Randy Moss is close to a deal . . . with FOX

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I talk when I wanna talk.

Hopefully, Randy Moss won’t apply that twist to his on-field epitaph when he’s sitting in the TV studio.

The future Hall of Famer has a tentative deal with FOX, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT.  The deal isn’t finalized, but no glitches currently are expected.  (Especially if he’s paid a certain specific way.)

The full scope of his duties isn’t currently known, but Moss is expected to contribute to FOX Football Daily on the new FOX Sports 1, a show that will feature Curt Menefee, Jay Glazer, Brian Urlacher, and Ronde Barber.  Moss also could appear on the new all-sports network on Sundays, too.

A colorful figure who could have been the greatest receiver of all time (in his mind, he was), Moss will likely say what he thinks without pulling punches or kissing butts.  And that will make him compelling.

The question is whether he’ll stay interested and engaged.  The novelty of television can wear off quickly for former players who need to approach broadcasting as fans — especially during production meetings and seemingly endless rehearsals.

I talk when I wanna talk.

Hopefully, he’ll choose to talk a lot, because he could have good insights, and he’ll deliver them in an entertaining way.

Let’s also hope that he’ll deem the FOX catering to be something he’d at least feed to his dogs.

94 responses to “Randy Moss is close to a deal . . . with FOX

  1. Randy Moss is hilarious; finally someone with a little bit of a character getting on their instead of just these boring PC moving mouthpieces. I’m guessing the media will blow something hilarious Randy says on air into a scandal and he will lose the opportunity. Especially in today’s boring, sterile society.

  2. Great, every jack ass who has ever played football will now want to turn to the broadcast booth. Somebody needs to replace Mushmouth Sterling Sharpe. I’m tired of him destroying the English language.

  3. Well, this is something I never expected…. Imagine the possibility of getting to know “The Real Randy Moss”…. Hmmm

  4. I think he should let that hair grow like in the picture… Make for awesome TV shots

  5. bsaleen12 says:
    Aug 9, 2013 2:25 PM
    Randy doesn’t seem like the on-air type. I can’t see this working, or being entertaining to the viewer.


    That’s exactly what everyone said about Deion Sanders at first. Not saying he will be like Deion, but that outward ego-type personality does work as he has proven (like him or not).

  6. You know I honestly thought that Kuselias as well as myself were expecting Florio to say Randy Moss when he was talking about a potential surprise WR for the Packers and picked the much older Terrell Owens. I also thought it could have been Chad Johnson.

  7. well – if you think you could barely understand emmitt smith – “just wait’ll they get a load of (moss)”…

  8. Thought NFL Network had the market cornered on pathetic former players! With Moss’ disruptive personality and his history of trouble I see little hope of this marriage panning out!

  9. Don’t be honest like McNabb, Randy. Then everyone will rip you for doing your job.

  10. He seems like he was the type of player that didn’t know much about football and was told to go long on every play. I can’t imagine him having that much insight.

  11. I’m a Vikings fan and I’d watch the show just because he’s on it.

    P.S. When I look at his stats it looks like he wanted to play all the time.

  12. I don’t think this’ll work very well – Moss is known for being a bit of an introvert (ironically) and supposedly also has a bit of social anxiety

    I can’t see his quirkiness translating onto TV where you need somewhat of a predictable, fake, personality to work well

  13. somebody needs to ask moss what it was like being part of 2 of the biggest choke jobs in the history of the NFL aka 1998 vikings and 2007 patriots.

  14. There is a chance he will be good at talking football. However, using Deion Sanders to support Moss does not work. I avoid sanders at all costs. I do not find him funny at all. He’s as entertaining as Tony Saragusa. Just because you played football does not automatically mean you are entertaining or funny when you talk.

  15. Really??? Come on Fox do we need every retired player to get a gig on TV….NOPE I mean I like Randy he was a great player when he wanted to play but why, oh why must we be subjected to this lunacy? Why do I care I don’t watch any of the pre-game or post game shows anyway…

  16. Man that’s some picture! Randy and Leon Sandcastle must be twins seaparated at birth.

  17. bsaleen12 says:
    Aug 9, 2013 2:25 PM
    Randy doesn’t seem like the on-air type. I can’t see this working, or being entertaining to the viewer.


    That hasn’t stopped the NFL Network from going after the same kinds of people, and keeping them on-air for several years.

  18. Fox has a football team?? I think Fox could easily field a lingerie league team. Megyn Kelly and their weather and entertainment personalities? ohhhh…you mean to talk on TV. Yeah, Randy Moss can talk on TV with various words he uses for talking. I can see that.

