Gus Bradley: Blackmon-Babin argument “a lot smaller” than he thought


The Jaguars didn’t settle their quarterback competition on Friday night, which means that the biggest story to come out of the game was wide receiver Justin Blackmon, who was in street clothes because he’s still recovering from groin surgery, getting escorted from the sideline after arguing with Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll and his teammate Jason Babin.

After the game, Jaguars coach Gus Bradley said “that’s not what we want on the sideline” but seemed less upset by what happened when he spoke to the media on Saturday. Bradley said that he spoke to both Blackmon and Babin about what went on when Babin stepped in to speak to Blackmon after the verbal jousting with Carroll came to an end.

“I’m not going to say that there was (nothing) between Justin and Jason Babin, but it was more like, `Just back up when Gus is telling you to back up,”‘ Bradley said, via the Associated Press. “It’s one of those things, and it probably appeared bigger. … But it was a lot smaller than what I initially thought.”

Babin chalked up the incident to football being an “emotional game” and indicated that there were no lingering bad feelings in the air between him and Blackmon. With that out of the way, attention can return to when Blackmon might be able to practice and/or play in preseason games. With a four-game suspension to start the year, the summer will be Blackmon’s only chance to prepare with his teammates before the season is well underway.

Bradley said that Blackmon could be cleared to practice next week, which would give him a couple of weeks to work with the team before his suspension gets underway.

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  1. Blackmon didn’t have bad season considering he was catching balls from Gabbert, but he needs to prove he was worth that high of a pick before he starts getting in altercations with his own teammates.

  2. Cecil Shorts, Justin Blackmon, Ace Sanders, Denard Robinson, Marcedes Lewis, MJD and an solid O-line with Eugene Monroe and Luke Joeckel protecting the edges. All of this talent will be wasted until we get a QB which I’m sure will happen next April with some great QB talent coming out. Just a shame we have to endure yet another season a bad QB play and not get a chance to see what could be a high powered offense. Hope Gabbert can prove us wrong, but seriously doubt it.

  3. I agree with everybody that says this team is going to fall apart because of Gabbert.

    And no kidding Coach, nobody thinks that the argument is going to cause a nuclear meltdown, the problem is that this is a bad initial sign and it shows the team might not be ready and that you might not be ready as a Head Coach or the right guy for the job. I think fans are worried with their expectations and some of their fears are starting to materialize and there is now further worry about what will happen next. Especially as to the question of when are you going to win some games?

  4. Blackmon didn’t have bad season considering he was catching balls from Gabbert, but he needs to prove he was worth that high of a pick before he starts getting in altercations with his own teammates.

    Babin is on his 5th or 6th team. While he’s been productive at times I really doubt he’s the consumate “team” guy. Its his first year in JAX….theyll continue to be a loser as will he.

  5. “Wah, wah, wah!….it’s all Blaine Gabbert’s fault.”.

    That toad Blackmon didn’t catch any passes from Blaine because he was fat, out of shape, and it took him half the season to learn the playbook. At which time Gabbert was IRed.

    Maybe Gabs is getting him drunk and supplying his pot as well. Who knows, hey morons?

  6. ‘ strategyexpert’

    I find it hard to level criticism at the coach when you have fired up players jawing at the opposition on the sidelines. I’d call a little fire and spunk encouraging in J-Ville.
    And as to the ‘when will you start winning some games’ BS; I’d imagine they’ll focus on the regular season…a month away.

  7. bkh405:

    Well those are 2 good rebuttals you offer! And yes I agree having players that are passionate and jawing can be a good thing, but Blackmon was jawing at a teammate and then needed another teammate to escort him off the field. Good energy or bad energy, it was embarrassing for the team. If the coach was a better coach, perhaps the relationship between himself and the players as well as how the players interrelate would be better. This isn’t proof that he’s a bad coach, it’s simply an item that qualifies for suspicion, which is why I put finger to keyboard to record the notation. If stuff like this becomes a habit, then over time you might decide this is not indicative of a good coaching job.

    And yes I’m aware they can’t win games until the season actually starts, but nevertheless they have carryover flak from last year from how horribly they performed that they deserved to be scrutinized and given a hard time until they prove that they deserve respect. They created all of the negativity that they are receiving. If the Owner and GM would have done a good job in the past, then I could be typing praises right now. But they chose poorly and now deserve to live in the bed they made. I will criticize this team for everything they do wrong in any small way until they prove themselves as a respectable football franchise. To me there is an expectation for professionalism and results, and the losers deserve to get bashed right out of a job so that a winner and somebody deserving that job can have the fair opportunity that they earned unlike the predecessors that shouldn’t have had the job in the first place.

    And this team still has Blaine Gabbert as their franchise Quarterback, and the coach seems to endorse him. So I think the coach deserves to get a hard time until he steps up and does the right thing and demands from his GM to provide him with a QB that can take them to a Super Bowl. Since the coach hasn’t done that he does not have my approval as of yet, and that is just another item of scrutiny and suspicion that is in his lap now by his own free choice.

  8. thegreatgabbert
    Aug 11, 2013, 4:10 PM EDT
    Hey, Blaine wants his jersey and his class ring back. He decided he wanted a real cheerleader versus a virtual one.

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