Schiano doesn’t envision a battle for starting quarterback job


The Buccaneers have been sending mixed signals about the status of quarterback Josh Freeman, ever since Mike Glennon arrived via round three of the 2013 draft.

At times, they seem to be committed to Freeman.  At other times, they seem to be willing to let Mike Glennon make a run for the job.

After the team’s first preseason game, coach Greg Schiano slammed the door on a quarterback controversy.  Sort of.

“Josh has done everything to [meet] my expectations so far,” Schiano said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, regarding a potential position battle.  “So I don’t see that being the way things play out.”

Implicit in that observation is the notion that, if Freeman at some point doesn’t perform to Schiano’s expectations, things will change.

The truth is that Freeman has not yet reached the point of untouchable.  If he were, he’d already have a contract that extends beyond 2013.

That’s perhaps the best evidence that an opportunity, no matter how small, exists for Glennon to supplant Freeman.  If the Bucs truly believed in Freeman, the team would have at least tried to sign him for the long haul.

They haven’t, which means that Glennon could be the starter in Tampa as of 2014, or sooner.

40 responses to “Schiano doesn’t envision a battle for starting quarterback job

  1. Why do you writers try to make a story out of this? Every coach should be grooming a backup. When the starter falters…… try an alternative.

  2. Anyone who thinks Glennon is ready to take Freeman’s job is delusional. Everyone likes the backup until he becomes the starter.

  3. freeman is a lil too inconsistant at times, but he seems like a good starter, has a ton of pressure on him this season, tho, maybe he should put the weight back on, he was great his rookie year (only knew cause i had him in FF that year)

  4. Or they could have traded Freeman to one of the QB needy teams and open up a competition en route to a rebuild. But Schiano has his eyes set on the Super Bowl this year so they are making their run, that’s why they got Revis.

    I predict a total failure and many more years of the Bucs losing from this present position and still having a very weak GM in charge. No way they can win with this crew.

  5. Josh will have a great year, after 3 coordinators in 4 years he finally is in a good system 2 years in a row…at just 25 yrs old he has the talent and experience … # 5

  6. @ strategy expert …you should change your s/n to strategy no clue …

    Bucs will win the division , book it

  7. Dude’s in a contract year with locked-in WRs including a top-5. Mike Williams is in. He’s got a workhorse RB. He’s primed to walk off the field with a lot of wins. Worked for Flacco.

  8. Schiano is under no obligation to make an unconditional commitment to Freeman. It’s Freeman’s responsibility to force Schiano to commit to him.

    The fact that this is even a question to this point is Freeman’s fault, not Schiano’s. Sometimes I think we get that twisted around here.

  9. So by that logic the Ravens didn’t believe in Joe Flacco until after the Super Bowl? Sure they had “talks” but so have the Bucs and Freeman previously. Why is no one comparing the two? The only difference between Flacco and Freeman is that Flacco has been on a good team since he was drafted. Freeman only now has that.

  10. Schiano is a joke. He is more worried about flexing his muscle and doing things “his” way. I love the college coaches that are gonna show the NFL how it’s done. Just go ask Spurrier how all that works out. There should not even be talk of a QB controversy. Freeman is a fine QB, stuck with idiot coaches the last few years. Get a good solid system, and you won’t have to dream of the rookie coming in and being your Griffin (I refuse to call him RG three). The 2012 rookie QB was a fluke. It is not going to be the norm that every year the rookies are ready for the NFL.

  11. There is no doubt that Freeman is the starter. I mean…Tampa had an explosive offense last year and although it may have been inconsistent, it would be insane to swap Freeman for an unproven rookie. Yes, Glennon could potentially do what Russell Wilson did…but the odds are that he would’t…

  12. “The truth is that Freeman has not yet reached the point of untouchable. If he were, he’d already have a contract that extends beyond 2013.”

    Yeah, right. Just like Joe Facco last year. Impeccable logic Florio.

