Alex Smith says he and Reid want to “stick it” to doubters


For quarterback Alex Smith and coach Andy Reid, 2012 started with promise.  For Reid, tragedy quickly occurred through the death of his son, Garrett.  For Smith, a concussion opened a window for Colin Kaepernick to play — and eventually slammed the door on an unlikely eight-year career in San Francisco for a No. 1 overall pick who was never quite a franchise quarterback but never quite a bust.

They’re together now, and Smith says he and Reid share a common motivation.

“We’d love to stick it to everybody who thought we couldn’t do it, he and I included,” Smith recently told Nate Taylor of the New York Times.

Many think they will.  Indeed, few 2-14 teams have ever had higher expectations.  The Chiefs have six Pro Bowlers on the roster, along with a good quarterback and a coach who has proven that he can get more out of any given quarterback than most anyone else.

Except for maybe Smith’s most recent head coach in San Francisco, Jim Harbaugh.  He and Reid are the best two now, and perhaps eventually two of the best ever, at maximizing quarterback talent and potential.

Reid made a quick play for Smith, who became the odd man out in San Francisco after Kaepernick took the Niners to the brink of a Super Bowl championship.  The trade between the Chiefs and 49ers was an endorsement of Smith and at the same time an indictment of the current crop of rookie quarterbacks, given the Reid held the first overall pick and the second pick in round two.

Reid told Taylor it wasn’t the first time the 14-year head coach of the Eagles had tried to acquire Smith, conceding that Reid had called the 49ers “multiple times” about a deal while in Philly.

The fascinating nugget is buried in the story, with no signs of elaboration of follow up.  When were the inquiries made?  Before drafting Kevin Kolb in 2007?  Before signing Mike Vick in 2009?  After trading Donovan McNabb in 2010?

One thing we know is that Smith was available without trade compensation in 2012, and the Eagles opted not to pursue him.  Instead, Reid stuck with Mike Vick (who had a large chunk of guaranteed money owed to him last year) and drafted Nick Foles.

In the end, the 49ers’ fallback plan after Peyton Manning chose the Broncos netted a second-round pick and likely a third-round selection in 2014 for San Francisco.  (If the Chiefs go 8-8, next year’s pick upgrades to a second-round selection.)  Regardless of how strongly Reid felt about Smith while with the Eagles, it’s clear that Reid felt very strongly about Smith in Kansas City.

And now Smith feels very strongly about proving that he’s far closer to franchise quarterback than he is to bust.

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  1. It’s a good attitude to have, and last night’s opening drive was at least slightly encouraging.

    Obviously they were going against a pretty vanilla defense, and Alex didn’t really try any fancy stuff, but the Chiefs methodically moved down the field and scored a touchdown. Also, Jamaal touched the ball and most of the plays on that drive. That’s definitely how it should be.

  2. Reid and Harbaugh know how to get the most out of their quarterbacks, sure, but suggesting they’re the best at it ever? Sorry, there’s this guy who drafted a lanky, unimpressive kid out of Michigan back in 2000 and turned him into one of the best ever that would like to speak with you.

  3. As a Niners fan, I have nothing but love and respect for Alex. I sincerely hope he wins a championship in Kansas City. The guy is a class act and a first rate human being. He was the Number 1 pick in 2005 for a reason. He obviously has talent. The problem is, the 49ers were a completely dysfuntional organization, from the water boy to the ownership, from 2003-2011. Alex got shafted by the 49ers.

  4. They both suck. So count me as one of the doubters. All he does it check it down to the safety valve. Yeah that makes your completion % high, and INT rate low…it also makes your TD #’s low, and put winning or losing on your D.

    Which, I’ll admit, with KC’s D, it may not be a bad thing…but stlll.,,he’s NOT a good QB.

  5. the terrible thing for us chiefs fans is that Bo franchise qb has been drafted since that one guy who was the worst out of that one draft class of great qbs that the chiefs passed over. Alex Smith is a short term solution. WE WANT A DRAFTED FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK IN KANSAS CITY, AND PLEASE NOT A REPEAT OF 1983!!!!

