Rex Ryan: I wasn’t watching the Jets’ offense


Asked after the game about his team’s quarterback competition, Jets coach Rex Ryan had an easy way to avoid committing one way or the other: He said he wasn’t paying attention.

Ryan said he was mostly focused on the defense in Friday night’s preseason loss to the Lions, and so he doesn’t have a strong opinion about how the offense played.

“I had my own issues on the other side of the ball, so I really never focused a whole lot when he was in there,” Ryan said of rookie quarterback Geno Smith, according to the New York Post.

When reporters asked Ryan about Mark Sanchez throwing an interception that was returned for a touchdown on the Jets’ first possession, Ryan said he didn’t see that throw, either, although he did look up in time to see Detroit rookie Ziggy Ansah running into the end zone.

“We’ll see it on tape. You guys probably saw more plays than I did,” Ryan told reporters.

You’d think the head coach would want to pay attention to his team’s quarterback battle, which very well may shape the future of the franchise. But perhaps Ryan is just going to ignore the situation and let John Idzik make the decision.

118 responses to “Rex Ryan: I wasn’t watching the Jets’ offense

  1. This isn’t a story. A lot of coaches in preseason don’t look at one side of the ball in a preseason game. That’s what coaches tape and your coordinator are for. Rex Ryan screwed up a LOT of things – this just isn’t one of them.

  2. I’m a jets fan and I can’t stand Rex. That being said, evaluation of in game performance is done in the film room – not on the sidelines with distorted views and angles. To say he isn’t interested in the QB battle is beyond ridiculous. Don’t forget – preseason is for the coaches as well. If Rex is going to be coaching up the defense come September, then that’s what he should be doing on now as well.

  3. I truly believe Rex Ryan has been told he’ll be canned at the end of the season, and he’s auditioning for his next job, which is as a defensive coordinator for another team. No sane head coach would have these defense-only blinders if he thought his overall performance mattered.

  4. Got to love when a HC in the NFL doesn’t think he needs to evaluate his 2nd round draft pick, rookie QB during the preseason!


  5. The HC wasn’t watching the game? And this is one of many reasons why he will be fired. But it is the Jets so he may get an extension. What a joke of an organization.

  6. what the hell your not a D coordinator anymore your a head coach just saying that i would fire him in the preseason screw it, he wont change Rex its YOUR offense as well you idiot and you see from a different prospective on the sidelines to on tape even a high school football coach knows that….

  7. Geno played well, better than Sanchez I’d say. I’d be more worried about their first overall pick getting burnt on several plays i saw last night.

  8. Close your eyes, and try to imagine head coach C. of The Giants saying the things and taking the same approach. Perhaps that is why one of them has two SB wins and will be in the HOF, and the other is simply a clown in a circus.

  9. Don’t kid yourself. He knows exactly what is going on. He chose to use being the DC as An excuse to not talk about it after the game. With his job on the line the simple reality is if he goes with Geno there is really no going back to Sanchez. If he goes with Sanchez then if things go bad he can create excitement by changing to Smith. Either way he is gonna have to be really good on defense and be able to run the ball to save his job because neither QB can carry that team without any help at WR.

  10. Well as I have been saying for a long time ago, he is not fit to be a head coach. He doesn’t have the knowledge or the smarts, and he doesn’t seem to have the ability to teach and get the most out of his players. Maybe on some of the defensive positions and assignments, but he’s in way over his head with all of the responsibilities that come with the job and there aren’t many elements of anything of the role that he excels at.

    What does he do well?!?!?

  11. I have a feeling that “Mr. Bluster’s” offense is going to be very offensive this year – that is for him to have to watch.

  12. He seen more then he is letting on, he just don’t want to answer QB questions. Start the season with Mark and after 15 turnovers by him turn to Geno to get his some experience. This season won’t amount to anything, third place at best.

  13. McElroy had the better game than Sanchez and Geno. He threw down field oppose to chip downs like Geno and sanchez for the mist part

  14. Dear Non-Jets Fans:

    Since your team will be in the Super Bowl, we appreciate your concern, time here to blog, and suggestions helping Rex.

    Your team is going to the SB, right?

  15. Ha ha ha. What an idiot coach. And the owner who keeps him as head coach is too. And I thought my Dolphins idiot owner was bad. Woody is the worst! As much as I hate the Jets, their fans deserve better then this.

