sacks, but had 4 or 5 picks. The unit didn’t pressure the qb nearly as well when Rak got injured. Our secondary will play much better thanks to orakpo getting constant pressure.

  14. skinsfanwill says:
    Aug 9, 2013 4:36 PM
    I’m the biggest Skins fan in the world and I think this guy is Waaaaaaaay overrated. He has no impact on the game other than preventing Kerrigan from getting double-teamed.
    Yes. That’s called impact.

    When it requires your left tackle and a tight end to prevent a guy from sacking your quarterback, that’s a hell of an impact. You’ve just taken away 25% of the O-line gaps, and if you’re blitzing your mike, jack, or safety in addition to Kerrigan, you’ve got an extremely good chance of sacking the other quarterback. Orakpo is more than capable of putting up his own big numbers, but much like an extremely effective 3-4 D-lineman, his true impact will be reflected more in his teammates stats than his own.

  15. Rak gets no calls. He has to be the most held linebacker in the NFL and never gets a call. For all the haters and doubters go back and watch the tape he never gets a call even when they are dragging him to the ground. It’s amazing how officials swallow there whistles when it comes to Rak.

  16. Having a healthy and hungry RAK back could be a big key to the Skins having an even better year than last year. HTTR!

  17. Rak is a nice player and I’m glad he’s a skin, but his sack totals against the NFC East are downright pathetic.

    I won’t be upset if he plays well and they give him a contract, but in order for that to happen his play vs NFC East teams has to markedly improve.

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