Questions raised about Santonio Holmes “milking” his injury


It’s been more than 10 months since Jets receiver Santonio Holmes suffered a Lisfranc injury that ended his 2012 season, and Holmes is reportedly telling people that it may be another couple months before he’s ready to return. Now questions are being raised about what’s taking Holmes so long to get back on the field.

Rich Cimini of reports that people close to the organization don’t know what to believe, raising the question of whether he’s milking the injury.

The structure of Holmes’s contract makes it a near certainty that he will be released after the 2013 season and become an unrestricted free agent in 2014, and that means Holmes may be thinking more about being healthy when he hits free agency than he’s thinking about helping the Jets win this year. Cimini reports that some people think Holmes is “dragging it out to avoid training camp,” and that Holmes was “seemingly playing to the crowd” as he walked across the practice field gingerly in front of fans at training camp.

Of course, the reality is that only Holmes knows how his foot feels, and if he’s still in pain and doesn’t think he’s 100 percent, it’s reasonable for him to take it slowly until he’s back to 100 percent. But teams want their players on the field, and Holmes’s prolonged absence is starting to raise questions.

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  1. When the Jets got Holmes for a 5th, I was shocked. It didn’t take long to understand why the Steelers were so willing to get rid of him.

  2. Oh. Who cares. I recently injured myself and my employer kept pushing me towards coming back early. Only HE knows how he feels. He should take the Derrick Rose route and take as much time as he needs.

  3. The last thing I want to do is support santonio, the guy’s a virus, but with as cut throat as the league is, sometimes players need to do what’s best for themselves because that’s exactly what front offices do

  4. I’m a jets fan, if this is true I really hope we cut Holmes. There is only so much you can take about hearing how this guy has problems. Yelling in the huddle, starting locker room problems, and now stealing money? Such a malcontent.

  5. Not a fan of the Jets in general, and not a fan of Santonio Holmes in particular, but Lisfranc injuries are serious business.

    In particular, Holmes one of the worst types since the fracture occurred in the arch of his foot. It wasn’t too long ago that these injuries were considered career-threatening.

    Not everybody can make an AP-style miraculous comeback from a serious injury. It’s absurd that a player is accused of “milking an injury” 10 months into his rehab when the projected recovery time is about a year.

  6. Well the people close to the organization already have had him on their team and spent time with him and they know everything about him that they need to know or they should. They chose to invest in him and so if they have a change of heart then go ahead and dump him. The Jets took control of this situation, they still have control, and so there is no possibility for a concern here. They get to pick whether they want to keep him or not and so there should be no complaints later on if they pick the wrong decision.

  7. Unlike 99% of the players in the NFL, Holmes has already made the club even though he remains in the tub. Everyone saw what a team player he was the end of the 2011 season in Miami. His contract guarantees he’ll play when he wants to.

  8. Not a Santonio fan at all, by any stretch, but do know Lisfranc is a very serious injury with a long, slow, recovery process.

  9. If Holmes is going to be released by the Jets at the end of the season then he has to get back on the field and prove to other teams that he’s healthy so he can get a big FA contract. If he continues to sit out it will just demonstrate to other teams that he’s injury prone and not deserving a big money risk in a new contract.

    As a result, either Holmes logic is faulty, some members of the Jets organization are misreading this situation, or this article is kind of bogus. Or all of the above.

  10. Probably the smartest player on the team. With those QBs I would use any excuse not to play.

  11. It just goes to show you, and you only have to look at the Giants and, to some extent, the Steelers, just because a WR is a Super Bowl MVP one year doesn’t mean he will be inducted into Canton. Steelers were smart to jettison him.

  12. They need to cut him.
    The Jets are not doing anything this year anyway, so let him go his meandering way and make a team statement.
    The more these malcontents get treated as they deserve, the better for the entire NFL.
    But then, what would the media have to write/report about? Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

  13. Who would want to be a receiver for the jets anyway..A suicide mission., Especially w/Marcia [ love her hairbands though] Sanchez throwing.

    Then again, Santonio a of many in the jets circus. All that’s missing is the tent.

    He can play this out all he wants, but, no one wants him..other than the jets.

    Happy 45th anniversary jet fans!!!!!

  14. I hope he doesn’t think he’s getting around anything by milking an injury, he’s setting his self up for a major injury simply because he’s not getting his body ready for the season…

  15. This a huge lose-lose scenario. If he really is hurt, he’s still hurt (lose). If he really isn’t hurt, he’s a lot less likely to play real hard when his own team is whispering about it. Aside from one Super Bowl, I was never real impressed with Holmes.

