Foles gets more than 80 percent of Sunday’s first-team reps


The quarterback competition continues in Philly, with the pendulum swinging back toward Nick Foles.

According to John Gonzalez of, Foles had 27 reps with the first-team offense.  Mike Vick had only five.

That’s 84.375 percent.  (Take that, Rain Man.)

Vick started the preseason opener, and Foles is expected to start the second preseason game.  It’s unknown whether Vick of Foles will start the third preseason game, which generally is regarded as the dress rehearsal for Week One.

Coach Chip Kelly has said he won’t name a starter for the regular-season opener until game planning for the game against the Redskins commences.

46 responses to “Foles gets more than 80 percent of Sunday’s first-team reps

  1. I’m not particularly for or against Vick. To use an inappropriate expression, “I don’t have a dog in this fight.”

    But I think if you’re trying to be at all objective about this QB competition it is hard to imagine that Foles is ahead or even tied with Vick at this point. You have to set widely different standards for them. You have to convince yourself things like arm strength is irrelevant, that running ability is irrelevant, that when Foles gets stripped it’s because he didn’t get as good protection as Vick did, etc.

    Foles frankly is not doing much if anything better than Vick this training camp and preseason. He isn’t making obviously faster or better decisions. He sure as hell isn’t throwing better, and he sure as hell isn’t running better, his Friday night scamper notwithstanding.

    If the Eagles wanted change simply for the sake of change, they would not have kept Vick on the team at all, at any price. I thought, before they did renegotiate his contract on more team-friendly terms, that the Eagles were probably going to cut ties with him altogether. The fact that they didn’t means that if Foles was to be the starter, he would have to earn it.

    The question is what standard should be applied. What if Foles is as good, or almost as good, as Vick? It is sometimes argued that if it’s even close, Foles should get the benefit of the doubt. After all, he’s younger, and with more experience he would be more likely to improve. Conversely, Vick has been what he is for quite a few years, and is less likely to improve.

    I could go along with that only if everything is taken into account. That means that if Vick is clearly the better runner and the stronger thrower, Foles has to make up for it – or almost make up for it – in other ways. He has to be a lot quicker at making decisions than Vick. He has to be a lot less likely to turn the ball over. He has to be more accurate. And so on. Just to make up for the things that he cannot do, such as make that long throw to Desean in the endzone.

    I would submit that Foles has not done that, and is unlikely to do that during the remainder of this training camp. And in my view that means he has not done enough, even judging by the standard of being “close to as good as Vick”.

    While I wouldn’t directly compare Foles to Kolb, I think the zealousness many people had to start Kolb just a few years ago is very comparable to the zealousness to start Foles this season. It is not based on much more than wishful thinking.

  2. So when Foles starts next week & he puts in Vick against the 2s when they come in, will the pendulum swing back?

    Kelly has figured out how to yo-yo his quarterbacks and the media already.

  3. I’m pretty sure Shanahan will go all in game planning for Vick. This is starting to seem like a big rouse.

  4. After that 40 something showing vs the number 2
    Defense he needs 100 percent reps. Vicky
    Had a perfect 158 rating vs number 1s but
    I didn’t see an article on that.

  5. As a Skins fan I hope Foles wins this job. Common sense tells me Vick will be starting game 1 though because Foles isn’t feared by any defense.

  6. Your right – aaroncurryisbust – I was worried too. I’m glad I didn’t miss any important update with the eagles roster. My heart was beating, now I’m ok.
    Thanks aaroncurryisbust for keeping me posted.

  7. rope a dope.

    Foles gets all the reps prior to the regular season.

    Vick starts.

    Foles finishes.

    As soon as Vick’s luster wears off. It’s next man up.

  8. Vick of Foles. Sounds like a knight. Robin of Locksley. Anyway, Vick wins. Foles is traded to K.C. or the NYJ.

  9. calibird707 says: Aug 11, 2013 9:36 PM raider fans even get to have an opinion?
    Hell yes we do. Read the Bill of Rights. It’s #1. And we are not afraid to put our names on it. There are no bird teams in California, calibird. There are Chargers and 49ers and Raiders, but there is no tweeting, chirping, or squawking. We all hate each other, but we hate you even more. Go away.

  10. Clearly, Kelly is shopping Foles by exhibiting him like this. The good part is that Vick historically plays his best when he has to earn his keep, and I think that’s why he looks to be in 2010 form. The only question is whether he will continue playing well, or if he’s even capable of doing that after he’s officially given the keys.

  11. Short practice week so Foles needs more reps. Easy explanation. If Kelly sticks to his rotation alibi it will be Vick starting week three which is the most important game of the preseason. After that Foles can play all of game four against scrubs. Players in the locker room have to be wondering when this charade will end.

  12. Can any Vick fan out there please explain how Vick is so much better without using his speed and arm strength? Can anyone show any stats, or anything to back up your moronic claims? I mean, the guy is not a winner (3 winning seasons in 10 years), his career numbers suggest he isn’t accurate, can’t read a defense, turnover prone, injury prone, and is not a quick decision maker, so what makes his so great? Are all you still living on what could be? Seriously? After 10 years and being 33 years old, you still look at Vick like he is a prospect?

    And icdogg……. Of course Nick Foles is already as good as Mike Vick. Mike Vick has mediocre if not below average passing numbers. Hell, Barkley, Dixon and Kinne could do as well as Vick right now. There is nothing good about Vick as a QB. You could put a RB with a half decent arm back at QB and mimick what Vick has done. That is all Vick is, he has RB speed and cutting ability, with a rocket arm, but is very fragile.

  13. I just can’t believe that Vick apologists would rather hang on to the 8 game stretch in 2010 where he played great over the rest of his 10 year career where he has been subpar. Actually, I can believe it……. I just think it is dumb. They act like the rest of his career is a mirage or fluke and that 8 game stretch is what he really is.