  13. Honestly, the only people that seem to be getting mixed signals are Ross Tucker and the sheets on this site. (Maybe Shawn King, but really, I do my best not to listen to him.) As Siberia who lives in Tampa, is a season ticket holder and watches all of Schiano’s press conferences, he hasn’t sent a single mixed signal, and even directly addressed the national media “controversy” over this (which was never acknowledged here or on the t.v. show for that matter). He’s always made clear Josh is the guy. He’d be an idiot not to consider Glennon of he performed better.

  14. harrycanyon, Schiano is the best coach the Bucs have had since Dungy. Get a grip, lol.

    Gruden outright sucked as a coach. Yes, he won a superbowl in his first year, but Dungy put most of the pieces in place and Gruden did nothing but tear the team apart for the next few years…starting the year after the superbowl

  15. “Sheets on this site”… Lord…Stupid Swype keyboard…. I think that was supposed to be writers…maybe… definitely not “sheets”

  16. @thestrategyexpert:

    Gee, all that nonsense you spew means a whole helluva lot when it comes from a jets homer. Still not over the Revis trade either I see. You can have your open QB ‘competition’ up in NJ but I think the Bucs are fine at the position thank you very much. Freeman > sanchez to infinity if there ever was a question. A rebuild looks good to you because that’s what the jets are consistently doing to no avail. That makes it even more comical when you want to criticize Dominik as a GM when you know he runs circles around your dud. Not looking too strategic from here.

  17. .

    Based upon Freeman’s inconsistent body of work, it’s near impossible to put a price tag on him. Why would anyone give him a long-term contract at this point?

    Is he Ryan Fitzpatrick or Joe Flacco? And why would anyone think that Glennon is ready to open the season @NYJ, NO, @ NE?


  18. shaggyjeff:

    But that name doesn’t sound catchy or representative.


    I’m a Lions fan, the Jets are arguably one of my least favorite teams in the league. I feel bad for the Jets and pity them even more than the Bucs. I like Schiano as a coach if you can surround him with the talent. The Jets haven’t rebuilt anything though, as they haven’t built anything yet. They are treading water and taking small steps up and big steps back on a regular basis, that’s not good football strategy so yes they have their own problems too.

    Both teams are huge losers in my mind. And just my opinion that he’s one of the worst GMs in the league whereas I think I would be the #1 best.

  19. Freeman has shown some amazing flashes of brilliance during his first three seasons. If he can put it all together consistently he could be one of the best in the league.

  20. 6ball:

    Good question, but we are only dealing with 1 person right now, and that is Mark Dominik. And there are strong reasons why he would sign him to a long-term contract. The first reason being that Josh Freeman was his very first draft pick, a 1st Rounder that he apparently wanted more than any other team wanted him, so according to Dominik’s QB evaluation methods, this is the guy he wants that he believes in, and he is more likely to double-down on his investment than to backtrack on it.

    So the bigger question might be, what would cause Dominik to change his mind and part ways? It’s more likely that he pays the man.

  21. Glennon is absolutely nowhere near being ready to start, but I must say I was relieved to see that he does indeed have some potential. I really didn’t like the pick at all but I feel a little bit better about it after seeing him look decent overall.

  22. strategyexpert:

    My apologies. Kindly substitute ‘Lions’ for every ‘Jets’ in my last post. I don’t understand your criticism of Dominik and Schiano when Mayhew and Schwartz have a ton of talent yet go 4-12. Maybe we’ll just let that game in December decide it as I see both teams being on a roll at that point.

  23. swampcannons:

    My critiques of Dominik and the Bucs is not relevant to my critiques for Detroit. I do however think Detroit is the better team and should win that game, but still our GMing performance is dismal and unacceptable as well. I’m about 10x harder on holding my own team accountable than the Bucs, so really no team in the league should be complaining about any of my critiques since I really go pretty soft on everybody other than Detroit from a relative perspective.

    In my opinion Barry and CJ should both have legendary careers riddled with Super Bowl wins and that was our rightful destiny that was changed by powerful visionaries for total losership.

  24. JC De La Torre:

    Just because I’m a Lions fan doesn’t mean I’m responsible for the Lions’ choices and I have rejected the overall team each and every season over the last decade as being unqualified and below the mendoza line of acceptable quality. So it would be laughable for somebody associated with the Lions team to criticize another team, but not for myself who has been one step ahead of the Lions’ mistakes over the years.

