Terrelle Pryor flashes promise in preseason debut


Matt Flynn started at quarterback for the Raiders on Friday night and moved the team well after an early fumble, a performance that was likely good enough to keep him on top of the depth chart unless Terrelle Pryor blew everyone’s socks off when he took the field.

Pryor was 6-of-10 for 88 yards in two series at the helm for Oakland in a performance that had both high and low points. The first saw him run for 31 yards on three carries as the Raiders showed read option and pistol looks to good effect and the threat of Pryor’s running also helped Rashad Jennings find gains. It ended when Pryor threw across his body into the end zone for an interception by Cowboys rookie safety J.J. Wilcox.

Pryor should have thrown the ball away, but the second drive showed more positive signs. The Raiders got the ball with 41 seconds left in the first half and Pryor completed three straight passes for 54 yards to move the Raiders into field goal position. They settled for the field goal after Pryor threw the ball away rather than repeat his earlier mistake, but Pryor looked comfortable running the offense on both drives and the read option plays made it easy to see why the Raiders want to install a package of plays for Pryor.

All of this comes with the sizable caveat that the Cowboys first team was out of the game and that Pryor has to keep improving as a passer, but it was intriguing enough to wonder if we’ll see him against starters at some point this preseason.

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  1. Pryor looks like a total different player this year. Much more confident and most of his passes were much more accurate. (Besides the endzone INT.)

    Pryor absolutely earned more playing time this preseason and possible start with the starters to see if he has what it takes to be a starter.

    Competition will just make Oakland a better team, especially at QB. A major weakness for the last decade.

    Rookie McCloin looked good, Wilson looked nervous. We’ll have 3 more games to evaluate.

  2. That’s my favorite Raider QB. I have been saying for weeks how excited I was to see him play and glad to hear he is doing well and I hope he wins the job. He should be the favorite.

  3. Same old Terrelle Pryor a walking turnover waiting to happen.

    On a positive note Matt McGloin looked great.

  4. “All of this comes with the sizable caveat that the Cowboys first team was out of the game”

    The Raiders 1st team players were out of the game too, Josh.

  5. I’ll say he has to get the start of a preseason game along the way, rather than throwing him in mid or late season like last year’s final game…low risk-high reward situation

  6. “Installing a package of plays” just doesn’t work. Whether it was Vick/Chris Chandler to Tebow/Sanchez, it throws the flow. Pryor said that Al Davis told him to “wait his turn” and just win baby. That’s what they should do. Awesome to see progress from a young man so many people thought would just be a total bust. He’s working.

  7. People can say what they want about the lack of talent on the Raiders, but the whole team played relatively well. Still don’t know where they’ll get a pass rush, and I still think we’re looking at a team that can win 6 or 7 games max, but, the prosepect of Terrelle Pryor, Darren McFadden, Marcel Reese, Denarius Moore and Rod Streater, much less additional pieces like Brice Butler all on the field at the same time has got to cause a little concern for some defensive coordinators.

  8. really? he obviously can run but his decision making on 3 plays told me he isnt a good QB..twice he easily could have ran the ball for a TD and a 1st down but he chose to throw and threw incomplete on one and threw an int in the end zone on the other..i really hope Reggie cuts Al’s last mistake as a draft pick and moves on with his own team

  9. TP6 looked much improved since last year’s Charger game!! I can’t really put that int, all on him. He was throwing to a rookie receiver…who broke a cardinal rule. When your QB is on the run…COME BACK TO THE BALL! Granted TP should have ran that one in, but at the same time I’m sure he’s trying to showcase his passing skills as well!! I can’t wait to see what he can do with the starting offense…RUN DMC and TP6….c’mon now!!

  10. TP looked impressive. I like the passion and energy the Defense played with. We got some football players on the defensive side of the ball now. I see Reggie Mac’s plan unfolding. Its starting to look like a REAL RAIDER squad….it’s going to be a fun year!

  11. Cowboy 1st team line at least stayed in a long time. Are you sure about that statement. I can’t go home to replay the DVR. Maybe someone can help me out on here.