    Mike Vick, the most overrated player of all time that never accomplished anything. The ONLY QB that has been given this many chances without showing improvement.

  14. Since Friday’s preseason game, some people are saying Foles doesn’t have the arm strength to throw the long ball.

    Freddy Coleman (what an amateur that guy is) said on ESPN’s national radio airwaves yesterday morning.

    And in his wordy tome above, icdogg describes “the things that [Foles] cannot do, such as make that long throw to Desean in the endzone.”

    These are people who are fond of making things up.

    Foles can throw deep…and with greater accuracy and a quicker release than Vick.

  15. I want to see Vick lead a 10+ play drive before I hand him the keys it has always been boom or bust with Vick big plays or 3 and out let me see him lead the team not throw one deep ball we all know he could do that and if the CB would have taken the inside angle that was a INT he just threw it up Jackson wasn’t even past the CB before he let go the ball and the Patriots 27th rated defense isn’t really a test I need to see Foles make the big plays too but he did great leading the team the fumble the line basically just stepped out of the way the defensive line

  16. gopblows says:

    The scary thing is that scouts are saying that Vick looks even sharper than he did in 2010.

    Which scouts? The bimbos on bspn you mean?

  17. Both qbs have stepped up their game in light of this competition.

    Vick had a good showing in the first game but can he continue?? We’ll see.

    Foles also seemed to show that he can produce in a fast paced offense like Kelly’s and that fumble was a breakdown in blocking so I don’t blame him.

    I’m excited for the second week!

  18. From what i’ve seen so far, i’d give the slight edge to Vick. I think he gives the eagles a better chance to win and will be much improved behind a healthy o-line. Both he and Foles looked good vs. the Pats. But they’re close. Foles’ advantage is that if there isn’t much separation between he and Vick, he is much younger and can grow and be developed into a franchise QB. He would be the short and long-term solution. I think the real x-factor in the Vick/Foles position battle is Matt Barkley. I’m not expecting Barkley to start week 1, but if the coaches see enough out of him where they think he can be the QB of the future, and Vick is slightly better now…Vick could start this year and Barkley would eventually replace him. Worth noting that Barkley also looked sharp.

  19. Actually the additional play time for Foles in a meaningless preseason game, doesn’t bode well for him. It means Vick is the starter and Kelly doesn’t want to risk injury to him so he leaves Foles out there to take the risks.

    Most of the franchise QBs saw less action than their backups this past weekend.

    Foles the starter? Come on man.

  20. There is no swinging of the pendulum back to Foles , They were talk he was going to get the majority of the snap in the next game …So to not get Vick injured , The last thing you want is Vick to get injured during a meaningless SCRAMBLE play. , Vick needs to be ready against the Skins when the real thing begins.

  21. Ok, Vick is most def. The better QB and football player. If Vick would have taken the sack plus the fumble like nick foles did- Nick Foles would have been named the starter today. The truth is Chip Kelly wants Nick Foles to win the job and he is even going as far as to give him 80+ % of the first team reps today. Wow I wonder if Vick got even half of that prior to his start. Chip wants to be the coach to turnvick into a back up point blank.

  22. 1 Thing for sure. No WAY could I see Foles bringing the Eagles back and winning that game against the Giants in December 2010, Miracle of the Meadowlands 2…..And you Foleites know it…Bafoons

  23. You vick bashers are pathetic. Foles can make deep throws with greater accuracy and a quicker release than vick? You are nuts. And you want vick to lead a 10+ play drive? Ok I’m sure chip is telling vick “if you see a chance for a big play don’t make it. Just check down to the rb or hand the ball off to the rb so we can score in 13 plays rather than 4″…lol. You people are so damn stupid lol

    Bottom line vick was slightly outplaying vick in camp and he outplayed him week 1. Heck vick outplayed pretty much about every qb in the league week 1 of preseason with a perfect passer rating lol.

    Vick wi be starter, he will do well, and with the read option between him and mccoy….it could be explosive!!!

  24. To the guy who wrote the novel: you say Foles has yet to connect with Jackson for a long TD, yet he tossed a ball that sailed 65 yards in the air to him for a TD. Vick lock onto Jackson, that’s why you hear them connecting more. Foles hits everyone. There are also many more holes in your claims that I could point out, but I don’t want to write an essay.

  25. Going to be lots of booing in eggles land this year. Vick cant read a defense to save his life and Foles is not fast enough to run Kellys’ offense. Barkley will be starter at end of year.

  26. “Bottom line vick was slightly outplaying vick in camp and he outplayed him week 1.”

    Vick out performed Vick! LOL. Week 1 of preseason & this guy wants to sell a perfect QB rating. The guy threw 5 passes! LOL

    Anyone still holding on to the prospect of Vick ever developing into a big game QB is delusional. He’s had 10 years of starting & has a career playoff record of 2-3. In his only Eagle playoff appearance he intercepted away a chance to win late.

    This is what Vick always does, shows a few flashes of brilliance & then comes back to reality & plays mediocre. He’s a mediocre QB! Why can’t the Vick supporters open their eyes & see his body of NFL work. It’s not impressive, he’s a career disappointment. And that will never change.

  27. Interesting thought. If these two guys are really that close in a competition. Is it really that close???

    Seriously, let’s think about this.
    guy 1: 33 /34 years old, down side of career, injury prone, 10 seasons x 16 games = 160 games

    guy 2: 23 / 24 year old, up side of career, small injury history. 1 season x 6 games = 6

    Fact is, if Nick Foles is making this competition CLOSE after only 6 games starting under his belt, this competition really isn’t that close at all.

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