Weeden, Cleveland offense start preseason on positive note


Scores don’t mean much in the preseason, and the first impressions you gather about a club may prove laughably wrong once the leaves start to fall, but let’s say this for the Browns: their offense was ready to play in Thursday’s 27-19 win vs. the Rams.

One positive: the Browns scored on each of Brandon Weeden’s two drives. Overall, the second-year starting quarterback completed 10-of-13 passes for 112 yards and a touchdown. It wasn’t a perfect performance, and one of his longer completions came after he fired a short pass that dinged off of tight end Jordan Cameron’s hands and landed in Greg Little’s grasp.

Nevertheless, Weeden played well, and reserve passers Jason Campbell and Brian Hoyer got good work in, too. On the night, Browns quarterbacks completed 26-of-34 passes for 249 yards and a pair of TDs.

The Browns have good depth behind Weeden. Moreover, they have bolstered their ranks at wide receiver and running back in recent years. They have more skill-position talent than in the past, and it shows on the depth chart. The right players seem to be on the right rungs.

No one would say the Browns are finished product on offense, but this looks like a group with a little more punch than we’re accustomed to seeing from Cleveland.

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  1. Cleveland has been very bad the last several seasons….I really believe they will make the playoffs as a wild card this year….you heard it here 1st…

  2. Clowns fans do this EVERY year..

    We all know one thing in life is a certainty, the City of Sorrow is alive and well…


  3. I’ve been saying for a few weeks that this offense could be deadly if Weeden can stay out of the way.

    Norv has his TE (Gates, Novacek), his #1 WR (Jackson, Irving) and his bell cow RB (LT, Smith). on top of that look at what he’s done with #2 WR’s that turned into nothing when he was gone.

    Weeden just needs to not screw it up if you ask me.

  4. It’s worth noting that Fisher never opens the playbook in the preseason. the rams were playing soft deep zones with a four man rush all game. the browns did a good job of capitalizing, but this is not what the defense will look like come September.

  5. Browns may very well surprise a lot of people this season. For once there are actually much less talented teams in the league.

  6. As a lifelong Browns fan, and continuous frustration year in and year out, the first team offense actually looked like they have some promise for the first time in years. Weeden looked so much more comfortable in Chud/Norv’s offense than he did with that idiot Pat Shurmer’s.

    Greg Little still needs to work on his hands, if he could consistantly catch the ball, he could be dangerous with his size and ability to gain yards after the catch.

    Now I am not one of those fans who are expecting playoffs or a division title at all, but there looks to be improvement in the offensive scheme that could lead to a decent year.


  7. They actually appeared to perform like a professional football team last night. Amazing what you can do when you have competent coaching. Pat Shurmur should have never been a head coach in this league and smart owners shouldn’t let Mike Holmgren be anywhere near their team.

  8. Every year I get my hopes up, and then I watch Cleveland finish 4-12. I will believe the hype when I see Weeden hoisting the Lombardi in the air.

  9. loved it. Loved watching it. Weeden looked good and our offense looked like an NFL offense for a change. Chud teased us, and for Browns fans I know you will get this one. The first play of the game what does he do? He throws to the running back in the flat which had EVERY Browns fan who knows the team say, “Oh no. Not this crap (not throwing downfield) again.”

    But they did it. They threw down field. They played hard and looked good.

  10. I hate that division, every year three other teams get two gimme wins. The only division worse has the Patriots in it, I’d look pretty smart too if I got to “compete” with the Dolphins, Bills and Jets. I hope Miami and Cleveland put on shows this year and topple the overrated division leaders.

  11. Greg Little caught a pass!?! A football hit him in the hands and he didn’t drop it? I don’t believe you.

  12. I don’t understand the hate on for Weeden. His age has nothing to do with the fact that he still has only one year of NFL experience under his belt. Doesn’t matter if your 22 or 29, you still need to take snaps in the NFL to gradually improve at the NFL level.

  13. steelerben says:
    Aug 9, 2013 10:50 AM

    Greg Little caught a pass!?! A football hit him in the hands and he didn’t drop it? I don’t believe you.
    It’s cute when people try to make jokes based on ancient history. Last year, Little caught nearly everything thrown his way. Some insanely clutch catches, at that. Little hasn’t had a problem catching the ball since the season before last. Way to make it look like you’ve been asleep since 2011, Rip Van Winkle.

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