Bag rule ruffles some feathers at Falcons game

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The NFL’s new bag rule took effect on Thursday night at six stadiums.  In one of the venues, the rule wasn’t well received.

As explained by D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia Dome officials held “hundreds” of purses for fans who weren’t allowed to take them in to the Bengals-Falcons game.

The powers-that-be at the Georgia Dome decided to set up stations where purses and other non-conforming bags could be checked, with their contents placed in a one-gallon clear plastic bag for entry to the stadium.

Fans complained, some loudly.  One claimed that her purse, which cost more than $200, was given to someone else.

The problem is that people weren’t aware of the rule, according to Georgia Dome spokesman Jason Kirksey.  Also, the stadiums didn’t get much guidance from the league.

The NFL asked us to implement the policy and they just said, ‘Here’s the policy,’” Kirksey told Ledbetter.  “What we did was take it a step farther. . . .

“When we play Jacksonville for that last exhibition game on Aug. 29, fans can expect the same thing,” Kirksey said.  “If you don’t need it, leave it at home.  This policy is not going away.  It’s an NFL initiative that we’re going to enforce the entire season.”

The same rule applies in every other NFL venue.  The challenge is making sure fans who show up for the games know about it in advance, and plan accordingly.

Too many don’t and/or haven’t.

58 responses to “Bag rule ruffles some feathers at Falcons game

  1. Seriously people… do you bring a bag to a concert? Same procedure now with the NFL and other large events. Adapt and move on.. though this does need to be made alot more public.

    Here’s an idea, tell the NFL to do appearances on the national “talking-head” morning shows; with a security person. That way it gets blanket coverage before the regular season kicks off.

  2. I suspect Kirksey might hear something from his chain of command on this. The teams were certainly aware. If that didn’t cascade down the ranks, there is an issue, but not with the NFL office.

    Similar to brohamma’s comment, it’s up to each local franchise to stress the rules, especially entering the season.

  3. Ladies – time to put your liquor in ziploc bags and hide them in your bra. Now all the necessities are covered.

    Personally I can hold most of a liter in mine.

  4. Fans complained, some loudly. One claimed that her purse, which cost more than $200, was given to someone else

    Nothing says “I totally wanna show off my fabulous new handbag” like going to a football game.

  5. It’s a dumb policy. Nobody is smuggling dangerous contraband into a football game in a purse. If somebody was going to do that, they’ll figure out another way to get it in. As a man who doesn’t need to carry much around with me, this policy doesn’t affect me at all, but I understand that many women do have legitimate reasons for carrying around a lot more than just a few small items that would fit in a pocket, and it’s ridiculous to ask them to carry that around in a clear plastic bag.

  6. This is just another reason why people will just stay home and watch the games. What if you have kids with you and have items that need to be carried along with you? Now you can’t bring them with you? Just another stupid rule that will deter fans from going. Soon they’ll be selling clear plastic bags with the NFL logo on it for $50 so they can rape the wallets of fans in a whole new way. Nice work NFL, what’s next…..dress code?

  7. Easy solution: Don’t fund the insanity.

    After years without a problem, fans can’t bring in a purse or a bag, but you can purchase a clear tote bag that comes with a team logo for $20. They take something away, repackage it and fleece fans out of thousands. How convenient!

    The NFL has become a corporate parasite motivated by greed. Just keep buying tickets people.

  8. jjb0811 says: Aug 10, 2013 5:25 PM

    Yet another reason to stay home and watch games.

    sacrifice. now here’s a dude that really loves his purse.

  9. I have been to many sporting events with my gf and she ever brings is her phone, debit card/cash, and ID. I usually have them in my pocket. She doesn’t really need anything else………..

  10. If Americans didn’t have something to cry about we’d probably die of boredom. If it isn’t infringing on constitutional rights I’m okay with certain standards. Seems we’ve become a nation of crybabies.

  11. teams and the NFL will say its about safety, but those who go to the games know it is all about alcohol and preventing people.from bringing it in so they can sell more $8 beers…the rule has nothing safety whatsoever…..and for those of you who ask why anyone would bring a bag or purse well….sometimes the baby sitter cancels.and you have to bring the 18 month old with you to the game.

  12. @jonkchar Really?! Get over it. You are clearly someone who isn’t married.. and if you are.. I feel sorry for her. Grow up.

  13. Y’all are ridiculous. As a married man attending many outside events with my wife we know the deal. I wear cargo shorts, phones, IDs, credit cards, female products are put in and we are good to go. My wife has no desire to take a purse in and then monitor it the entire time. We are there to have fun. The only time we needed a bag was with an infant and a football stadium is absolutely no place for an infant.

  14. jjb0811 says: Aug 10, 2013 5:55 PM

    Ever hear of marriage I flounder? Duh!

    i’m not sure which is more shameful, your obsessive love of your purse, or bringing a wife to a football game.

  15. somethingsmellsrotten says:
    Aug 10, 2013 5:34 PM

    Well, it’s Georgia…not exactly the MENSA capital of the world.


    No…it’s Atlanta, Liberal Democrat capital of GA.

  16. Women have a legitimate reason to carry multiple items that won’t fit into pockets to a football game? Either you’re whipped, stupid, or both

  17. “ladymacesq says: Aug 10, 2013 5:23 PM

    Ladies – time to put your liquor in ziploc bags and hide them in your bra. Now all the necessities are covered.

    Personally I can hold most of a liter in mine.”

    WOW!!!!! Get, to know me!!!!!

  18. So let me get this straight.

    $15 parking
    $70 game
    $9 hot dogs

    Can’t see the players clearly, hot as hell, sitting elbow to elbow with someone, can’t bring in your belongings? wow, going to a game has never sounded like such a terrible idea!

