ProFootballTalk: Von Miller’s appeal hearing set

Broncos LB Von Miller’s appeal hearing has been set and Mike Florio believes we’ll hear a ruling about a week after the hearing. The Broncos have to be relieved that they’ll have a definitive answer before the season starts.



2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Von Miller’s appeal hearing set

  1. I certainly don’t have ESP so I know not what Miller may have done, but somebody needs to tell these guys that if they’re taking something that “isn’t detected” they are playing with fire. In that situation, they ought to send the substance to the NFL and ask if it’s okay to take it.

    Von Miller’s case could be interesting if he’s charged with smoking pot because pot is legal in Colorado.

    Seems unfair to punish somebody for doing that which is legal.

  2. denverdave3, your comment about marijuana being legal in colorado is completly irrelevant, as federal law still trumps state law, and precdence has been set in the Supreme Court that any company that operates in multiple states can choose to ignore the marijuana law, and instead side with federal law. CO’s own Dish Network actually won that case. Plus the NFL isn’t going to let members of the broncos and seahawks get high while everyone else cant, because then everyone would want to be traded there. obviously.

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