  19. He’s a quitter, and nobody cares about what quitters have to say, way to go FOX

  20. Get your popcorn ready… Randy Moss is about to be the best thing to happen to sports broadcasting in a while. Probably won’t last long, but it should be interesting while it does.

    Oh, and Rick Spielman is a magician – Well played. I laughed pretty good.

  21. Warren Sapp is one of the biggest jerks you could ever meet away from the camera. I’m sure you can find people saying he’s a great guy, but where there’s smoke there’s fire and the stories about Sapp and his “I don’t click bitch” responses to fans who wanted a picture with him during his career would make you think he’d never work out in a TV studio.

    If Sapp can clean up his incredibly ugly image and act like Mr. Nice guy, I’m quite certain Randy can do the same, only Randy still has the potential to sound less stupid than Warren.

  22. My prediction: he’ll last a few weeks, get bored and quit… unless he is broke and needs the doe.

  23. …and I’m not “hating” I actually find some of R Moss’s antics amusing. Wish him well.

  24. He’s gonna take the whole Fox Sports Network on vacation… and leave’m on planet Clown.

  25. I hope he can learn to speak English between now and his first TV appearance. Last I checked I could barely make out what he said without subtitles.

  26. Is there a broadcaster former player or not that the PFT commenting body DOES like? I honestly don’t pay close attention to Gruden during MNF and anything I have heard dosent make me want to chastise him at every opportunity on a blog site’s comments.

    I agree with comments directed at NFL networks crew, pretty unintelligent and scripted IMO, but still nothing that effects my life so much as to share it with the world as much as I can, I know you guys don’t care.

    I think Moss would be good, not for any particular reason just let Randy be Randy.

  27. sandblastermoron says:
    Aug 9, 2013 3:33 PM
    Oh Great!!! all we are gonna hear about is how easy it was to score against the Green Bay defense……


    Well in Moss’ defense when he was running wild in the NFCN, it was.

  28. He’s not fake enough to last at that sort of job. He won’t act like he’s interested when he’s bored, he won’t say the right things like they want him to. And if he is allowed to be candid, he’ll be off the air within a couple weeks.

    And, BTW, what happened to his racing team that was going to be his new passion? Did he run out of money?

  29. Why???? I guess Terrell Owens and Ocho Cinco are next, then they can argue about who was the greatest…

  30. “…. replace Mushmouth Sterling Sharpe”

    I think you meant his half-horse brother Shannon.
    Sterling is as eloquent as Richard Dawkins in comparison with Shannon.

  31. Fox? They must want some to tell Bradshaw to Shut The F… Up. Moss would fit in better w/the yelling tools on NFLN, Sharpe Irvin, Sapp, and Deon.

  32. And people thought Charles Barkley wouldn’t work either. How’d that turn out? Give the guy a chance, I’m sure he has plenty to offer. Give it to us straight no chaser Randy Dandy.

  33. minnesotablizzard says:
    Aug 9, 2013 2:32 PM
    Randy Moss is hilarious; finally someone with a little bit of a character getting on their instead of just these boring PC moving mouthpieces. I’m guessing the media will blow something hilarious Randy says on air into a scandal and he will lose the opportunity. Especially in today’s boring, sterile society.
    Says the guy that told Tiki to “go away”

  34. I love Randy and all his idiosyncrasies. I wish him all the best in his new endeavors.

    I don’t shine shoes
    I don’t tape ankles
    Straight cash homey!

  35. Err, that should be

    I don’t shine shoes
    I don’t tape ankles
    I don’t cut checks
    Straight cash homey!

  36. Pretty sure you meant EPITHET, not EPITAPH… unless you think Hernandez is going after him next!

  37. I just feel bad for Urlacher. What an annoying co-host.. Would love to see Randy bring up an old Bears Vikings game and get rambo tackled off the set by Urlacher. Probably wont happen.. but sure would be entertaining!!

  38. Hopefully he replaces Troy Aikman as color commentator so he can moon Joe Buck right to his face.

  39. That’ll be like Snoop dog/lion doing analysis without the camera presence, charisma, or football knowledge. Its one thing to plat football another thing to understand its complexities.

  40. I hope he rips Jim Harbaugh. That would be great. Maybe a dig at Childress and a little something for the local catering guy serving the Fox studio.

  41. So many questions. Remember when professional broadcasters used to get jobs as professional broadcasters? Why would I care what a former football player or coach has to say if he has nothing interesting to say about the game? What if they have zero talent as communicators? Why is there no distinction anymore between broadcast talent and athletic talent? Who pays Shannon Sharp money to talk?

  42. I wonder how many broadcasts go bye before he claims to have been better than Rice. I want to see Jerry Rice as a guest on the show while Moss is hosting.

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