  6. Let’s get through a season without being benched again before we start using the phrase “franchise quarterback”. This is a guy who was benched for Shaun Hill after all.

  7. Alex Smith is going to be great. Reid made just about every quarterback who played for him regardless of talent a decent qb. The only one he didn’t was Mike McMahan. Google his time with the eagles. And Vince Young. He was bad too. AJ Feeley netted a second round pick after Reid had him playing well. Jeff Garcia. Kolb. McNabb. Vick for a year. He is a great coach but he has his flaws. His stubbornness is the reason the Eagles fell apart. He got too comfortable in the job and made a ton of risky disasterous moves. He will learn from those mistakes. Also I don’t know why Jamal Charles thinks he is going to run for a lot of yards. He will be featured in the passing game but Reid has the highest passing percentage in NFL history among qualifying coaches. Yes Jamal Reid uses one back but a big reason for that is the lack of carries.

  8. Well Alex, I’ve probably made about at least a dozen posts recommending for the 49ers to dump you in a trade as well as then lauding them for re-signing you back, but then I gave them a partial rebate after executing the trade. And I don’t have confidence in what the Chiefs are doing, I’m a doubter so go ahead and stick it to me!

    If the 49ers could only go back in time and trade all of the money the paid to you plus received something in trade for you plus kept their original #1 overall draft pick, then that would be a lot of value to add onto what they have now. That’s a tremendously powerful savings for one simple piece of advice. But they were late in listening to me, and now that advice shifts over to the Chiefs. It’s not that you are a bad player, you are a bad value, and that’s not healthy for the team.

  9. Reid is probably the best. I mean, he convinced everyone that Kevin Kolb was a ferrari, when he’s really more like a Prius. A Prius missing 3/4 wheels.

    Not for nothing, but Shannahan is also pretty darn good with QB’s.

    Harbaugh is the best at throwing clipboards, bar none.

  10. He better not be talking about the Niners. They gave him more chances than any other franchise would. See Carr/Harrington/Couch/Brees (in SD), etc.

  11. Ugh… of course the 49ers came that close to throwing away a lot of salary cap room on Peyton when they have Colin.

    w/o Peyton, they had the cap room for Boldin and whatever.

  12. This is good news for the chiefs because Alex plays better when he is a little angry. He is reasonably talented but too often in SF he seemed content with taking sacks and going 3 and out. As a 49er fan, I always wanted him to play more aggressively and leave everything on the field to get a win. I hope he takes that approach now and shows what he is capable of.

  13. If Andy Reid could get Koy Detmer, AJ Feely, and Kevin Kolb to put up pro bowl numbers, I can’t wait to see what he can do with a guy that actually has talent like Alex Smith.

  14. I never understood all the hatred for Alex Smith myself. I always thought he was a pretty good quarterback who got the raw end of the stick. in his first six years he had to learn a new offensive playbook and signals and calls. every single year. Then magically when Harbaugh gets there and supports the guy and brings in a bit of stability, the guy has success. He leads them to the NFC championship game. Comes in the next year and is playing at a very high level and suffers, “the concussion”, that again disrupts this mans career. I wish the best of luck to Smith and Reid. Id love to see The Chiefs play the 49ers in the Super Bowl, with Alex Smith riding off in the sunset Holding the Lombardi trophy as Super Bowl MVP

  15. Too bad Reid didn’t draft Alex in 2005, it would have saved all 49ers fans 8 years of frustration and disappointment.

  16. I think the Chiefs are going to make the same kind of transformation this year that the Vikings did last year, going from one of the worst records in the league to clinching a wild card spot the next season. Best of luck Chiefs fans. SKOL.

  17. Smith is an excellent efficient talent. If ball-control football and tempo-controlled play is what is being sought he’s the perfect quarterback for that. But Smith is not a play-from-behind guy (forget the aberrational game against the Saints) and he’s not a press–downfield kind of guy. With Bowe and Charles there should be a pretty good mix there.

    Now…..what WOULD be fun is if the Chiefs met the 49ers in the Super Bowl. That would be incredible drama.

