Munchak not worried about Locker’s start


There wasn’t much to look at when reviewing Jake Locker’s first action of the season, and the Titans are OK with that.

Titans coach Mike Munchak said his quarterback’s pedestrian night was largely by design.

“We just took what they gave us and didn’t force things that weren’t there,’’ Munchak said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “There will be plenty of opportunities to throw the ball down the field as we go into the next game.”

Locker was an unspectacular 7-of-11 for 58 yards, and wasn’t taking many chances. He was nearly picked off on his first pass attempt, and was sacked twice.

“We’re not worried about it,’’ Munchak said. “He had some pressure early – the first couple of passes we didn’t block very well, and had breakdowns. And that’s why we kind of got away from the pass there, and the run game was producing, . . . And we had some drops that could have been some big plays.”

The Titans are going to lean on their run game this year, and there were signs last night it might not be the worst idea. But Locker’s going to have to make some plays, or many of those running lanes up front are going to shrink.

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  1. Seriously it’s pre season … I bet if Geno Smith goes 7 of 11 … No INTs and a couple of dropped passes … The headline would say Geno has impressive outing.

  2. Despite letting CJ’s big run, the starting defense for the Skins didn’t look too bad. Secondary was blanketing receivers and line was swarming on him quickly with the sacks. You have to give the kid some more games to see if he plays better.

  3. jtbaudendistel says:

    “Took what they gave us” is a losing mentality

    In the regular season yes. Not playing vanilla in the preseason and giving your better stuff away in the preseason makes it easier for teams to beat you early in the regular season.

  4. He’s been the same guy since his freshman year at UW. Great physical tools a competitor for sure, but he doesn’t have the mind of a quarterback.
    When he was in college I hoped he’d be a Seahawk and study under Hass for two or three years and be good by year five. As the draft approached I didn’t want him at all, wanted everybody but him and Gabbert. Thank you god for Russell Wilson.

  5. I’m far from being sold on Locker but it’s ridiculous to nitpick about his performance the other night in such limited action.

    Had some solid throws (including the one he put right on Kendall Wright, that was dropped), had a couple you wonder about (the near-INT, a batted down ball), had his pass protection let him down a couple of times, including what looked like the rookie Warmack giving up a sack in his first action (shocker!).

    So I’m with Munch. Plenty of time to pick apart Locker and the passing game later. At least the run blocking was encouraging, given how much they’ve been emphasizing it and how bad they’ve sucked at it the last couple of years under Chris Palmer.

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