Jeff Fisher: I lost respect for Bernie Kosar after he ripped the Rams

Rams coach Jeff Fisher no longer has respect for former NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar.

Kosar worked on the Browns’ local broadcast of their preseason game against the Rams, and he made several derogatory comments about the team. Kosar described the Rams’ receivers as “horrible,” suggested that the receivers’ parents should be “embarrassed,” described Rams receivers coach Ray Sherman as “not doing very good” and made some odd rambling comments about how little he thinks of Rams backup quarterback Kellen Clemens.

At his Saturday press conference, Fisher suggested that Kosar has personal problems.

“Bernie’s got his issues. They’re well-documented,” Fisher said.

Fisher said he doubts Kosar has done the kind of research that Fisher believes an announcer should do before opining about a team. And he said that while he still respects the Browns, he doesn’t think Kosar belongs in the Browns’ broadcast booth.

“I guess I’m a little disappointed,” Fisher said. “I feel bad for them that they had someone doing the broadcast who would feel the need to speak that way about players, specifically on our team, and coaches for that matter. I’m just surprised that Bernie has such a lack of respect for players and for this game. So I lost a lot of respect for him.”

Kosar was a popular player in Cleveland during his time with the Browns. It’s safe to say he’s not a popular man in St. Louis right now.

112 responses to “Jeff Fisher: I lost respect for Bernie Kosar after he ripped the Rams

  1. Anyone that watched the ESPN 30 for 30 on the U is probably wondering the same thing I am;

    How the hell did he get a broadcasting job?

    You can barely understand him anymore. It’s Lou Holtz bad

  2. As for these specific criticisms that Kosar is leveling: The Rams WRs ARE horrible. Tavon Austin is an excellent young prospect, but until he actually demonstrates competence at this level he’s still an unknown. Pettis is awful. Givens is a one trick pony. Cook is the king of overrated TEs and has done nothing in his career,people only think he’s good because he’s fast in Madden. In what world do we live in where Kellen Clemens isn’t a journeyman scrub? Hell, Kosar should have also called out Sam “Badd for Rams” Bradford for being an outrageously overpaid bust as well.

  3. I listened to the broadcast, and Bernie was a little more blunt than most color commentators but I thought it was refreshing and did explain what they were doing wrong. He wasn’t just blatantly calling them names, and insulting.

  4. We love you Bernie! The truth hurts sometimes. I watched the game. Super Bowl! F the steelers

  5. Should Bernie have said it on television….probably not, but it WAS on a regional broadcast for Browns fans.

    That said…he was simply stating facts (or at very worst, his WELL educated opinion)…the Rams receivers aren’t good and neither is Kellen Clemons! Bernie has always been one to tell it like it is, love him or leave him.

  6. Ive had no respect for fischer because be has like 7 winning seasons in 16 yrs of coaching, and he’s randomly considered a great coach. Why?!

  7. This is a sad story. I remember his playing days and his popularity in Cleveland. Quickly after his career was over things went very badly for Bernie, and at this point, his life is in a very bad place. I don’t know why the Browns would choose to put him on air. That is a dubious decision and should not have been made. There must be ways that the Browns can help Bernie, however they should be done privately, and clearly not in front of a mike.

  8. I wonder if all the concussions have impacted his ability to reason and think before speaking. He may legitimately not be able to help it. If that’s the case, he shouldn’t be on live broadcasts.

    Also in Bernie’s defense, the Rams are kind of terrible.

  9. Rams receivers aren’t horrible. Young and inexperienced, yes, but not untalented.

    Playcalling was vanilla, yes, but it was also the first preseason game.

    Clemens isn’t a good QB, but he still shouldn’t have ripped on him like that.

    A little dignity, Bernie, a little class.

  10. “Kosar […]suggested that the receivers’ parents should be ’embarrassed'”

    HAHA, he just gained some respect in my book!

  11. Maybe if Fisher worried more about the lack of talent on his team, than the Browns preseason color commentator, who by the way, is a freakin hero in Cleveland and has some severe post concussion issues that are well documented, then he wouldn’t have to make these sort of comments. What kind of NFL coach even gives a crap what the opponents tv crew is saying, especially in the preseason? Let’s just assume, Jeff, that Bernie knows a little more than you about what good QB and WR play is like, given that your pro playing career highlight is getting a Super Bowl ring with the Bears, despite spending the season in IR thanks to a hit from Bill Cowher.