  18. I hope that first drive Friday wasn’t indicative of what’s to come in KC because there were zero WR targets on that drive.

    RB’s and TE’s are great but that’s what Cassel couldn’t do, take the top off the D and go down field. Eventually teams will clog stuff up 5-15 yards. AS is gonna have to find Bowe and Avery down field.

  19. I am definitely rooting for Alex Smith this year. Feels like he never got a lot of respect in SF. He might even be in a better position in KC with a cast of better receivers than he would have had in SF with Crabtree out for a while. Is the regular season here yet ?

  20. Considering the SF pursuit of Manning just how much did they think of Kaperlick at the time? Good chance if Peyton ended up with SF Kaperlick would have been the one traded.

  21. Alex Smith is one of the smartest quarterbacks in NFL history. His off the field behavior is even more impressive. His mechanics are exceptional. With that said, he is not a risk taker and sees open receivers approximately half the time.

    Alex Smith is a check down quarterback unless he “sees” someone wide-open. Nobody has to go far to see these behaviors.

    Alex was 7-8 in his first pre-season game for the Chiefs. He had 4 check down passes and three completed passes that traveled 5 yards prior to YAC.

    I like Alex a lot and hope the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. He lost his job last year based on the above.

  22. As I keep saying, the Eagles’ defense may be worse than last year’s edition. They could be bad enough to earn Chip Kelly the first pick in 2014. Reid and Smith will win at least six more games than the Eagles. Congratulations KC fans. You have hope this year. We Eagles fans do not.

  23. Smith was always average and always will be. He doesn’t strike fear into defenses. We will see the same Smith we’ve seen since he was drafted.

  24. As a Chargers fan having Alex Smith in our division I should be hoping he fails; however, I have always kind of felt sorry for him thinking he really never had any stability in San Francisco and would like to see him do well (except against the Chargers). I think a lot of people may be surprised on how well he does this year.

  25. Chiefs will definitely be an interesting team to watch this year with Andy taking over and Alex Smith deserves a good shot at winning. As an Eagles fan, I wish Andy the best of luck, but Chief’s
    fans better be prepared for game day clock management frustration, which, for whatever reason (perhaps McNabb), Andy could never rectify in Philly.

  26. The funny thing about this is, Alex Smith has the failed doubters wrong and “stick it” to them already, the past two seasons, and that’s a fact haha!
    Furthermore Alex Smith is at his prime right now in experience, confidence and age. So yea I think it’s time for the doubters or should I call “whinners” to
    get ready to “stick it” again since it’s likely with Reid’s help and KC giving him full support this time, he will take his new team to the play-offs and make the por-bowl this season

  27. Dink and dunk small ball is what Alex excels at. Chief fans will get so frustrated with him when he misses the wide open Bowe or? downfield or he doesn’t hit the receiver in stride with one of his fluttering weak passes. So often receivers had to wait for the ball or reach for the ball, and that would result in the receiver getting clobbered. You will see why SF traded him in favor of Kaep.

  28. @ ELMAXO:

    “I really hate Harbaugh for what he did to Smith.
    Prove them all wrong Alex !”

    Are you serious? Alex Smith was spat on by previous coaches and was left with no confidence whatsoever. Harbaugh made a QB out of him and brought out the best in him. He just went with a better QB in Kaep. Where have you been the last 2 years?

  29. Why is he being shadowed by the Kool Aid Man in that picture? Oh wait, that’s Andy Reid- my bad. I guess the transition from Cheesesteaks to BBQ has been seamless…and those seams are looking to burst…

  30. @smcgaels1997 says: Aug 10, 2013 11:47 PM
    Stick it all you want Akex, all those 5yd check downs will show em….. That’s part of the WCO, how do you think Craig, Rathman and Waters caught all those passes during their careers?

    @Stiller43 says: Aug 10, 2013 11:47 PM
    All he does it check it down to the safety valve. Yeah that makes your completion % high, and INT rate low… See anwser to smcgales

    @msclemons67 says: Aug 10, 2013 11:48 PM
    This is a guy who was benched for Shaun Hill after all…. Where are the geniuses benched him now that benched him?

    goldrush94 says: Aug 11, 2013 1:29 AM
    He better not be talking about the Niners….. I’m sure he’s talking about the former coaches, media and horrible fans!!!
    @axespray says: Aug 11, 2013 1:33 AM
    Glad they didn’t, team would have been ruined for another 10 years!!!

