Cary Williams: We need to make people fear our defense

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The last time Eagles cornerback Cary Williams was talking about building a foundation, it had to do with the house he was building this offseason while staying away from the team’s voluntary workouts.

Williams is at work with the rest of the Eagles now, though, and he’s turned his attention to alterations that are needed on defense. First and foremost, Williams wants to help bring an increased sense of nastiness to a unit that didn’t perform well in its preseason opener against the Patriots.

“I feel like we got to establish a tenacity, a tough-nosed defense, a hard-nosed defense, something that’s to be feared when it comes out to each and every week,” Williams said, via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Brian Dawkins alluded to it a couple of times when I spoke to him. He was talking about bring that fear back here. Right now, I don’t know if there’s anybody out there that fears this defense, especially after last week. So I think we have to come together, find a way to get back to those old days when Brian Dawkins was here. Strike the fear in individuals or teams.”

Williams brought a little nastiness with him to last week’s joint practices with the Patriots and was kicked out of one session after fighting with rookie wide receiver Aaron Dobson, which was an agreement that Eagles coach Chip Kelly and Patriots coach Bill Belichick made before practices began because, per Kelly, they practice like they play and players who fight get kicked out of games.

Williams said that he did it because he felt the Patriots were playing dirty and that things would have been handled differently when he was with the Ravens, but it seems he’ll need to find another way to import that nastiness to Philadelphia.

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  1. This guy is terrible, talks to much and gets beat quite often. He may occasionally make a play or two in the course of the year, but cant cover. He does have a mouth though and Philly fans will enjoy him for about a yr before they cut ties with him.

  2. I can’t help but agree with what he said 100%….this D is far too soft and needs that nasty back….probably shouldnt have said this to the media but needds to be said…..hopefully he backs his words with his play

  3. interesting….coming from the guy that was out buying sconces for his new house instead of attending OTA’s with the rest of his teammates! Now that’s what I call a leader! Voluntary OTA’s or not, Chip should have cut his ass for it so he could spend all the time he wants with his precious wall sconces.

  4. He needs to get with the program. Fighting results in ejections, and ejections hurt the team. So it may have been handled differently elsewhere, but that’s how it’s handled here. If you’re getting ejected from a game for fighting, even if you’re doing so to send a message or stick up for a teammate, you’re putting yourself above the team.

  5. I’m so tired of watching my fellow eagles fans cry about Jim Johnson. The poor tackling mess that Williams decries in this article is largely due to JJ’s and Andy’s shared preference for undersized speed guys. Enough already.

  6. Way to go Chip – say nothing when Williams misses OTA’s for lame reasons then kick him out of practice when he tries to establish a tough defensive mentality. The D was an embarrassment last year and last week and will continue to be an embarrassment under Kelly/ Davis

  7. @kahunac: Ray Rhodes drafted Jeremiah. Andy and JJ sent him to Washington and didn’t bring him back until it was painfully obvious that the Barry Gardners, Levon Kirklands, Mark Simoneaus, and Nate Waynes of the world weren’t quite as good as Ray’s boy.

  8. Williams is not the guy to talk about being tough. Watch the film. You’ll see that Williams can’t tackle at all. He always dives, head down, at a receiver’s feet, and doesn’t wrap up. The YAC against him is astronomical. The Ravens had no problem letting him go……..he led the team in interceptions only because opposing QBs targetted his side all day long.

    You’ll see.

  9. @taosravensfan check the ravens overall record against the Pats tough guy. You and your Ravens don’t scare anyone. We will see Sunday night Dec. 22 who gets their teeth kicked in.

  10. These guys don’t even tackle in practice? All of the sudden they are gonna get nasty in a preseason game?

  11. I knew this was going to be the case.

    The Eagles are going to be terrible on defense.

    You can’t take a team built for the 4-3, add a few scrubs and then play 3-4.

    It doesn’t work that way.

    The Eagles should put up points…but it won’t matter if the other team puts up more.

  12. “” We will see Sunday night Dec. 22 who gets their teeth kicked in.””

    Like in the playoffs last season? Oh. Der.

    The pats just simply do not scare the Ravens. Its good to see the players that have left understand what a good squad they were able to be a part of.

  13. A former Raven crying like a little girl who lost her dolly. What a surprise.

    Maybe Williams is hoping that Philly can give the Ravens a run for their money as league whining champs

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