  12. natelan69 says:
    Aug 10, 2013 12:36 AM
    I agree, Jamarcus Campbell looked way better than Matt Cassel Flynn. But they both sucked.

    Were you bullied by a Raider fan when you were a wittle boy? I think so..

  13. Why do I find it disturbing that a supposed NFL quarterback is excited because someone finally showed him how to throw a football?

  14. I’m getting tired of the TP6 frenzy.
    It’s getting Tebow-like in its volume.
    If he was capable, he’d be the starter.
    I almost feel like they should trade him just to kill the noise and distraction…

  15. Dallas blew the lead this game and almost did vs the Phins too. I guess it’s worth pointing out mainly fringe players and third stringers were out there for them, as the first and second teams faired well.

  16. TP runs like a deer. Is there anybody else in the league that is that big and that fast, except for maybe Vernon Davis.

  17. well I was expecting a comedy of errors, but all said in games that mean nothing, they looked like they had something.

  18. cullingby9 says:
    Aug 10, 2013 10:44 AM
    Cowboy 1st team line at least stayed in a long time. Are you sure about that statement. I can’t go home to replay the DVR. Maybe someone can help me out on here.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    the cowboys first team o-line played the entire first half. Well with a little more than a minute to go, they kicked off to the raiders , so they were not on the field for the last minute, because raiders had the ball.

  19. Raider fan or not I read so many articles from all these lame sites where the writer either doesn’t even watch the game or just wants to talk smack sooooo bad they make themselves look foolish. LOSER!!! Get a clue if you must be a writer. Or go write for your own team and leave the Raiders alone. I think we all know we have issues.
    All of this comes with the sizable caveat that the Cowboys first team was out of the game and that Pryor has to keep improving as a passer, but it was intriguing enough to wonder if we’ll see him against starters at some point this preseason.

  20. Speaking of QBs …. Palmer looked great against the Packers’s starting defence … it sure helps when your WRs run the right routes and catch the ball.

  21. The Raiders are my surprise team in the AFC, they will fight for a wild card spot and or keep someone else from getting in……I think they have more talent than people give them credit for the question will be the coaching……

  22. I thought Flynn looked okay, but not great and that Pryor looked like he could certainly develop into the qb that we are hoping he will be. His mechanics look much better and most of his mistakes looked like they were a result of him trying too hard to show off his improved throwing ability. It felt like he has been coached up so much on being a better passer that he was ignoring obvious rushing gains just to prove to the staff that he can be a good passer. He could have easily had several more first downs and possibly a touchdown instead of a pick….if he just ran those open lanes. He is getting better and if they let him call his own shots with confidence then I believe he can be pretty effective.

    Of course, this all comes after an evaluation versus the second team. I would like to see him get some first team reps against a first team defense during this preseason at some point. Ultimately though, I was not overly impressed with Flynn and not disappointed in Pryor. I would not be scared to see Pryor in the game or anything. I hope Flynn can be better if he is the starter right now. I can’t wait to see it play out. I thought Wilson looked pretty bad though, and McGloin wasn’t exactly knocking my socks off either, so Flynn and TP are what we’ve got. Go Raiders.

  23. Jus give us raiderfans what we want ….we want pryor to start he brings excitement and hes the new bread of qbs with the running game ……….tp allday

  24. Raiders are in the same situation the Chiefs were in last year. The Front Office is trying to convince everyone that they have a starting QB and no one believes them.

  25. McGloin out played Pryor, How you guys don’t see it is mind boggling… He had 3 good plays, all runs every pass he made, made me cringe.

    And yes Dallas played Romo the 1st quarter and Orton the 2nd quarter with the starting oline playing the whole first half. They also played there starting defense the whole 1st quarter.

    I know preseason don’t mean much cause of basic play calling, but to say we beat you cause your back ups where in is kinda a dumb statement, our back ups where in for a lot longer then yours…..So lets get this straight, our back ups maybe better then yours, which in turn should mean our starters are also

  26. nflfolly says:Aug 10, 2013 10:08 AM

    Raiders 2-14 this year.Flynn will be free agent bust.
    Mckenzie will be fired.


    Cool, there you have it!…don’t even have to watch any games this year. This clown has all the answers already…freakin brilliant!!


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