    @rainponcho87 says: Aug 11, 2013 1:38 AM
    As a 49er fan, I always wanted him to play more aggressively and leave everything on the field to get a win………………………………………………………………..
    He’s not a Gunslinger type of QB (most aren’t), the last time I checked only one QB who played that way has won a Championship.

    @rayvens says: Aug 11, 2013 2:40 AM
    if Smith was drafted in the 6th round he would be out of the league already…. The 9ers must have seen something in him as they could have released him anytime after 2009 without any financial loss (because he took a pay cut) as well as 2011 and 2012 when he was a FA, so he must have proven something to someone!

    @TIM says: Aug 11, 2013 4:55 AM

    Too bad Reid didn’t draft Alex in 2005, it would have saved all 49ers fans 8 years of frustration and disappointment…. I’m sure Alex Smith wonders what would have happened if he had Coaches like Harbaugh and Roman in 2005, it would have saved him from 8 years of frustratiion and disappoinment!

    @elmaxoh says: Aug 11, 2013 5:52 AM

    I really hate Harbaugh for what he did to Smith.
    Prove them all wrong Alex !……. I really LOVE what Harbaugh did to Alex Smith, he gave him confidence and success… I HATE what Nolan, Singletary, Martz, and others did to him, they tried to destroy him, and he’s already proven them wrong!!!

    jonnybrink67 says: Aug 11, 2013 6:14 AM

    Alex “the checkdown” Smith. I wish you all the best Al. I hope you win at least 8 games for the draft pics sake.
    -Niner fan…………………………. Joe Montana and Steve Young did quite a bit of checking down in their day and that’s when they had Superior Coaching and Talent. Checking down is part of the WCO and smart Football!
    -Niner Fan

    @kcflake says: Aug 11, 2013 7:35 AM

    We Are Rooting for you Alex! We Believe in You! Go Chiefs in 2013!….. Way to be a True Fan!!!

    dtlb58 says: Aug 11, 2013 9:08 AM

    I hope that first drive Friday wasn’t indicative of what’s to come in KC because there were zero WR targets on that drive……….. When are fans going to be satisfied with their team driving down the field and scoring? Throwing to TEs and RBs open it up for the WRs, if a defense chooses to play that all a Coach and QB can do is take what they are given. Last last time I checked Tom Brady was only throwing to TEs and Slots, very seldom does he take the tops off of defenses!

    @officialgame says: Aug 11, 2013 9:47 AM

    Considering the SF pursuit of Manning just how much did they think of Kaperlick at the time?
    They never had any intention of signing Manning, they checked him out because Seattle and Arizona was interested in him!

    @64post says: Aug 11, 2013 5:15 PM

    1. Dink and dunk small ball is what Alex excels at.
    That’s part of the WCO, Montana and Young did it plenty, but they also had Rice!
    2. So often receivers had to wait for the ball or reach for the ball, and that would result in the receiver getting clobbered…. Stop making stuff up, the hardest a Receiver has been hit in the last 5 years was VD getting whacked in Seattle last year and CK threw that.
    3. You will see why SF traded him in favor of Kaep….
    Let’s see the first answer that comes to mind is that that they weren’t going to be able to pay Smith after this season and keep Kaepernick.They drafted Kaep for the future, so Alex was expendable. I will take his 2006, 2011 and 2012 seasons to show that if the 9ers had actually put decent coaches and offensive players around him throughout his time in SF, he would have been more successful!
    Coaching makes a difference all the time!!!

  31. These are the career numbers for Matt Cassell and Alex Smith. Can you match the right career numbers with the right player?

    a.) 60 Gms
    59.3 Cmp% 14,280 Yds 81 TD 63 Int 79.1 Rate

    b.) 59 Gms
    58.9 Cmp% 13,495 Yds 82 TD 57 Int 80.4 Rate

    You ask me it is definitely not ‘obvious’ how much better we are at QB this year. I wont be surprised if Chase Daniel ends up being our best QB.