  12. I watched that one too, however its hard to critisize someone when their analisys happened to be spot on. BK was calling their play book before they ran it.

  13. Who cares?!? We’re too sissified as a country. Bernie does 4 preseason games a year for the Cleveland market only. He isn’t on CBS or Fox every Sunday covering all teams. The Rams receivers sucked and dropped a ton of passes. I’m all for brutal honesty.

  14. Bernie probably shouldn’t have been so blunt, but he also ripped Jordan Cameron when the ball hit him in the hands and deflected. Either way, no one can deny he’s an amazing X and O guy who calls plays out before the snap. One of the best

  15. He’s doing the broadcast because he is very intelligent and understands the game. He had a lot of great things to say about Bradford too! He is brutally honest and has made the same comments about Browns players in the past. Fisher has a lot more to worry about than Bernie’s comments

  16. Bernie does cross the line sometimes but I enjoy listening to him on the air. He will talk about formations and looks pre-snap and educate you on the what the offense or defense is trying to do. With that said he needs to tone down on the derogatory comments. It’s not necessary.

  17. @fdugrad–you are an idiot plain and simple. BK has been the ‘color’ guy for years on TV in pre-season. His concussions have been well documented and the success with the new treatment he has had is amazing. BK is BLUNT and smarter than you and me combined—still! Unless you are familiar with the facts, (you appear ignorant), shut your pie hole!

  18. Since 2004, Jeff Fisher’s record is 61-66.

    I think he probably should have other things to worry about than the color man on a preseason game.

  19. In my opinion, it’s okay for the home team preseason color guy to be a bit of a shill. Bernie may have his warts but the majority of us Browns fans enjoy hearing him 4 times a year and that’s enough to justify his employment.

  20. It’s not as if Kosar pointed out that Fisher is the originator of the “bounty” program that he taught Gregg Williams. That’s certainly not relevant. If Fisher wasn’t a Goodell suck-up he’d be suspended indefinitely from the N F L.
    Besides, it’s the BROWNS & RAMS! Who cares.

  21. he needs to go to Hell. Bernie is a legend in Cleveland. one of the smartest QBs of all time. Blue collar man for a blue collar town. He’s entitled to his opinion.

  22. Before people rush to cite Bernie’s “personal issues” (which yes, he’s had many), understand this is the way he has always been. If you thought his criticisms were bad Thursday night, you clearly weren’t watching him do color commentary on a Pat Shurmur called game. Bernie calls it as he sees it, and if you ever saw him play the game he sees it pretty well. (Slowest and most awkward throwing motion in the past 30 years, but still did great until his arm injury)

    Keep calling it like you see it Bernie. Nobody in the media has the stones to do it!

  23. I didn’t see the alleged clip but if he did say the Rams receivers parents should be embarrassed he needs to look in the mirror. Apparently one of his daughters is a porn star.

  24. Also worth noting. I saw him call as Browns and Eagles preseason game and his lack of knowledge about anything outside of the Browns was pathetic. A lot of other teams have well informed people doing those broadcasts. The Eagles have Brian Baldinger who breaks down tape of all teams for a living and one year they had Greg Cosell up there who does the same.

  25. bernie is still the best offensive mind around
    anyone who watches the games will notice the bernie calls the defensive plays well before the play. he ripped the qbs for not noticing an easy blitz or coverage. Bernie may be no saitn but fisher is a complete colonoscopy bag.

  26. The Rams WR’s parents “should be embarrassed” hu h?

    Well,well,well….now isn’t that quite interesting, and hypocritical I might add.

    Did you know that Kosar’s daughter does PORN? Her screen name is Lexxi Silver. Did you also know that Kosar filed bankruptcy?

    I’m thinking YOU should be embarrassed Bernie.

  27. I am a Ram fan and the only reason I watched into the 4th quarter of this pre season game was because of Bernie’s drunken ramblings. Words don’t hurt anybody. He was funny.

