Jets sign Khalil Bell


The Jets have been thin at running back all summer and made a move on Sunday to shore up the position.

The team announced that they have signed former Bear Khalil Bell to bolster the tailback spot. The Jets played their preseason opener on Friday night without Chris Ivory, Mike Goodson and Joe McKnight, leaving Bilal Powell pretty much alone among players expected to actually make the team this year. Things got even more dire at the position when John Griffin fractured his leg against the Lions.

Bell played three games with the Jets last year in between stints with the Bears, who he joined as an undrafted free agent in 2009. Bell caught one pass for two yards during that stay with the Jets and rushed 148 times for 633 yards during his time in Chicago.

Elsewhere on the running back depth chart, Ivory returned to individual drills on Sunday as he continues to recover from the hamstring injury that’s kept him as an observer during camp. McKnight, who has a head injury, also returned to practice although Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that he had little to offer about his physical condition or his legal troubles when he spoke to reporters after practice.

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  1. You know its one thing when these people have a sick obsession dumping on the Jets but now theyre making fun of people getting injured? All I can say is I hope Karma comes back and bites you hard. Hopefully you dont have children.

  2. @multiplemiggs

    I agree with you 100%!! Any person who played any sort of ball would know (or imagine) the difficulty of just making it in the NFL or NBA or MLB. And would have respect for anyone on a roster.

    For these acne-scarred trolls to live, yes live to knock the Jets speaks volumes of their formative years.

    It’s a New York jealousy thing since NY is the center of the world, and frozen bagels or frozen pizza is an option, not the only choice.

  3. I am confused who is knocking anyone here on injuries, i know i havent. My question just shows how talentless the Jets are, i personally will never wish injury on anyone since i play sports at a high level so i know to be out of the game is not a good feeling.

  4. youarejealousof6rings…typical jets signing? lol..ummm ok..what kind of signing did u expect them to make? patriots just signed a DT that has another criminal background ..with guns…but yea typical jets signing..keep trolling on jets articles and type stuff like that which makes no sense lol…keep trollin

  5. Jealous of Six Rings?

    Isn’t that a show on The History Channel?

    The Steelers won’t win half their games this season. Have to wonder at some of their fans’ arrogance.

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