Cries commence for Chargers to dump Meachem

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Last year, the Chargers didn’t want to pay receiver Vincent Jackson a ton of money.  So they signed as an alternative (and for far less cash) a presumed up-and-coming wideout from the Saints.

Before Robert Meachem’s second season even commences with the Chargers, some want to see his tenure end.

An editorial in U-T San Diego with no byline urges the Chargers to dump Meachem, who has been a disappointment to date with no signs of a looming improvement.

Meachem essentially is accused of getting paid and shutting down.  The Chargers gave him $14 million guaranteed in March 2012.  That total includes $5 million in guaranteed 2013 base salary.

In return, Meachem had 14 catches on 32 targets during his first year with the team.

I did suck,” Meachem admitted on Saturday, via U-T San Diego.  Given his propensity to use that word when describing his performance in 2012, maybe he should put an “S” on his chest, Bizarro Superman style.

Meachem wasn’t much better in the preseason opener, despite a perfect opportunity to vault into the starting job vacated when Danario Alexander torn an ACL.

“I was disappointed with myself,” Meachem said.  “I don’t have room to get caught.”

But here’s the thing.  Even if he gets caught, he still will get paid.  This year, it’ll be $5 million.  Whether he’s on the Chargers or not.

It could be that Meachem hasn’t gotten soft.  One unnamed source told U-T San Diego that Meachem’s body is “broken down.”

Regardless, the push has begun to take the cap hit and move on from Meachem.  He’s got three more preseason games to change the opinions of the local media and, most importantly, of the coaching staff.

20 responses to “Cries commence for Chargers to dump Meachem

  1. The Chargers really got even with the Saints for signing Drew Brees & Darren Sproles! Meachem was a product of Sean Payton’s brilliance and Brees ability to make stars out if mediocre players.

  2. He’s always had something missing from his game. When the Saints were in 4 receiver sets he could get open and if he caught the ball, there would a stat line. I couldn’t believe they paid him so much. He’s not an aggressive receiver. He’s a big body that can run semi-fast. Chargers are in trouble at wideout. Alexander’s injury was really unfortunate.

  3. A general rule of thumb for FA is that you’re paying for the player as is.

    Not who he was, or who you think he can be, but who he is.

    And Meachem has always been somewhat of an underachiever. His production has never matched his skill set.

  4. I remember that Meachem was on a free agent visit in Buffalo when the Chargers signed him. As a bills fan, I was bummed that another team got the best available WR.
    I guess I don’t need to feel bad about it anymore

  5. I’m predicting that the Chargers will keep Meachem on the team this season because they still need what they signed him for: a veteran wide receiver.

    The coaching staff will use every means to motivate/cajole/browbeat him into producing positive stats for the 2013 season. They’ve got to get something for their foolish promise of $5 million to this mediocre player who has already banked millions from his years with the Saints and already has a Superbowl ring in his top dresser drawer.

  6. Before spending money in FA, you have to look at the system the player is in. Meacham was in a pass happy offense and even then barely made waves.
    We all laughed in New Orleans when the Chargers paid him that much money. The guy is a #4 WR and nothing more

  7. Chargers are fine at receiver…Vincent Brown, Malcom Floyd, Eddie Royal and Keenan Allen (who looks like an absolute steal so far)…plus Gates, and Green at TE…and Woodhead, Brown and Matthews out of the backfield catching passed.

    Plenty of options even without Meachem.

  8. Don’t blame the WR blame the front office of the Chargers. If we could see Brees made him better than he looked shouldn’t they? I’d take the $14m guaranteed too…. Wouldn’t you?

  9. Maybe the chargers should’ve just kept Drew Brees. Greatest mistake in NFL HISTORY!!!!! Thank you charger front office. Keep up the good work. lol.

  10. Though AJ did it. The buck should stop with Spanos.
    And Deano (aka Wile E. Coyote) is still here.

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