Victor Cruz looking good for the Giants


In his first game action since cashing in with a new contract this summer, Giants receiver Victor Cruz is looking good against the Steelers.

Cruz played just long enough to get one pass thrown his way, but it was a deep ball from Eli Manning that Cruz reeled in and took to the end zone for a 57-yard touchdown. Steelers defensive backs Troy Polamalu, Ryan Clark and William Gay were all giving chase but couldn’t run Cruz down.

Manning threw five passes, completing two of them — the touchdown to Cruz and a 16-yard pass to receiver Rueben Randle.

Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger completed four of eight passes for 36 yards, leading the Steelers to a field goal on the second of his two drives before giving way to backup Bruce Gradkowski.

Giants rookie defensive end Damontre Moore was all over the field in the first half, making big stops on defense and also blocking a punt. Giants fans will love to see that, just as they love to see Cruz back with the team, and in midseason form.

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  1. Andre Brown had an embarrassing fumble.

    He screwed up about 3x with nobody else involved but himself, first in dropping the pitch, second in taking his eyes off the ball to watch the incoming tackler despite his already being in a position flat on the ground where he couldn’t go anywhere, and then third a lame and ineffective recovery squirm that came up short as well due to continued lack of awareness that he didn’t learn from on the first two mistakes.

    Coughlin’s jaw just dropped and froze.


    I can’t wait until we’re hosting the Pats for the Super Bowl at Giants Stadium.

  3. Forget about passing, Landry Jones can’t even compete a handoff. What a mess this team is!

  4. @finallythevoiceofreason

    Because that’s what good WR’s do. Catch passes when they are open. As to your comment about you being able to throw that pass…. sadly, you will never get the chance. Back to Wal-Mart for you…

  5. I hated what Cruz said on twitter too. But hat was the offseason. NFL is BACK!!!! G-MEN!!! All is forgiven on game day. He doesn’t teach an ethics class. He catches footballs and runs. Like Forest Gump. I’m over his dumb twitter post. Well, that is until he drops a big pass.

    Damantre Moore reminds me of when Cruz had himself a wicked preseason game. Turned out to be damn good!

    As soon as JPP gets up and ready, this team should be unbelievable defensively.

  6. What about the beautiful throw from ELIJAH THE GREAT!!!

    Eli is so good, people expect that pass – and he constantly delivers.
    Eli has the best deep ball in the game.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  7. And Cruz had the DB twisted around and caught the ball behind the guys back then took off. It was a nice play for preseason.

  8. Steelers are terrible. Can’t even score one offensive touchdown in the preseason. What a disaster!

  9. I like the Giants. But that was the weakest TD pass I’ve ever seen. If the steelers had anyone who could cover that low, behind the receiver pass would have been an INT. Cruz did show much more than he can sprint to the end zone which is what he gets paid to do.

  10. can anyone explain why fred davis celebrating his touchdown draws a flag but cruz can salsa and nothing is done?

    maybe because the head of the competition committee is also the owner of the giants?

    would also explain why tuck and canty are the first to get ‘medical clearance’ to wear special facemasks. Im sure they have mara on speed dial.

    I’m sure this goes blocked.

  11. I just knew that Eli’s arm is finished. 2 completions out of 5 throws, and the TD pass was greatly underthrown. No backup quarterback to speak of; and don’t tell me we have Nassib, his very first play he got sacked, and it went downhill from there. Well, there’s always 2015 to look forward to.

  12. I always enjoy a Steelers loss being a Bengals fan. That being said, it is only preseason still. Who am I kidding! Steelers have no depth whatsoever! Can’t wait for September 16th, Bengals vs. Steelers in Cincinnati for MNF!! James Harrison is gonna have a hard-on the size of the Washington Monument, and he’ll be playing behind arguably the best defensive line in the NFL! Carlos Dunlap (DE), Michael Johnson (DE), Domata Peko (DT) and the best DT in the NFL Geno Atkins!! Night, night big Jen!!

  13. If Gay was covering you, you would of had a touchdown in the game also. Lets forget about the Steelers 1st team rushing and blocking of almost 6 yards a rush against the Giants 1st team. The Steelers would of had 12 yards per carry against the Ravens……All day!

  14. So many Giants haters on this site.. All of you love to discredit Big Blue’s big play ability. You call it luck, or “I could make that throw.” Get real. Its not luck when we do it year in and year out.

  15. Yeah. Eli was lucky to read a lousy wide cover 2 defense and hit Cruz in the middle down field. Pure luck I guess. Too funny.

  16. After having not played a game in nearly nine months, since Dec. 30, 2012, the Steelers played 60 minutes of uninspired football.
    One preseason game does not a season make. But I certainly expected to see some enthusiasm, at home and after such a long offseason. This might be the most poorly coached Steelers team since the 1960s.

  17. I guess if you’re a Steelers fan, every score by an opposing team is pure luck. Makes perfect sense to me (eye roll, index finger circling ear).

  18. justlntuckrule says: Aug 11, 2013 12:27 AM

    I just knew that Eli’s arm is finished. 2 completions out of 5 throws, and the TD pass was greatly underthrown. No backup quarterback to speak of; and don’t tell me we have Nassib, his very first play he got sacked, and it went downhill from there. Well, there’s always 2015 to look forward to.
    What are you smoking, that pass hit Cruz perfectly, Eli’s arm isn’t finish in practice he has been winging the ball down field with ease and accuracy. It is only game 1 of the preseason, 2 of out 5 for the first preseason game isn’t that bad.

    As for Nassib, you need to know that Defense seem to pick up the NFL playbooks faster than the Offensive, so Nassib had no chance out there.

    BTW Giants were missing a lot of the guys and still won.

    Hate all you want but the NFC East will be owned by Giants.

  19. “Anxious to see the Ravens WR corp again this week. Highlight of my week.”

    As a Steeler fan, you’re obviously longing to see an offense that can score a touchdown.

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