  28. Embarrased Kosar? You should be embarrassed for having a daughter who’s a porn star. That’s right in case you guys don’t know….Kosars daughter is a porn star and her name is Lexxi Silver.

  29. If Bernie called something out it is more often than not pretty accurate. His health has drastically improved over the last 8-12 months, and I gather he is more clear headed now than ever.

    Point is he laced some biting comments with some tongue-in-cheek humor and Fisher got over-the-top upset.

    To me it’s rather telling that a “tough” HC like Fisher is commenting about how his feelings are hurt and he won’t be sending a Christmas card to Bernie.

    Better toughen up buttercup. Some tough divisional games this season.

  30. Any “parent” that has a daughter doing gangbang porn with a bunch of black guys, and filed bankruptcy after making tens of millions of dollars – is about the worst parent ever.

    Did this drunk Kosar think the graveyard in his closet was going to be ignored?

  31. I didn’t hear this broadcast but now I wish I had heard it. I love that brutal honesty coming from Kosar as long as the dude can back it. Refreshing.

    I’m more disguted with Fisher (Goodell’s boy) for making it personal by going after Kosar’s “issues”. If you didn’t like Kosar’s comments, fine just say so. No need to get nasty Fisher.

  32. He’s right though the Rams wrs are horrible… But the Rams as a team are much better than the god awful Browns. He should have ripped into the Browns but he wasn’t lying.

  33. Bernie seems to be thoroughly versed in both football and parental embarassment (causing and suffering from) so its not like he didn’t know what he was talking about…so I got to go with Bernie and say those WR parents should be embarassed…Bernie Bernie ooohhh baby how you can throw yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!

  34. To everyone calling him a bad father about his daughter doing porn, she is doing this same thing your daughter does on weekends. She just gets paid. And for the people that know her screen name, enjoy Mom’s basement on this Saturday night. I heard switching to the left hand helps…

  35. aaroncurryisbust says: Aug 10, 2013 9:09 PM

    As for these specific criticisms that Kosar is leveling: The Rams WRs ARE horrible. Tavon Austin is an excellent young prospect, but until he actually demonstrates competence at this level he’s still an unknown. Pettis is awful. Givens is a one trick pony. Cook is the king of overrated TEs and has done nothing in his career,people only think he’s good because he’s fast in Madden. In what world do we live in where Kellen Clemens isn’t a journeyman scrub? Hell, Kosar should have also called out Sam “Badd for Rams” Bradford for being an outrageously overpaid bust as well.
    Let me guess,you are a Seahawk fan.Not only that,you are clueless

  36. Memo to Cleveland Clowns fans, um how many Superbowls have you guys been to in the last 40 years? Try ZERO!!!

    Lets see how well your players and coaches do when the games are REAL! It’s PRESEASON, you didn’t hear Fisher or anyone else say the Clowns were sorry, so show some CLASS Bernie!

  37. First of all its hard for me to take anybody, seriously who’s name is BERNIE!!! However since Bernie opened his mouth, what exactly did you accomplish in your NFL career? No Superbowl appearances, you were on the losing end to John Elway in the AFC Championship game not once but twice. Lets not blame the fumble or the drive, lets blame the guy who is responsible for leading that offence which was you, and since they had no faith in you throwing the ball with the game on the line, they were forced to hand the ball off to a very tired RB and BERNIE did not hand the ball off cleanly as he should have. It’s called KARMA BERNIE!!! Do the Browns a favor, stay away from their team, facility, anything that has to do with them, and I guarantee when you do that, the city of Cleveland including the Browns will actually WIN A TITLE……but remember BERNIE-you need to stay far away from Cleveland for that to happen!!! Do we understand each other BERNIE???????????

  38. I have great respect for Kosar’s career, but not the man I heard last night. Here are some comparisons to make… Sorry Browns fans.

    Clemens (Rams QB3) vs Weeden (Browns QB1) is a close matchup. That’s how bad Weeden is.

    Trent Richardson, even though he didn’t play, is about 3x the halfback that any of the Rams one, admittedly. You guys got that one.

    Both Ram’s and Browns’ receivers are inexperienced and have high potential, but none of the Browns ones can stay on the field.

