Sean Payton says his play calling needs improvement after opener


On Friday night, Saints head coach Sean Payton participated in an NFL game for the first time in close to 20 months.

He believes his performance left something to be desired.

“There are a lot of new faces and certainly as a play-caller and getting the call in on offense, I wasn’t very good,” Payton said after the game, per Glenn Guilbeau of USA Today.

On multiple occasions in their preseason-opening win vs. Kansas City, the Saints used timeouts on offense, burning two in the same second-quarter drive.

The NFL suspended Payton was for the 2012 season in connection with New Orleans’ bounty scandal.

Widely regarded as one of the NFL’s top offensive minds and play-callers, Payton has three more games to get back up to speed — something that seems likely to happen, given the Saints’ success with him in control of the offense.

18 responses to “Sean Payton says his play calling needs improvement after opener

  1. When the pale, bloodless, undead swamp zombie was freed, he walked stiffly in tight right handed circles, continuously. Saying “Timeout….timeout…..timeout….timeout…”, over and over.

  2. bucsfan5000 says:
    Aug 10, 2013 5:51 PM
    I need an explanation!


    what you really need is some new material. why do you even comment on articles not about your sorry team anyway?

  3. Are you old enough to know it’s Billy and Bill, not billy and bill? Shut your pie hole! ; )

  4. “helloanybodyhome says: Aug 10, 2013 7:18 PM

    I don’t think it is Saints haters, just realists looking at their defense.”


    You mean the defense that gave up 215 total yards?

  5. evilbilly3
    I don’t think it is Saints haters, just realists looking at their defense.

    By the way, are you almost old enough to drop billy & use bill?
    Just wondering

    Billy is what I hear more than Bill deep down south my friend.

  6. Sean Payton was the 2012 non player MVP in my book. I absolutely knew and said on here before last season they wouldn’t make the playoffs without him. He’s one of the best HC and play callers in the NFL, and he brings a toughness and accountability to the team that all his assistants though they were good and they tried simply couldn’t duplicate. He should have gotten 100 mill, not Brees. I’d wager there have been a lot more teams who have won a SB with a QB who was “good enough” and had a great HC than the other way around.

  7. That isn’t going to be the saints #1 defense for long Alex Smith, very wisely I might add, almost exclusively tossed short passes in the flat to whatever side Will Smith was playing on. Trying to use Will Smith as a LB is not going to work. I know it’s about ego but he is just gonna have to get over it and play a 3-4 DE. Every time the rotated a TE at him I cringed.

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