Niners activate Kendall Hunter

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The defending NFC champions have regained the services of one of their offensive players who tore an Achilles tendon.

While it’s not receiver Michael Crabtree (yet), the return of running back Kendall Hunter beefs up a potent depth chart at tailback.

The 49ers have activated Hunter from the physically unable to perform list, allowing him to return to practice.

Hunter appeared in 11 games last year, rushing for 371 yards as the backup to Frank Gore.  But Hunter could loses touches and reps this year to second-year second-rounder LaMichael James.

Eventually, they all have to worry about Marcus Lattimore, a rookie who is working hard to recover from torn ACL.

16 responses to “Niners activate Kendall Hunter

  1. Glad to see Hunter back. The guy plays hard every play. I would love to see them run their Pistol Bone with Gore, Hunter and James on the field together for a play here or there.

  2. Gore, hunter, James, Dixon, and Miller might be the best top to bottom battery in the league.

  3. Great to have Hunter back! He was playing well before his injury last year. Our run game should open up some passing lanes.

  4. Hunter was such a steal coming out of Oklahoma, having him, Gore, James, Dixon plus Lattimore waiting till his recovery is going to ensure a dominant run game for years to come.

    Everyone points to our “depleted” WR corp even though we lost ONE wide receiver, but they forget we are a run team first. Boldin, Manningham and Williams will step up and this offense is going to be lethal with Kaep under center.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  5. osiris33 says: Aug 10, 2013 4:54 PM

    The 49ers lead the league in guys coming off major injuries

    I guess we will see how susceptible the shehawks are to injury coming off all that adderall

  6. Having your excuses all lined up before the season even starts just shows that you already know how much better the Seahawks are.

    And you’re afraid.

  7. Seahawk fans are hilarious. Their team strings together half a good season, they beat the Niners once in the last two years, and suddenly they think they’re the next dynasty. How about winning a single Super Bowl first, huh?

  8. What have the Niners done lately? Back to back NFC West Champs!! Oh is that it? Exactly they went to back to back NFC Championship games…they lost one and won the other. Is that it? No they actually went to the Super Bowl with a back up QB who played his 10th game in the NFL and almost won it all. Wow, that’s impressive. So the 49ers are consistent and are very relevant. But seriously, who are the Seahawks? They act like they won an NFC Championship game or something. Oh they’re just some hype self entitled team that’s trying to catch up to the 49ers. But Seahawks fans sure do talk a lot of smack and haven’t won anything since they were in the NFL. That is true!

  9. Niners: Division title last two years
    Hawks: Uh… it’s been a while

    Niners: NFC went to Super Bowl last year.
    Hawks: Uh… it’s been a while.

    Niners: Won five of last six head-to-head games.
    Hawks: Won one of last six head-to-head games.

    Niners: 9 players elected by NFL players to top 100
    Hawks: 5 players elected by NFL players to top 100

    Niners: Fans celebrate substance of repeated trips deep into post-season.
    Hawks: Fans make a lot of noise.

    Yep. Hawks are clearly the superior team…. Oh look, a pig just flew past my window!

  10. Can’t wait to beat you punks down again in week 2. 42-6 when we called off the dogs in the 4th quarter…you better pray you don’t lose to GB in week one or you’re opening the season 0-2…book it.

  11. That was a horrible spot the niners were in when we lost to Seattle last year. Kap just played a huge prime time game at NE and won then had to travel to Seaatle who was on fire and in do or die mode to make the playoffs while SF was already in the post season. Don’t forget it was week 16 and Kap was only in his 6th start and we got down 21-0 in 1st Q after a blocked FG for a TD. Vernon Davis gets hurt and Mario Manningham in that game and Justin Smith sat out this game after getting hurt the week before.

    I know it’s a bunch of excuses but damn that was a rough spot for a young QB playing in the noise enhanced Quest stadium.

    Week 2 we will get revenge and be 4-1 against Seattle since Harbaugh took over.

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