“Mutual interest” between Ravens and Clark

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It wasn’t a stretch to link the Ravens when veteran tight end Dallas Clark made it known he’s interested in playing again.

And it didn’t take much time for that link to become more substantive.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, there is “mutual interest” between the team and the free agent.

Clark caught 47 passes for the Bucs last year, the first time he had played 16 games since 2009. Of course, he caught 100 passes that year for the Colts, so he’s obviously a different player.

The 34-year-old isn’t much of a downfield threat anymore, but he is a serviceable veteran, which isn’t something the Ravens are overflowing with at the moment.

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  1. If you want to know why Josh Freeman had such an up and down year a lot of it had to do with Clark being unable to get open and Freeman trying to get him the ball. He started out the year OK, but by the end of the year he was basically useless, he couldn’t get open and didn’t block very well. Good luck Ravens.

  2. With a healthy run game this could be a great move…I’m calling it now..if we sign him he will catch a minimum 5TD, with 1 being a go ahead score to clinch a game win.

  3. There is a reason the guy is unsigned and we’re already going into the week 3 of the preseason — the guy wasn’t very good last year with the Bucs. Look at the Bucs depth chart at TE, if Dallas was even close to being serviceable they would have brought him back. He’s done — the guy got no separation as the year went on last year and his blocking was sub-par.

  4. I love Dallas Clark’s career, but if he had anything of note left he would have been off of the market long ago.

  5. Clark had a decent year last year with a mediocre at best qb. Flacco could increase those numbers.

  6. Ravenousmind upchucked;
    “I’m calling it now..if we sign him he will catch a minimum 5TD…”

    No way dude! I bet undrafted Patriots rookie tightend Zach Sudfeld gets double the TD’s that old man Clark gets on any team this year!
    Why didn’t the masterful Raven’s front office pick him up, eh?

  7. This is a great move for B’more, the final piece to the puzzle.
    This is the year 2008, right?

  8. Mutual interest sounds about right – a has-been player paired with a has-been team.

  9. Stokley and now Clark? Adding guys in their mid-thirties, that are getting no looks elsewhere, seems like a panic move.

  10. Good move if using him as depth, horrible move if used as a starter. AFC North defenses bullied him as a Colt pretty easily in 2011 so can’t see him as much of a threat 2 years later.

  11. crown never stops spewing worthless hatred about everything raven related…even when his beloved steelers are down and out, which they will be again after about week 7 when big head ben gets steamrolled countless times by that fraud of an offensive line who o-ley opposing defensive players…

  12. with v shank. and dixon we only keep 3 plus juicecheck i was hoping m.frusterburg stayed but signing doesnt mean they make the team.

  13. No hatred mclovin, just calling it how I see it. I’m actually happy you won the SB – it lead to a ridiculously large contract for a ridiculously average QB, which led to the ushering out of most key players, which led to signing guys in their mid-to-late 30’s.

  14. Crown you need to fact check. Joes contract had nothing to do with the FA’s we lost and really where did we lose in FA? Kruger took 5 years to develop into a decent pass rush specialist and who did we replace him with? Right all pro Dumervil. Lost Ellerbe to Miami and everyone forgets HE WAS A CAREER BACKUP! McClain, who is still here, was starting opposite Ray. Speaking of Ray, he retired and Ed moved on. Those 2 are names you claimed we’re washed up anyway so again, how did we lose talent there? And who else? 40 year old Birk? Or Q who had separation issues and we traded NOT for cap reasons. Mind you Joe is still not even a top 3 paid player on this team and if anything his contract helped this team considering the cap hit associated with a franchised QB far surpasses what Joe makes now. And really if you want to go there? I suggest looking at cap hit for Joe versus Ben against games played. I’d take a stab and say Joe makes less per game then the oft injured Ben. I’d take an iron man above average QB over a constantly hurt good QB anyday. Then again deep down in sure you would take last years SuperBowl MVP over your QB who single handily lost you 3 games. Although I’d never expect you to admit it.

  15. By the way, Crown, didya notice Ravens, Browns and Bengals all won? How does the preseason basement feel? Don’t worry. Something tells me you’ll get used to it for at least 20 more weeks.

  16. rockthered1286 says:

    Crown you need to fact check. Joes contract had nothing to do with the FA’s we lost. Mind you Joe is still not even a top 3 paid player on this team and if anything his contract helped this team…
    It’s almost like you think there will be no football past 2015. I guess that would explain why you don’t think his contract affected the team’s plans, which includes long-term (past 2015). You really think the FO is ignoring for the time being that you have a $30m bill due in 36 months? If you don’t think that influences there decisions on other pieces of the puzzle, then I venture you’ve never been involved in running a business. And answer me this Mr Economics, how can he be the highest paid player in NFL history (at the time), yet not even be the top on his team? Your looking at things one season at a time, my guess is we won’t hear one peep from about Joe’s value in a few years.

  17. You know what you’re getting with Clark

    Clark had 3 unbelieveable years right in the middle of his career with Peyton. Those were the anomoly.

    The rest were exactly what he did last year-
    5 TDS 40 receptions 450-500 yards.

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