Von Miller confident about chances of winning appeal


Broncos linebacker Von Miller is reportedly scheduled to meet with league officials next Thursday for his appeal of a four-game suspension and Miller called himself “optimistic” when asked about it after the Broncos played the 49ers.

“I’m confident about it. Everybody is confident about it,” Miller said, via Mike Klis of the Denver Post. “I think my situation is different. I’m just looking forward to getting a resolution and getting it out of the way. It’s tough enough to play football as it is, let alone when you have all this other stuff going on.”

Details on the reason for Miller’s suspension are scarce, outside of the NFLPA saying that it is not for a violation of the performance-enhancing drug policy. Miller has been in the league’s substance abuse program after testing positive for marijuana in 2011, but said he no longer uses the drug and there reports indicate that he has not failed another drug test. A player in the program can be disciplined for other infractions, however, including missing a test or altering the sample used for testing.

A ruling on the appeal is expected before the Broncos start the regular season on September 5 against the Ravens.

30 responses to “Von Miller confident about chances of winning appeal

  1. Donkey = Cheater. But I’m sure he will get away with cheating becasue the NFL loves their little darling Donkeys.

  2. Ya, that’s what I thought . ‘Oh, I did not fail a drug test, I just failed to show up for a test’. That is totally different!
    Not. If your in the drug progam and you miss a scheduled test, that is a four game suspension unless you have some evidence (hospitalized) that you could not be there. These guys know the exact rules and what the punishment are for missing tests.

  3. What concerns me about this is that Miller isn’t giving any details. It makes it seem like it’s another Braun defense…not admitting he did anything wrong and finding a technicality to get out of the suspension.

  4. If it’s true that he missed a drug test due to being on a USO tour in Afghanistan, that changes the optics a bit, though a simple phone call probably could have prevented the whole thing.

  5. Why does the NFL even test for weed? Its not like its a performance enhancer and it only makes the league look worse anytime somebody is suspended for a failed weed test, let along a major star like Miller.

  6. I love seeing the Bronco haters out trolling the boards… that means you know they’re going to kick your team’s a*% this year. LOL!

  7. I love how all the major media outlets keep talking about him getting baked and completely ignoring the ecstasy in his system! He’s gonna show up to court with silver dollar pupils, a pacifier in his mouth, bumping some techno music, and twirling glow sticks around above his head. “Nope, I’m definitely not stoned, Your Honor.”

  8. rumor is he was on a USO tour in Afghanistan when he missed a scheduled test. -per local sports radio

  9. I selfishly hope they reduce the suspension to 2 games. We play Denver week 2. Let him wreak havoc on our competitors weeks 3 on.

  10. vdogg says:
    Aug 9, 2013 11:50 AM
    Aaron Rodgers is willing to bet his salary that everything is legit.
    He’ll also us Miller’s suspension as a chip on his shoulder (if there is any room left for more chips).

  11. If he missed a test, he should be suspended. Other teams have lost multiple players already this year for the beginning of the season — players who would not have been suspended had they simply “missed the test.”

    If “missing the test” is a legitimate defense, why shouldn’t a player just take the PEDs, then miss the test, citing this case as precedent.

    NFL drug policy is a bit of a joke.

  12. Considering the league’s always been in love with Elway and Manning, he’s got a good reason to feel confident.

  13. somethingsmellsrotten says: Aug 9, 2013 10:57 AM

    Donkey = Cheater. But I’m sure he will get away with cheating becasue the NFL loves their little darling Donkeys.

    I don’t hate the Bronco’s or the Patriots.What I don’t like is the clear bias the NFL& the media has for both teams.

  14. Ive read that this is all from the trip he took to visit the military over the summer. Show some class Goodell, he was busy doing something you could never do in your life. Making people happy. August 15th the exoneration of Von Miller.

  15. i don’t care if he tip toeing through the tulips. if u let him slide others who know they would fail test will do volunteer work to get out of test.bad precedent

  16. youarejealousof6rings says: Aug 9, 2013 11:22 AM

    Just your typical Broncos filth.

    Yeah, and Big Ben is such a model citizen. I guess he would be “typical Steeler filth”

  17. Exactly how is Denver getting the preferential treatment as the NFL and media darlings? Denver has gotten coverage for the last few years, but with good reason, we had to deal with Tebowmania, Josh Mcdaniels, and then got Peyton Manning. And this offseason was crazy too! with all of that Denver still won’t get the coverage that NE, the Jets, or the Cowboys get for just existing! And as for the NFL darlings please give me a example of how that is happening. The last time I have seen Denver get anything that was not deserved or was significant was the ed hocculi call when cutler was the QB and fumbled against the chargers years ago!
    I can name a few teams that have gotten more love from the league and with some examples so let me know how Denver is getting better treatment than these teams…
    New England-THE TUCK RULE, and honestly that was just part of the love these guys have gotten. Its amazing.
    Pittsburg Steelers-Superbowl XL not only did these guys take out Palmer on a shady knee shot but one of the refs later admitted the superbowl was called unfair towards Pitt.
    Baltimore-If you are saying that Denver did not get hometowned IN DENVER last year then you are looking thru purple tinted glasses. Balt played tough, but when the refs are giving you points you rarely lose. I guess everybody should have a injured loved player retire at the end of the year, huh?
    NY Giants-Yeah, the super bowl will NEVER be held in a cold weather non dome stadium, right? Wait, it’s New York? Oh yay! A ice bowl would be great!!!
    These are some examples off of the top of my head showing what I call preferred treatment of some NFL darlings…. So please show me how Denver is getting more love than these examples!!!

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