  32. 4ever9er says:
    Aug 11, 2013 7:37 PM Not making it up. Alex had a difficult time hitting the receivers in stride and threw a lot of passes out of arms length. He threw a fluttery ball too often (see Giants NFC game) it wasn’t Smith that got Davis whacked in Seattle last year, it was Kaep. Get your facts straight ASmith suck up boy.

  33. Why are the doubters, in particular 49er whinner fans and NFL fans that lack general knowledge of football and what happened to the 49ers while Alex Smith was there, still posting negative comments about Alex Smith even though Alex Smith isn’t even with the 49ers anymore? It is because they are afraid that they will be wrong again, which they have already been the last 2 seasons, and even more so now that Alex Smith is with a new team that is good and has Andy Reid and his new team’s full support behind him, unlike what happen there in San Francisco even after Harb took over, since everything he said was lip service, while using Alex Smith for what he’s worth and when the time was ripe lead to the eventual starting of Kaepernook which was Harb’s goal from the beginning when he got hired.
    i.e. there was NO full support for Alex Smith from Harb from the get go.

  34. alexsmithpwnswhinners- You are essentially correct. It was always Harbaughs plan to eventually start Kaep. He thought he was the best QB in the draft. What you need to understand is that Pro football is a business- not recreational ball. The teams use players and in return they pay them money. The teams do not exist for the purpose of fulfilling players career potentials, rather the players exist for the best interests of the team. Harbaugh owed Smith nothing but the salary which he was paid. While he was resigned as a stop gap QB it was also in Alex’s best interest to spend those last two years in SF. The belief that Alex got shafted by Harbaugh is totally irrational and goal displaced thinking. Of better put ” a lack of thinking”

    The relationship between a team and a player is not equivalent to that of a husband and wife. More like a man and his housekeeper. It’s business. The relationship between Alex and the Niner’s was not like a woman who puts her husband though medical school or sticks with them through hard times only to be traded in fro a newer model once the rough times are over. Many fans, along with Alex went through those hard times together and it’s no wonder that those fans have developed an emotional simpatico relationship with him. That however has affected their objectivity in this matter. They seem to feel that the team had an obligation out of loyalty to Alex. A true fan focus would be centered on loyalty because ,unlike a professional player,thats what ties a fan to their team. But in reality to the front office it’s primarily if not always totally a business. This is as it should be. If it were not so but purely up to Niner fans, Montana, Rice, Lott and Craig would still be the starters.

    The Niner’s made the choice that was best for them and in the long run it will actually also turn out for the best for Alex also. He will do fine in KC.

  35. willtalk65, don’t think for 1 second Kap’s current cheap rookie 2nd round pick salary wasn’t part of the equation and how that affects the team’s roster and FA, even the most clueless NFL fan knows that. The bottom line is Alex Smith still got paid by the 49ers last season, but the rug was pulled out early under him for no good reason. Look at it as a business decision for the future or not, it was BS. You know it and I know it. If you were him, you wouldn’t be happy either. What I said in the earlier post strictly relates to facts as pertain specifically to theses circumstances and why there is very high chance the doubters will be proven wrong once again now that Alex Smith is in KC. Alex Smith should still thank Harb as they mutually benefited, even though it didn’t ended the way Alex Smith would like it to end in San Francisco, nonetheless he’s in a even better situation now and will continue to be even more successful than he ever was in San Francisco and will be loved and respected by true football fans. Stick that, is the point I am making, business or not, makes no difference.

  36. willtalk65, furthermore, there is a lot more pressure on Kap now than it was on Alex Smith. No SB win with Kap = fail. While Alex Smith has a lot less pressure going to a team that was 2-14 last year, all he has to do is take that team to the play-offs and the KC fans would love him more than the 9er fans as a whole ever did. As a 49er fan, Kap is no champ or winner until he wins a SB. And with crabtree out, the 49er WR crop is still insufficient to win one, trust me on that.

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