Report: Ravens to sign receiver Brandon Stokley

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Brandon Stokley caught three passes for 52 yards and a 38-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Trent Dilfer in helping lead the Baltimore Ravens to their first Super Bowl victory in a 34-7 win over the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXXV.

Thirteen years later, Stokley is returning to the place where his career began.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens plan to sign Stokley to a contract that will bring their former fourth-round draft pick in 1999 back to the organization.

Stokley caught 45 passes for 544 yards and five touchdowns last season for the Denver Broncos. However, Stokley became a redundant piece for Denver following the signing of Wes Welker.

Stokley should add some veteran stability to a largely unproven group of receivers for Baltimore behind Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones.

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  1. The man has some hands. Put the ball anywhere around him and he comes down with it. The Ravens only let him go because he was so fragile. I’m sure he hasn’t gotten more robust with age. I hope he catches a few before he limps off.

  2. Stokley is crazy underrated, dude came of the street for Seattle in 2010 and instantly caught everything Matt Hasselbeck chucked at him, even balled in the playoffs vs the Aints.

  3. Delhomme to Stokley for the raging cajuns is one of the most underrated college qb wr combos in history too. Stokley walked on to the team. Delhomme was pressed into action as a freshman when 4 QBs ahead of him were ineffective or injured.

  4. I love the move for the Ravens…how the heck does Ozzie always find the perfect fit! Ozzie if you are reading this you shock me everytime!

    How can you go wrong with a guy that was successful under Jim Caldwell, knows the offense, is a true pro, has awesome hands and is as reliable as they get?

    That’s how you bring a little stability to a WR core…this guy was doing it in the AFC Championship game last year! Geeeeezzzzzzzzz….

    Just another example of the benefit of being a class organization with great coaches…these guys know which players are TRUE professionals and fit the systems they have ran in the past…

    Ie. Don Martindale endorses the Dumervil and Daryl Smith signing. Jim Caldwell brings in Stokely. Steve Spagnuolo brings in Canty and suggests the Spears signing because he saw him twice a year when he was with the GMen. You know the Ravens are just tough as heck to play chess with!

  5. As a Bronco fan, I hate to see Stokley gone…he’s a very decent player and absolutely underrated. He always finds a way to get open….good luck Stoke…

  6. He scored the first TD in Ravens SB history. He made an unbelievable TD catch against the Ravens last year. Great signing. Proves that Ozzie IS a genius and Steelers are asleep at the switch, the train running off the track and straight down to the AFCN basement.

  7. does this tip us that Deonte Thompson will miss lee evans time? i really wanna see our young guys get some work via Doss,Thompson,mellette & the unfrafted guy from ga. and t streeter

  8. Solid, non-flashy, lunch pail professional. He’s like the Kelly Gregg or Jarrett Johnson on offense. I don’t expect much, but he’ll do whatever the Ravens ask him to do. He definitely fits the Harbaugh mold of a player he wants on the team.

  9. i dont know steel. as a 3rd receiver last year he caught 45 balls and had 5 tds. his biggest issue has always been health. and he catches pretty much anything thrown to him. hope u are well

  10. Youarejealousofsixrings you may want to change your screen name/pseudonum:

    Steelers six NFL championship rings in 80 years
    one championship per every 13.2 years

    Ravens two championships in 17 years
    one championship per every 8.5 years
    Winner Baltimore

    Baltimore NFL Football Five Championships in 47 years one championship per every 9.2 years
    Winner: Baltimore

    Not jealous

  11. scoobs, Health is always the biggest concern for any team. It was for the steelers last year. I see stokley as plax. Both can contribute a little (but not much) as both are past their prime. Just stirring the pot a little on the r thread, just like some raven fans do on the steeler thread. hope ur well too.

  12. Excellent signing. They won’t have to pay his insurance premiums as medicaid has kicked in.

    It’ll be fun watching Ziggy Hood drop back and cover this guy step for step.

  13. How is this old dude going to run routes with his walker? Or are they going to let him ride his Lark?

  14. Wow sounds like the ravens are desperate. I meen he is great but old I guess they are missing a couple guys for flaco to close his eyes and throw a lob to. He is a classy guy I boubt he will give u any secrets to help u win in week one..

  15. I like Stokely a lot but I have to ask – if the Ravens needed a possession receiver why didn’t they keep Boldin? Boldin plays the same role as Stokely but he does it 100 times better.

  16. Don’t get me wrong. I think the Ravens typically make some very good personnel decisions that usually wind up paying off for the team.

    However, how does signing a 13? year, slow and fragile receiver make Ozzie Newsome a genius? And, if this were any other team in the league making this move, would Raven fans call that team desperate? My guess is they would. As a matter of fact, this signing would signal a sign of desperation to me, as a fan, given the fact that we traded our best option for third downs, our best receiving TE is gone for this season, and maybe his career with a hip injury, and our veteran receiver, who we hoped would fill the void, showed up to camp out of shape and proved in practice and our first preseason game that he doesn’t have the skill to be a third down, move the chains, slot guy in Jacoby Jones. This is what the rest of the NFL would call “throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing if it sticks.”

  17. I was hoping they’d just rely on the talent we already had but oh well, I’m sure it’s not costing us much, probably the league minimum. Go Ravens!

  18. Good solid veteran pickup. Almost wish the Pats had grabbed him but the y lung guys seem to be working out so far and I don’t think he’d make the final roster.

    Nice move by the Ravens.

  19. Not earth shaking, but should help some. Still need to find a good #2 WR.

    It’s understandable Steeler trolls prefer to focus on this move after watching their own pathetic display against the Giants.

  20. miamisaint3255 says:
    Aug 10, 2013 8:39 PM
    Delhomme to Stokley for the raging cajuns is one of the most underrated college qb wr combos in history too. Stokley walked on to the team. Delhomme was pressed into action as a freshman when 4 QBs ahead of him were ineffective or injured.
    “Jake & Bake”…they were nice together! Fox I think or maybe McCoy said JD was always trying to get Carolina to sign Stokley. Too bad they never did. They had only one year with 3 good enough Wrs when JD was there (03) and most of the time JD was there it was pretty much #89 and no one else as even a decent #2.

  21. Ziggy might as well drop into coverage cause he sure can’t stop the run or pressure the qb. What a terrible draft pick. It’s not surprising though, your gm is Colbert. You won’t admit it but I know you’re embarrassed for him and your team as of late.

  22. @rottenbelly, you must be new to the game of football – welcome! Here’s an education for you: 1) in a 3-4 defense, the D-line is not expected to get to the QB, 2) one 8-8 season does not bring embarrassment to Steeler fans, 3) Colbert has orchestrated multiple SB teams, so I think he might have had a few good draft picks in there, and 4) assuming you’re a Ravens fan, Oz drafted Kindle and Cody for the first two picks one year – pure brilliance.

  23. So will you explain to me how a 3-4 D-end led the league in sacks last season? You do realize the all time sack leader played in a 3-4 practically his whole career right? Last year was embarrassing, but not quite as much as the prior year. It’s better to miss the playoffs than lose to the Tebow-led broncos in the WC round. I would put Cody in the same category as Hood, a BUST.

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