  16. Even Mike Singletary was smart enough to tell the media, he needed to look at the film. (Which was his go-to response for everything)

  17. i dont have a problem with this at all. the jets have only 4 starters returning on the d. plus, the jets had the most success when rex was completely running the defense his first two years. offenses are vanilla in the preseason so whatever.

    but anyway, this is a story because its the jets.

    “ZOMG! I CANT BELIEVE REX SAID THAT!” -avg pft commenter every single day.

  18. Mangini started an honest rebuild that would be contending right now. Rex turned it into a freaked out side show.

  19. This is like a defensive coordinator saying he didn’t watch the linebackers..this guy is straight delusional if he things this is the way you win football games.

  20. For once, I’m going to side with Rex.

    He knows he no longer has a say in who plays, that Idzik is flexing his muscle, and he’s setting this season up as a “don’t blame me” situation when the offense fails miserably. No, Ryan sees the writing on the wall and is focusing on the defense so he’ll quickly get a gig when the inevitable happens and he gets canned.

    Dude is already starting his rehab tour, before he’s even fired, and I can’t blame him.

    Geno Smith showed last night that he’s no threat to Sanchez, which is bad news all the way around for the Jets – and John “I have a say in all decisions” Idzik

    Gonna be a rough season for you Yets fans.

  21. “But perhaps Ryan is just going to ignore the situation and let John Idzik make the decision.”

    It would seem so, as saying that he wasn’t paying attention is kind of a pouting statement, sorta like sticking your fingers in your ears when you were like 6.

  22. I thought their starting O looked pretty good. Keeley continues developing and Winslow showed some agility and balance on a nice sideline catch. Anyone impressed with Clyde Gates also? Don’t be like the idiots who post on every article to rip on teams without ever watching the teams play.

  23. Ryan knew the media would blow the Sanchez INT out of proportion, ditto Smith ankle injury. Saying he didn’t watch offense vis a good way to deflect the who has the QB edge questions.

  24. this is a perfect example of why he shouldnt be a head coach. if its really that hard to pay attention to offense as well then go be a defensive coordinator somewhere.

  25. This guy is an absolute idiot for admitting as much to the media, and of course it’s easy to roast Rex Ryan over this (stick the apple in his mouth)…

    …but let’s keep in mind that in the preseason, you’re just trying to coach the players, not the game. Rex’s defense was on the field first and forced the Lions to punt after 15 yards, he might very well have been deliberating which of the veterans he had seen enough from and which guys were on the bubble and needed at least another series.

    And be honest with yourselves, Rex is a great defensive coach, but he could only do what the rest of us do when we watch Sanchez turn the ball over…”Hey Mark…you suck!”

  26. of course this is a story one of his biggest issues was not watching or paying attention to the offense and yet hes in the last yr of his contract and is willing to rely on yet another OC to manage that side of the ball

  27. Pathetic how all you sheep are just taking in the media narrative and regurgitating it. Ryan is a great HC and he deserves better than the NY tabloid media and their obvious Giants/Yankees agenda. Ryan makes that team exponentially better and the Jets would be idiots if they get rid of him. Now that he actually has a competent OC, we will see what his team looks like.

    And I love how you idiots all cry about Ryan not sounding like a HC because he focuses on one side of the ball. Ask Sean Payton about the finer points of defense. Good coaches can delegate and staff assistant coaches to support them. Ryan brings an elite defense, tough mentality and accountability to a team that had none of the above under every one of their “coaches” since Tuna.

    But Ryan gives some idiot reporter a non-statement and he twists it to mean something else. The tabloid journalism in sports is appalling.

  28. I’m not a jet fan, none the less I think QB mark is a benching waiting to happen the little he had to give has been taken through fans, media etc… Try again else mark.

  29. If Ryan is lying to duck the topic, that’s lame.

    And if Ryan is telling the truth – that’s unreal that an NFL Head Coach would ignore the GLARING area of need that will make his team sink or swim, not to mention his own future with the team. That actually might just be worse.

  30. He should be interested in seeing what’s happening in QB position. Unless he already plans for his usual loser to repeat as starter. The owner is an idiot for keeping him this long. Makes the Dolphins owner looking great by comparison.

  31. Is he trying to get fired? This is right up there with Billy Joe Hobert not knowing the play book in Buffalo, but he was a third string QB not a head coach

  32. O no jets haters and “jet fans” the sky is falling. It’s preseason ,c’mon guys most coaches pay more attention to one side of the ball in preseason. This is not a story just someone wanting to try to add fuel to fire. In a 1st meaningless preseason game Give it a break.