    But I can see why you would think it’s funny not knowing much about who I am or what my experiences have been. Although I take this stuff very seriously and apparently a lot more seriously than the Detroit GM and Owner do. Their product speaks for itself and I don’t see the effort to get the job done the right way.

    We are a lazy team that doesn’t know what to do, how to figure things out, or even what people to associate with in order to get solutions to the problems that exist. That’s laughable, but my valid critiques that hold logical water is serious business for me as I spend as much of my free time as possible on this game and I’m doing better work than our GM is despite getting paid big bucks to go to work.

  25. Freeman is just hoping he doesn’t break his interception record from the last three years. The Bucs have signed big names to help the offense and defense now Freeman needs to win games.

  26. Prediction. Josh Freeman will not be with the Buccaneers next season. Freeman has all of the physical tools but just has too much trouble grasping defensive reads. In my opinion, Freeman has reached his peak.
    Don’t know if Glennon is the answer or whether the Bucs will draft a QB next spring. But, I believe this is Freeman’s last year with the Buccaneers.

  27. The Glazers are way too impatient to pay Freeman. One of the Glazer grandchildren were responsible for drafting Glennon. She knew him from a NCAA Xbox game. So one of the glazer kids made the call. The younger Glazer kid, who also likes to fire everyone, agreed an the elder Glazer kid found it a way to save money. So there you have it, life with a team run by glazer children. Go Bucs!

  28. Finally realized what took Tom O’Brien way too long to realize before he got fired, huh? Glennon sucks, and if you hang your future on him being your QB, you too will be fired. Freeman may not be the answer there, but he is head and shoulders above anything Glennon will ever do.

  29. evilglazers666:

    You have it backwards. If they were impatient then how do you explain them letting their GM keep this job since 2009? They have the opposite problem, they pay people big money in advance who don’t deserve it, and then they don’t hold them accountable for results. The Bucs are like a charity organization where they rob from the poor and give the money to their rich friends.

    I think it should be a football organization instead.

  30. petedutcherjr:

    Not sure if that comment is directed at me since I have a lot of posts in here, but I’m a fan of all 32 teams and they are all important to me and I have strong opinions about what the direction of the franchise should be for ALL of those teams. So I’m not just posting a fleeting comment as I actually spend a great deal of time trying to figure out solutions for each and every one of the 32 teams and I spend more hours on it working for free than anybody you will ever find. Also I judge and treat them all the same and fairly with the exception that I spend a lot more time following my home team Lions. Just for some background information so you don’t misunderstand where I’m coming from.

  31. 22 Matthew Stafford, QB DET 435 727 59.8 4,967 6.83 57 20 17 29 79.8 310

    19 Josh Freeman, QB TB 306 558 54.8 4,065 7.29 95 27 17 26 81.6 254

    The Buccaneers and Schiano are full of crap I have posted the stats from 2012 for both Stafford and Freeman. PLEASE go look at the info for yourself and tell me why Detroit had the good sense to reward their 25Y/O QB with an extension and the Bucc’s draft a soso QB in the third round and create a fake QB competition. Note Freeman ranked 19th to Stafford’s rank of 22nd, both need to improve and become more consistent but the Bucc’s are wrong yet again.

    Freeman had two games with four int’s ,this is something that he needs to avoid going into 2013. That said his numbers are solid and compare solidly with QB’s ranked 10th to 20 th for 2012. I am a Bucc fan now for 20+ years and I roll with the good and the bad, but I hope the kid has a great season and entertains free agent offers at the end of the season. I think the GM and coach are producing a franchise QB for another team and they will be long gone when the kid is leading another team to the SB. LETS BALL MR. FREEMAN. NOTE: Stats listed above were obtained from ESPN NFL.

  32. @bigfella909:

    It is probably as simple as the head coach’s ego. He wants to win with”his” QB. It’s almost like he hopes Freeman struggles so he can be the genius.

    Why say, “So I don’t see that being the way things play out.” Instead of saying, “Freeman is our QB.” Which is obviously, true. This should be an interesting drama to watch unfold. History might repeat itself.

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