    I can’t even name the Brown’s TE. I wanna say Watson? I’d take Cook any day, even if he doesn’t have production from his potential.

    Bottom line, it’s preseason everyone! They are supposed to look bad. You get better from mistakes. Hopefully we can say the same about Kosar’s broadcasting.

  39. By the way, Clemens is not the guy who’s gonna be on the field. Bradford is, and he matched Weeden’s numbers with almost half the attempts. What does that tell us? That the first team Ram’s passing offense is about twice the Browns’.

    Congrats, Brandon Weeden and Brian Hoyer looked identical. You should have a QB battle.

  40. Kosar earned the right to make those comments after taking the Browns to all those Superbowls during his playing days.

  41. As far as I can tell, Kosar didn’t say anything wrong. The Rams receivers have sucked for years. so everyone involved with the receiving game/corp gets blamed.

  42. Well what do you expect from an idiot former brown…ask him how many Super Bowls do the browns have?

  43. He has suffered a lot of brain damage…I wonder why he is in the broadcast booth (I am a Browns fan and hear his incoherent thoughts every preseason…)

  44. The reason why Bernie is so damn entertaining to listen to when he calls a game is that he says what he thinks and doesn’t give the usual plastic “everybody’s awesome” analysis.

    And I doubt most fans have a problem with their local announcer trashing the opponent.

  45. I’m a Browns fan and respect the historic players of this franchise like Bernie, but its time to stop letting Bernie do the pre season games or any games at all. This team doesn’t need anymore bad light on them then they already have.

  46. The Browns fans would not know a good wr if they saw one,web slaughter ? Thats the best they ever had.Kosar is a stiff with a permanent.Jeff fisher is doing his job and sticking up for a great group of young wr’s and Kosar is a hater because he has blown millions and is doing radio for 500$ a week.

  47. It sounds like a lot of you haven’t seen too many Browns pre-season games. I don’t know if I could take him for a whole season, but I love Bernie in those games. The guy is a little blunt with his comments, but he also knows football and will point out where someone went wrong. Plus his comments sure make the 3rd and 4th quarters of those games more entertaining!

    Most of the time he is ragging on the Browns… we just happened to be playing some darn good football the other night. Bernie keep it up… I will have a beer with you anytime! Go Browns!!!

  48. Wow…there sure are a lot of Kosar fans on this thread. I suppose Brown fans feel it easier to defend the past rather than the present.

  49. I would put Clemens on the same level as whoever the Browns trot out as their qb this year. The Browns are the only unwatchable team in pro football for the last 20 years to me. Absolutely noting interesting about them.

  50. Need more announcers like Kosar not less. Nice to hear someone speak the damn truth and not super coat everything. Not everyone is great and amazing, GRUDEN. Keep saying what you feel and not what the NFL wants to hear.

  51. How dare Bernie make up such lies like the Rams starting recievers weren’t playing well when they were being blown out 20 to 3 and turning over the football or that Kellen Clemens was a horrible QB in New York.

    We all know neither of those opinions are no where near accurate. Right Jeff?

    The #1 sign that a coach should be on the hot seat is when a Cleveland Browns commentator with “well documented issues” can pick apart every play he calls down to what reciever the ball will be thrown to before they snap it.

    Rams fans shouldn’t be too upset, Bernie might be the Rams next head coach.

  52. I was forced to drive thru Cleveland to get home the week after September 11 and I happened to catch the Bernie Kosar show. I still remember that because he was so incoherent I wondered how he managed to make it to the studio. You can only imagine the stuff that was flowing out of his mouth that week. It was like the drunk uncle skit from Saturday night live.

  53. Maybe Fisher should worry about his club, instead of what Bernie was saying. The Browns were leading 17-0, with 10:00 to play in the second qtr. They didn’t score until the Browns starters on defense came out, and Bradford still in at QB.

  54. All the home broadcasters are like that. During the skins titans game Keith bulluck and Eddie George were talkin about the titans offense like it was the greatest show on turf 99 style

  55. I love Bernie, but MAN…I like him breaking down the game, the guy IS smart, but c’mon dude, that doesn’t sound like a good sport, professionally speaking…

  56. Generally speaking an announcer should BE
    unbiased. Don’t get me wrong, Bernie is the man but I feel those comments were disrespectful. Bernie is not the first announcer to rip a coach or player and he certainly won’t be the last.

