Out of football, Tice is still in the money

Getty Images

The man we used to call Meathead apparently knows a thing or two about horses.  Or maybe horse meat.

According to various reports, former Vikings head coach and, most recently, Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice won more than $100,000 by picking the winners in six straight horse races.

It happened, via Michael C. Wright of ESPNChicago.com, at Del Mar Surfside Race Place in California.  A $128 wager resulted in $100,796.20.

Tice called it “the excitement of my life right now.”  It’s likely even more exciting than reselling Super Bowl tickets.

“I’m a horse guy.  Belmont and Saratoga started, and throughout my football life, I’ve never been able to play them because I’ve always been in training camp,” Tice said.

Fittingly, it’s called a Pick 6.  Even more fittingly, the $100,796.20 offsets (with a little interest) the $100,00 fine Tice paid in 2005 for the Super Bowl scalping scandal.