Kluwe helps the kid who’s trying to take his job


The punting competition in Oakland features nine-year veteran Chris Kluwe in one corner, and Marquette King, who has never played in a regular-season game, in the other. If Kluwe wants to win the job, he’d be wise not to give King any of the tips and tricks about punting the football that he’s learned through the years.

But Kluwe wrote in a guest column at TheMMQB.com that he did, in fact, help King. Kluwe noticed that King was making a fundamental mistake with the way he dropped the football, and so Kluwe pointed it out, and King’s punting has improved since fixing the mistake.

Why did I help Marquette? Why did I knowingly lessen my own chances at winning the punting position for the Raiders? Why would I put his interests before my own? Because I was Marquette, eight years ago, and no one helped me,” Kluwe writes. “No one offered to take a little of that pressure off my shoulders, encourage me that I had what it took to make it in the NFL, showed me the little tips and tricks that can be the difference between playing under the lights on Sunday and watching wistfully from home.”

If King ends up beating Kluwe out, Kluwe may end up kicking himself. But at least he could take a little solace in knowing he helped a young player.

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  1. What a dream it would be though for Kluwe to both play in the NFL and do the right thing. For him it’s a package deal and that’s awesome. I’ll look forward to his reality show or commentating if he doesn’t win the Punter job.

  2. He’s probably confident enough in his own skills, that correcting this guy’s form isn’t a big deal to him.

  3. You may not agree with him, but Chris Kluwe is always thoughtful and engaging in whatever he does.

  4. I mean I suppose he’d be kicking himself at the lost money, but something tells me Kluwe isn’t the kind of guy to go bankrupt from buying ‘bling’ and overpriced, foreign cars. I talked MTG with him once and he was bragging about his deck if that’s any indication of how he gets down.

  5. Kluwe knows that he has the position locked down, that is why he was willing to help this kid out. Having a punter that you can count on for more than one thing is a plus, Kluwe has the job.

  6. Another example of a person being judged because he doesn’t BELIEVE what you do rather then on the merits of his actions….Who’s the bad guy?

    He was asked to write the article. He was coming up with inside things he thought people would find interesting. I fail to see anything he’s doing thats grandstanding or self promoting. Hell, he didn’t even tell you to click the article.

  7. King is going to be a great punter. I saw a video of him and he was booming punts with over 5 seconds of hangtime.

  8. Its amazing that the NFL is so competitive and yet you still hear stories like this. Makes me root for Kluwe even more.

  9. Kluwe has stated before that he doesn’t like to give jobs, but he supports to the fullest those who do. This would lead me to believe that he isn’t completely opposed to giving out jobs. So it doesn’t surprise me to hear that Kluwe has a job to give but will help the kid who wants to take it from him, as Kluwe probably doesn’t want to give the job, but will if he has to.

  10. Kluwe doesn’t need to play football. He’s made a name for himself doing other things….most of which I’m not a fan of, nonetheless, he did it.

    He’ll be ok.

  11. That’s a good dude. Whatever he does after football is going to take care of itself. Nobody seems to do anything because it is the right thing to do any more. I like hearing about things like this. It lets me know that humanity is not doomed, though it seems to be heading that route fast.

  12. Even if King wins out, Kluwe will be okay. If another team doesn’t grab him, he’ll find employment elsewhere due to his non football interests.

    Good Guy Kluwe

  13. Helping your competition is a gracious thing to do, and not everyone would be so kind. However, making sure everybody know how generous you are sort of takes away the luster.

  14. P.m. this is a great story about kluew that even I enjoyed but I am incredibly tired of The liberal biased on this site to The point that I’ve been looking for better or less disgusting(constantly ripping on christianity and being complete bigots) site to get my NFL need from

  15. hendeeze, I appreciate your point, but Kluwe is not an atheist. He was merely asked to speak at an atheist convention. He describes himself as “cheerfully agnostic.”

  16. robgilman says:
    Aug 9, 2013 3:29 PM
    Another example of attention seeking and self promotion. He’s just such a great guy…

    What an absolutely idiotic thing to say.

  17. “…Kluwe may end up kicking himself”.
    It may be the only thing he’ll have to kick after King beats him out of a job.

  18. “I’m so humble and wonderfully human that I will write an article for Sports Illustrated crowing about my humbleness and wonderfulness.”

    There are hundreds if not thousands of NFL players who help younger guys their entire careers. Every summer there are numerous examples by the any team’s beat writers.

    Yet the list of players who will put themselves in SI for doing so has one name on it.

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