Report: Geno Smith has mild ankle sprain


On Friday night, Jets quarterback Geno Smith rolled his ankle.

It’s a sprain, but according to Rich Cimini of it’s minor.

Smith, who said himself after the preseason game against the Lions that the injury wasn’t serious, isn’t expected to miss much time.

The rookie from West Virginia University completed six of seven passes for 47 yards before twisting his ankle in the third quarter of Friday night’s game.

Mark Sanchez got the start.  Smith was expected to start the next preseason game; it’s unclear whether the injury will affect it.

24 responses to “Report: Geno Smith has mild ankle sprain

  1. Any update on if the DC will change from Mark Sanchez/Geno Smith to Geno Smith/Mark Sanchez? I’m just on the edge of my seat waiting to see what this exciting football program will do next.

  2. Look, anyone who’s ever had an ankle sprain knew that it wasn’t bad based on how quickly he got up and how he acted afterward. Yet all the media talking heads still pretended that it was a devastating injury so that they could continue the hysteria-driven Jets media narrative in which everything’s a story, everything’s a disaster, everything deserves front-page coverage. I mean, after the game, Sanchez’s pick-6 and Geno’s mild ankle sprain (in the first preseason game, mind you!) were the #3 story on espn dot com. I mean, it’s a joke.

  3. Glad it wasn’t a serious injury. If he can’t get the starting job it needs to be for a reason other than an injury.

  4. @green41563
    Your 100% correct. They are a NYC team with a big mouth coach they bring this upon themselves. They are not victims of ” media bias”! They are a decent story in one of the if not the largest media market in the world. Get over it

  5. @buffalobills716

    I’m not sure which is more sad/hilarious. The fact that you’re a Bills fan or the fact that you’re a BlackBerry user..

    On second thought, it’s probably the fact you feel the need to express your fandom (and phone choice) on a Jets thread.


  6. So far the only QB on the Jets who’s looked good is McElroy. Why not give him a real shot? OH because that would make Ryan and the front office look like chumps.

  7. I really don’t understand why everyone dumps on the Jets. Sure they can’t play football, but they are hands-down the best circus in town. Entertainment is entertainment no matter how you cut it.

  8. The best QB on that team right now is McElroy anyway, and the showed it Friday night, but he’ll never be given a chance, and there’s 8 million reasons why.

  9. Bigger bust of the two has to be Sanchez. He was the 5th overall pick of the 2009 draft! Geno hasn’t even played his rookie season yet. Gotta wait until the 2015 season before you call him a bust, but I’ll go ahead and call it now.

  10. The Jet’s defense will bring Brady down. Coples would do it. Frist they will beat TB, and then NE. Miami’s new pass rusher isn’t going to do anything, except over run the QB. The Bills are going down. Jet’s defense will save the day.

  11. I’m glad it’s nothing serious. McElroy was playing against third stringers(aka might be out of a job very soon) so he should look pretty. I’m not saying he stinks but when he had his chance last year, he didn’t look that great.

  12. Point taken, but he also had a third string offense to work with. Sanchez will work his way out of the starting job, no doubt, all that has to happen is for him to get some pressure and he’ll either be intercepted or fumble, he’s not smart enough to be a QB in the NFL. This is it for him with the Jets one way or the other, he won’t be back next year, and if Geno doesn’t prove to be the real deal, the Jets will get someone else, but Sanchez is done in NY after this season, make book on it.

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