  33. I fail to see the problem. Rex told us he will be involved in the defense this year. This is why game film exists, which is also where all evaluations will be done for all teams.

  34. As a Jets fan, I hate to say it, but I’m done with Rex Ryan. He’s a great Defensive Coordinator, but a poor Head Coach. He doesn’t know how to give out the canned, normal, standard, no-information kind of answers to reporters’ questions. He says something dumb instead. If he wasn’t watching the offense, then here’s my question for him: when the offense was on the field, what were you watching then? The defense sitting on the bench?

  35. Unkrautsalat is right, its the preseason. Rex was probably focused on monitoring and correcting the defense. There’s nothing that happens during the game that you can’t catch on tape the next day.

  36. Reminds me of Lovie. Had a great D but could never get the O right and it up costing him his job even though he had a much better W-L record

  37. If I was the owner I would fire this Clown now. To say what he said is inexcusable no mater what. You are the HC of an NFL team man. !!!!!!!!!! We all know this won’t happen because the owner is just as clueless and ignorant as his HC. I am not a jet fan but to treat this position like this burns me up. I myself. I think Rex has really realized that its hopeless situation as is slowly coming undone. Stay tune…

  38. Report: Rex wasn’t watching the Jets’ blunder of an offense because he was being distracted by fast food advertisements around the stadium

  39. Through it all, I’ve never really thought Rex was a great coach, but I also haven’t felt that he’s done much to justify firing (other than the Tebow mess last year, which one could argue was more Tannenbaum than Rex)

    Not this time. You weren’t paying attention? To one of the most important position competitions on your- or any- team? The position on which your fortunes and job security will rise and fall? The one you get harassed by the media about every day?

    I know the word ‘flabbergasted’ is overused around here, but it’s the best word for the situation. I’d fire his ass on the spot if he doesn’t care more about his job and the team’s stability at QB than that. Let someone who gives a damn try to salvage this mess.

  40. I knew the Lions were on to something when they put up the sign for “2 for 1, pedicures”.

  41. One thing I noticed with the Ravens vs Bucs is that both coaches were looking at the teams, during heavy rain fall, and writing down notes. For Rex to not pay attention is really stupid or a way to avoid the media.

    No matter what he looks like an idiot, that response just leads all of us to believe he’s not meant for HC(never was). Still feel bad for jets fan who has a coach who doesn’t care about offense.

  42. I get that Rex’s stock is down right now, but he is 34-30 with 4 playoff wins as a HC.

    He said a dumb thing (he does frequently) but it’s a stretch to say he’s not HC material.

    The fact is he’s had one losing season as a HC. He at least deserves a chance to turn the ship around, and coach a team that doesn’t have Mark Sanchez as QB.

  43. This will be a theme all year with Rex Ryan. He’s no fool, he sees Black Monday coming already…

  44. Rex was watching. He just messed with the press in a way that was beyond Belichick. I hate Rex but that was a cool move. What is next the Jedi mind trick?

  45. Here what he missed.. Sanchez looked terrible on the first drive.. Looked good on the second. He was inconsistent. Same as always. Geno threw check downs and didn’t make the big mistake. Just like in college. Except he didn’t have Tavon Austin to pad his stats with YAC. There is still a month until the regular season. But, it looks like Sanchez is likely to become the opening day starter. Which makes everyone who is not a Jets fan pretty happy!

  46. It is called clock and game management. That is why Jason Garrett lost his control over calling offensive plays cause he wasn’t watching or concentrating on the game as a whole. If Rex wants to be just a defensive qb and not a head coach, he needs to wait a year, maybe not that long.

  47. For those who are saying “It’s just the preseason, no big deal” – that might be fine if the Jests had a record of great play, and their offense was performing great. But the team has been on a horrible spiral of incompetence, and leading that has been their joke of an offense. This is a bad, bad sign.

  48. Of course PFT neglects to mention that Rex is calling the plays on defense. And the fact that he can spend all day and night watching film of both sides of the ball. This is such a non-story. The media has it out for the Jets you could see it with the sideline interviews. Backhanded compliments left and right Ferguson even pointed it out and you could see he was annoyed. It’s the Jets vs. the world.