  19. I live several hours from the baseball and football stadiums in Seattle, so a ballgame takes up quite a large part of the day and or evening. If I go to a pro event I always bring along a backpack, in case I bring along extra jacket, and/or rain gear, binoculars, sun block sunglasses etc. or vice-versa, if it is cold to begin the day, but warms up, it is convenient to stuff the sweatshirts or jackets no longer needed into the pack, rather than carry in your hands. At Mariner’s games many folks bring backpacks, which are inspected by employees f the stadiums as you enter the venues. Up to this year, backpacks were allowed into Hawk games as well. I suppose everyone will adapt, however as prices, parking, food, commuting costs continue climbing, and home entertainment equipment within the comfortable confinement of the den makes for a more enjoyable, less expensive, experience, without long lines in the restroom, I imagine fewer people will WANT to adapt and conform to demands that make the experience more inconvenient and less enjoyable.

  20. @mudhead…….spoken like a true single guy that likely has no chance of ever having a girlfriend. Well done, thanks for a quick glimpse into your life. Also, please save the “I’m married” comeback, it will just make you look more pathetic. You’re not whipped though, right!?

  21. This is the most absurd thing the NFL has come up with yet to alienate the fans and a good argument for avoiding having to pay inflated prices to be disrespected; stay home! A person can still support their team by hosting a tailgate party or going with a group of friends to the local sports bar. I know of no concerts, casinos, professional baseball, basketball, or hockey venues, malls, or other large public venues where purses or bags are prohibited in the interest of public safety! Going to the game is a great experience but not worth the ever increasing cost(s) required by franchises/NFL braintrusts. When fans stop buying tickets and stadiums are looking empty, the NFL will revisit this rediculous policy.

  22. Lets not kid anyone. The NFL wants to prevent people from getting anything in that will keep them from the massively-overpriced concession stands. Anything they say otherwise is a cover.

  23. Child Please! They should know Atlanta women need a BIG satchel just for all the makeup.
    The last thing I want to see on my HD TV is a shot of women in Atlanta without a LOT of makeup.
    Cruel and unusual punishment for the viewer.
    Stop the Insanity!

  24. carlsbadboltfan says:
    Aug 10, 2013 8:26 PM
    Can’t speak for other teams, but Charger season ticket holders received one bag per seat. Think Philly did the same thing for their season ticket holders too.

    The Raiders did the same for my season tickets. Gave us a plastic bag, me and the wife packed it full of snacks and walked right into the Oakland Dallas game no worries at all..

  25. The falcons are giving the bags out for free whether you are a season ticket holder or not. I’m going on my 6th year and got a link to review the policy and then input my info and was sent 2 of the plastic bags with the nfl shield on the side. To test if they would send to non account holders, I had my buddy do it too and he had 2 bags sent to him too. As far as I’m concerned, those complaining simply don’t follow the news as it made national headlines and every team has to do it. I commend the falcons for picking up the tab for all of their fans.

  26. I’ve seen the saddle bags full pounds of useless crap that some women haul around everywhere, and find it all rather ridiculous, I’ve been a guy on this planet long enough to know that it’s really in your best interest to not mess with a woman’s purse. It’s an argument you are not going to win.

  27. ONLY problem with this was they really didn’t get the word out sufficiently. But some people in some areas need to grow up.

  28. The NFL just keeps giving fans reasons not to show up to games. Might as well avoid the hassles of high prices, security overkill, and unruly drunks to stay home with high def, loaded fridge and no bathroom lines.

  29. I suppose this all comes from the horrible attack that occured in Boston. But in the past there was a designated line a the Ga. Dome for people with bags which were looked at by security.

    It seemed to work. I’m sure they would notice a pressure cooker.

  30. NFL off/pre-season: bags, brainwashing, and bigotry. I stopped watching the NFL and my blood pressure has went down and I don’t get anxious if I’m ‘missing the big game’. It’s the sheeple that keep paying the inflated prices that keep the real fans away from the stadiums. Hmmm…watch on the big screen in your man cave or at the stadium with Bubba’s fat roll in your lap for 3-4 hours?

  31. I just don’t understand. If the nfl wants people to go to games, and have made it very public that they do, why install a rule that has no obvious benefit outside of inconvenience and embarrassment for the patrons they are trying to pander to?
    This is not a security issue as much as an alcohol/illegal substance deterrent.
    I haven’t brought a bag when I have gone to games but I certainly feel better in my decision to watch games from home.
    When is making enough money going to be enough money?

  32. Can you even imagine what the NFL’s next brilliant idea for alienating fans will be? They’ll probably hire some TSA screeners to do some body cavity searches of fans as they enter the stadium.

  33. Who wants to go to a game live anyway? Pay to park, pay for tickets, overpay for concessions, stand in line to pee and miss 1/4 of the game doing so, watch majority of the game on jumbotron, drink too much to drive out, if you travel a distance – pay for a room. If not, drive home w/ booze in your system. I’ll stay home, watch whatever game I want, when I want, and the NFL can hold my bag…

  34. Land of the free they said…

    The terrorists hate us because of our freedoms they said…

    Meanwhile at the gates of americas favorite sporting event you have to be transparent. To fly a plane you have to be groped by TSA Or radiated Iin the xray machine.

    Keep telling yourself you are free, and its not because of the terrorists folks. For cryin out loud we have the largest prison population on the planet by far. 50% of our paychecks go to some form of tax…

  35. The NFL will hide behind “security” but we all know they’re banning handbags b/c your lady friends can smuggle in booze into the stadium and they can charge you $9 for a cup of beer at the concession stands

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