Bears going young on right side of offensive line?

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In their first practice back after Friday’s loss at Carolina, the Bears had a different look on the right side of their first-team offensive line.

According to John Mullin of and other reporters watching practice Sunday, the Bears had first-round pick Kyle Long working as the first-team right guard and fifth-round pick Jordan Mills working as the first-team right tackle.

Long’s placement with the first-team line isn’t a huge surprise; he’s listed as the co-first-team right guard with veteran James Brown, who started Friday.

However, Mills’ shot with the first-stringers is quite interesting, as he’s the third-string right tackle on the depth chart.

Adding to the intrigue: J’Marcus Webb, who started at right tackle on Friday, worked as the second-string left tackle on Sunday. Webb allowed a sack in the preseason opener at Carolina.

“He’s in a competition,” Bears coach Mark Trestman said of Webb on Friday, per David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune. “I haven’t hidden from the fact he’s had some good days and some not-so-good days.”

Perhaps it’s just a blip on the radar screen, but this is a situation to watch.

20 responses to “Bears going young on right side of offensive line?

  1. Happy to see that Trestman has gotten it right after only pre-season game: J-Webb should be buried on the bench. In 3 yrs, Lovie never figured it out.

  2. Pretty sure this had more to do with seeing Mills against the first team defense for evaluations.

    Mills is a bubble player who might not clear waivers to put on the practice squad so they have to see what he can do. In my opinion the Bears will have Bushrod, Slauson, Garza, Brown, Webb, Britton, and Long on the 53 man roster, which leaves room for 1 or possibly 2 more players. Mills, Williams, and Scott are the three fighting for that spot(s).

  3. at least they are trying to find out now who can do the job now instead of switching every week like they have in past years. unlike in past years they are going to go with the best guys and stick with them so they can have so cohesion and consistency for the first time since forever it seems.

  4. mantastic54 says:
    Aug 11, 2013 6:37 PM
    It’s safe to day Cutler is the happiest man in Chicago right now


    So he stopped pouting finally?

  5. Whats the story behind Johnathan Scott, I thought he played pretty good at RT last year when Gabe Carimi played crappy.

  6. If the options are between “going young” and “totally suck,” I would choose the former.

    Of course, the latter will inevitably follow.

  7. Why is Ja’marcus still on the team?
    Emery can use the cap space. I would have let him find his own way home from Carolina. kromer is responsible for the O-line and he needs to get to work NOW! Trestman is calling the plays on offense and he has some big shoes to fill Lovie left a 10-6 record on the table and if Trestman dont match that the front page on the SUN TIMES will read BRING BACK THE LOVE!!

  8. Dalton might want to do the same. Bears whole defense is no joke not just the line. Plus home opener…. Ya good luck!!

  9. This is why the NFL has Preseason, there is no way Webb nation will be able to make excuses in this new Regime. Trestman will hold players accountable!

  10. @mailto
    Emery, Trestman and Kromer needs to be held accountable for that O-line too. Emery needs to find real talent and sign them. Trestman needs to coach them on the system and blocking schem and Kromer needs to teach them the Skills and how to move the’re feet so they dont get beat. Im saying give Cutler time and he will give Chicago a Superbowl trophy

  11. I really hope we are done with seeing Webb out there. I heard Kroner saying they want everybody to get familiar with the responsibilities of each position on the line.

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