Riley Cooper: I didn’t pay attention to the fans


Eagles receiver Riley Cooper says he doesn’t know whether fans booed or cheered him in the preseason opener, which came nine days after video surfaced of Cooper using a racial slur.

Cooper caught one pass for 19 yards, and he said afterward that he was told the fans cheered him then. But he says he was blocking out the crowd noise and therefore doesn’t know if the fans in Philly are supporting him.

I didn’t pay attention,” Cooper said, via “I know I had that one catch and people said it was a good reaction.”

The home team’s fans will always cheer the player who’s helping their team, so any time Cooper makes a 19-yard catch, he can expect to hear cheers in Philadelphia. A bigger question is how Cooper will be treated when he plays on the road.

Cooper did say that he was glad to be back on the field after a week and a half in which he was sent away from the team for a few days after he became the subject of intense scrutiny and harsh criticism.

“I felt great,” he said.

That’s something Cooper hasn’t been able to say very much over the last week and a half.

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  1. He had a nice 1st down catch last night and I couldn’t tell if the fans were booing or saying “Coooop” like the Green Bay fans do for Kuhn..

    It sounded like the latter – it was mixed with applause.

  2. If you had just returned from a mission to outer space and heard nothing of the whole controversy and simply watched the game last night, you would never had known anything happened.

    There was no booing or extraordinarily loud cheering. There were no cheap shots taken at him, or excessive trash talking incidents from opposing players. No one appeared to confront him before or after the game. (I am working under the assumption that the cameras would have seized upon any incidents had they occurred).

    So apparently NFL players and fans are more capable of keeping things in proper perspective than the media gives them credit for. Riley Cooper’s career isn’t over, and no one is going to try and kill him on the field.

    Can we just move on now?

  3. I was at the game, nobody really boo’d when he made the catch. Some people cheered and some people just sat there. Time to move on was last week but I guess now would do. The players seem to be behind him, therefore, I am. His teammates are the ones who have to deal w them so if they can move past this, so should we all.

  4. ANOTHER article on a guy who was moved up the depth chart due to injury and said one stupid thing. Hopefully, when the season begins, the media will have their hands full with real stories.

  5. Well said Eatitfanboy

    The sports media and the regular media which owns them are worthless. The world would be better off with just independent journalism instead of this corporate owned bunch of talking heads.

  6. Desparate media!!! The fans have moved on at least a week ago and so did the players. Not the media isn’t that funny??? Stunner!

  7. I was surprised when the Eagles brought in a convicted felon. I was disappointed when they allowed a deadbeat dad to stay on the team. But this? A guy who said a bad word?

    I can’t accept this.

  8. Clearly no one in the media ever got drunk and said something dumb that they regret. Clearly.

    I know you people think ” a page view is a page view”…but it really isn’t.

  9. I guess we can cue up all the “Tebow is a racist ’cause he’s shaking hands with Cooper” comments now.

  10. Please a drunk redneck said the n word at a country music contest. This shouldn’t even be news what a waste of 2 weeks of BS how many football players at a rap concert say the say thing and use cracker and red neck Big deal get over it it just doesn’t matter

  11. thingamajig says: Aug 10, 2013 2:55 PM

    Fans have moved on, when’s the media?


    Same reason the guy who runs this website won’t talk about how god awful Tebow looked last night.

    It won’t piss anyone off.

  12. wait the fans did not drown him with boos? obviously a racist crowd who all must be sent to reeducation…. sensitivity training to ensure they understand the great crime against humanity that cooper did and they supported by not expressing the proper disgust with. or they could have been there to watch a football game and are tired of hearing about this non story.

  13. Even though this story is well beyond it’s use by date, it finally is a story involving Philly fans that’s FROM THIS CENTURY!

  14. Success changes everything. If Riley strives to become one of the best, people will for the most part forget.

  15. Really??!! Let’s face it … he behaved badley.. I think we can all agree. Do we not move on? Let’s think back to our QB…. not so rosey! If Michael had class he would walk up to Riley and put his arm around him in front of the entire team and say… “I guess we’ve all made some mistakes and used bad judement at times and we all want to be forgiven”

  16. It may take a while until the Cooper story goes away as far media is concerned. I think they are now talking about bringing back “Favre Watch”.

  17. its a WORD!

    get over it. I dont like it when I school somebody on the basketball court and hear “whiteboy” but I am not about to video tape them and then unleash it on the former “leader in sports” but now pathetic network called ESPN!

  18. Also, I would LOVE to hear someone ask Tom Jackson, Chris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson if they have ever (themselves) used the N word.

    Guarantee, if they are being honest, they have used it plenty!

  19. davebarnes21 says:
    Aug 10, 2013 6:28 PM
    Also, I would LOVE to hear someone ask Tom Jackson, Chris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson if they have ever (themselves) used the N word.

    Guarantee, if they are being honest, they have used it plenty!
    And I bet they’ll say “But that’s different”.

  20. I really hope he fights the fine and wins! The NFL needs to realize the huge mistake they have made!

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