    There has been numerous times when I couodn’t watch the Cleveland Pittsburgh game on TV but listened to it on the radio in the garage. The local country station I listen to here in Youngstown is Froggy 95.1 and they broadcast all Pittsburgh games. Now you should hear those announcers rip on our beloved Browns, whats the difference?

    Bernie said it on live TV and them goofy announcers say it on the radio. See my point! OK I am done preaching. Go Browns and Bernie!!!

  57. Pretty sad franchise if all these browns fans are calling him a legend!! Thought “legend” was reserved for HOF’s. it’s not like he got you to a Super Bowl

  58. Jimmy Johnson would say Bernie is one of the most intelligent players he has ever been associated with.
    Also, he completed his degree in finance and economics in three years at the U…impressive given time commitments to playing football

  59. If the Fisher is getting hurt over what he says he needs to get over. Bernie also said that the Browns safeties were slow and he also said that Jordan Cameron should of caught a ball that was thrown right at him. So Chud should be offended as well in that case.

  60. I am a lifelong Browns fan and always have had a lifelong dislike for Bernie Kosar. But I cannot believe everyone is surprised by his commentating. Improvisation has always been his achillies heel. Now like always, if it is not scripted for Kosar he is a clumbsy bumbbling mess as in his playing days.

  61. Jeff Fisher has the mentality of a cross between a high school football coach and a teenage girl. Why does anything Bernie Kosar says offend him? And was anything Bernie said not true? The comment about their parents being disappointed was a joke… get over it. Face the truth… The Ram’s WRs are not good. Bernie was right… and Bernie knew what routes they were running before they left the line of scrimmage. Does that make him ill prepared?? Jeff Fisher supposedly listened to the broadcast ( for what reason??) and though he heard a personal attack. His response? A personal attack on Bernie. Maybe Jeff should spend his time more wisely… then maybe he would be better than a .500 coach.

  62. mwitt5148 says:
    Aug 10, 2013 10:00 PM
    I didn’t see the alleged clip but if he did say the Rams receivers parents should be embarrassed he needs to look in the mirror. Apparently one of his daughters is a porn star.
    Exactly…so if anyone knows how embarrassed a parent should be, it’s Bernie. I doubt highly he’s happy with his daughter’s choice of professions.

    Also SMH at camdenyard and others who live in bad areas ragging on Cleveland. I feel safer in Cleveland at night than I ever did in Baltimore and that’s not saying a lot. It’s not like either of us live places people like to go on vacation (without having a handgun) for goodness sakes.

  63. The fact that this hack is considered a legend in Cleveland tells me all I need to know about Cleveland. The two deserve each other. LOSERS!!!

  64. You love you some you, Jeff Fisher! The third string special-teamer from the 85 Bears that is still riding the coat-tails of Buddie Ryan?? Mr. RayBan mullet boy? That Jeff Fisher??

    An average player and average coach living, the dream, is worried about the local broadcast during the first (road) preseason game?? He actually watches them?? Much more likely: One of his media cronies tipped him off …stirring that pot…

    Why don’t you worry about Arizona, San Francisco and Seattle, Jeff? Seems like you more than have your hands full there..instead of worrying about some honest comments by a local color commentator who was obviously playing to the home crowd TV audience..Sheesh…

  65. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Bernie might be a hero in Cleveland, and it must be the result of all his success in the NFL, remember all those Super Bowl victories Bernie? Ah yes the good old days of mediocre success in this league, Oh you say we didn’t win a Super Bowl, must be the brain meds I’m on. This is why Cleveland fan’s are so happy with mediocrity, they have Bernie as a hero, come on really. So sad

  66. Wait…didn’t your team lose TO THE BROWNS? Maybe Bernie wasn’t so far off on his comments. Just calling it like he sees it. I mean….they did lose TO THE BROWNS! The team that is always ranked bottom 3 in the NFL. Glass Houses Jeff Fisher…Glass Houses.

  67. Go home, Jeff, you’re drunk. If it weren’t for Steve McNair bailing you out in the ’99 playoffs nobody would even remember your name.

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