  49. I just don’t understand, the defense isn’t the only part of the team the offense is too. Especially when we have a QB COMPETITION which could determine our season. I’ve backed Rex for the past two years now but after this I just realized that he’s giving up on the team and auditioning for a DC job. Please football gods just give us Sumlin or Gruden after this season PLEASE.

  50. Being a Pats fan I suppose I should be happy that a
    Div rival HC seems to be imploding, but I’m not. I would much rather see a competent HC with a competitive team. It’s actually kinda sad to them in such disarray.

  51. It’s funny how the haters still hate on My Raiders with mess like this in the NFL…..LOL, haters hate on!

  52. 85 comments on a complete non story it was a deflection answer. ..ugh only the Jets get this kind of reaction amazing

  53. Your the head coach you idiot that’s what u get paid millions for. This guy is a joke I think the jets took over the browns for the worst NFL team. I didn’t know the offense and defense play at the same time so how can’t u watch the offense at all.

  54. I’m sure that’s a lie, just like when sandy Reid said he couldn’t hear the boos and “Fire Andy” chants. That said, Idzik should dress him down (sorry for that visual) for the comment.

  55. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.

    I have this image of Rex holding his hands over his eyes during the game and going “la la la la la la la la la la la la” as loudly as possible through all 4 quarters.

  56. Did anybody else see rob Ryan? Go to dead spin and look at him…he must weigh over 400 pounds.

    Also, that throw by Sanchez would seal the deal for me. No way in hell Rex didn’t notice it. What a bafoon. If I were the coach i would have brought Sanchez his briefcase.

  57. I was in Rex Ryan’s corner until I read his response. I think it’s just time to move on. Rex Ryan is not Head Coach material. Time to bring in Jon Gruden. Pay Gruden whatever he wants. We need a real Head Coach.

  58. How is this guy still an NFL head coach, or even just a coach? every circus needs its ring leader I suppose…

  59. This smells of front office issues. That answer was purely self-defense. Total lack of responsibility.

    This guy is a shell of his former self. I want the old Rex back.

  60. Nice to see some other team and fans suffering other than my Raiders. The Jets from the owner on down to the coach are really a laughingstock. What a comment by a head coach who really has not been watching anything except his ego on this team. Why they did not let Rex go after the 2012 season is beyond me. Everyone has the Raiders last in the league this year, but I beg to differ. The Raiders will over perform and the Jets will get the first pick in the 2014 NFL draft.

  61. HOF “reality check” for NY Giant Coach C.” TWO SB victories, winning %age 559. Former Coach, and HOF MEMBER, Bill P. TWO SB victories, 570 winning %age. I’d say the thought of Coach C. being inducted into the HOF when he retires is a pretty fair prediction and FAR, FAR from a wild one requiring a “reality check.”

  62. taintedsaints2009 says:Aug 10, 2013 11:29 AM

    Did anybody else see rob Ryan? Go to dead spin and look at him…he must weigh over 400 pounds.

    Who are you, Joan Rivers??????

  63. I don’t recall ever hearing Don Shula, Vince Lombardi, Bill Walsh Chuck Noll or (enter your own coaches name) ever stating that they weren’t paying attenion to what their offense/defense was doing during a particular game, preseason or otherwise. But then it’s Rexy so anything is possible.

  64. bucsfan5000 says:Aug 10, 2013 2:14 PM

    When they fire Rex they’ll have a hard time finding a new coach because nobody will want to join that circus.

    You mean if the Jets hire a true football guy, like Gruden, or someone who knows the game they’ll still be a circus??
    I thought Rex made the team a circus??

    Oh a Bucs fan, nevermind.

  65. The head coach should be paying attention to everything, especially in the preseason when there are cuts to be made and position battles to be sorted out. These final decisions are made by the head coach in most cases and for him to not pay attention to his offense, especially with the issues they have at QB, shows why he probably won’t be a head coach for much longer.

  66. Rex has never watched his Offense or he would realize they suck.

    Explains the bravado from first 4 years.

  67. Wrecks is an excellent example of the Peter Principle…

    He knows he’s gone – most likely before the end of the season – and does the absolute minimum to ensure a reasonable shot as a DC or defensive assistant…

  68. For all the Jets fans saying it’s Jets vs. the World, I’d just like to point out that after a pick six, or butt fumble, or whatever Sanchez decided to do on the field, it’s World 7 – Jets 0.

  69. rex needs some fire like his dad buddy had. will never forget the time buddy was with the oilers and went after the oilers OC kevin gilbride, classic!

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