  16. biggestredmiami says:Aug 11, 2013 2:11 PM

    The Jets LOL

    Two factoids:

    1. Holmes is a bum.
    2. The Dolphins have not won a playoff game since 2000.

  17. Good luck in free agency. Teams that need WR are avoiding the likes of TO and Moss, not because they can’t play, but because they are divas. Holmes is a diva on steroids. He’ll be lucky to get the vet’s minimum when his turn come around.

  18. @packerbackernj:

    If you didn’t ever live in Wisconsin, you’re a bandwagoner. At least Jets fans stick with their home team, win or lose.

    Let me guess…a Heat fan!

  19. Well, when you’re left guessing whether a player is really hurt, it’s best to start with what ISN’T open to interpretation: the fact that he had a grade-4 lis-franc injury. Now a lis franc injury is bad no matter what grade, but grade 4 is the worst because it involves both a fracture and muscle-ligament damage.

    So at the outset, you know that he suffered a very serious injury. It’s not as if he’s staying out with a sprain. I think that has to be considered.

  20. Lisfranc injuries end careers…for the job that he has to do (cutting and stopping on a dime), this type of injury affects it immensely. If I were in his shoes (no pun intended), based upon his contract status and the fortunes for this season’s Jets squad, it may be best to get absolutely 100% before even sniffing live action.

  21. I think Holmes is just making sure he is healthy enough to torch Aquib Talib in week two ….like DeSean Jackson did this week.

  22. I’m all for having guys who are selfless team players – but exactly why should Holmes risk his remaining salary earning career years to help a lame duck team coached by a lame duck coach?

    Seems to me if Holmes is doing what they say, he’s a lot smarter than I’ve given him credit for in the past

  23. I had a stress fracture in my right foot years ago. Don’t know if that’s the same thing as a lis franc but it was extremely painful whenever I had to put weight on the foot in a certain way, and extremely easy to reinjure. It took about 2 years to fully heal because I didn’t have the luxury of staying off it much and reinjured it at least a half dozen times maybe more.

    I loathe Santurdio, but in this case I don’t blame him for being careful.

  24. All I can I’d that particular injury is a little weird and other professional athletes have been called out on it. I’m pretty sure he is hurting or he would be playing.

  25. If you got money for nothin’ would you ride that wave all the way to the shore? I think so…

  26. .

    Could Rich Cimini (or any other entity) define what ” people close to the organization ” means?


  27. I notice the article says “people close to the organization”. It doesn’t say people “in the organization”. It also doesn’t say what the team doctors are saying. Are the doctors the ones who are accusing him of dogging it? Have they cleared him to play? Who is it the front office doesn’t believe? The doctors or Holmes? Do they trust their own doctors? Do they think Holmes is going to declare himself healthy for the season opener? That doesn’t guarantee that he will make it through the season unscathed, to make it to free agency. He would have to miss the entire season to guarantee being totally healthy.
    The Jets really are a messed up organization.

  28. Can anyone be sure Rex even knows he’s not playing? After all he doesn’t watch the offense.

  29. A college kid with some baggage is worth the risk. An NFL free agent who still hasn’t matured after years in the league is definitely NOT worth the money or the risk.

  30. Steelsity: “The last thing I want to do is support santonio, the guy’s a virus, but with as cut throat as the league is, sometimes players need to do what’s best for themselves because that’s exactly what front offices do”

    You absolutely nailed it, buddy! Couldn’t agree more. Give any team in the league half an excuse and the opportunity to cast a player aside and they will. These guys sacrifice a lot/take a lot of abuse to line team owners’ pockets. Holmes- and any injured player – should take their time and get healthy before getting back on the field.

  31. Peyton Manning sits out an entire season with neck surgery, and we don’t hear anything negative about him. Santonio Holmes misses OTA’s, training, and 1 preseason game, & people accusing him of “milking” his injury, smh!! If I was him I would take my time coming back too. As a WR he needs to make sure his foot is completely healed or else he may not be up to full speed. This is also a “business”.. Teams are quick to trade or release a player and say its for the better of the team, but if a player thinks about himself, family or career people will start saying things like “selfish player” & start to question character..

  32. Of course he is … He is a bum … Who dropped a pass and let te 49ers defense pick it up And score a TD and then Sanchez for blamed… It’s bill crap! The new GM John Izydick has to fire S. Holmes Now! He sucks

  33. Hold up didn’t the Jets just force Holmes to take a cut of $3.5 million this year? And you all want him to push himself to come back for what? He’s in the final year of his contract and I wouldn’t risk re injury my foot either for preseason game. Also it’s funny that most of you wouldn’t go above and beyond on your jobs if your employer cut your salary 35% but it’s OK to bash on someone else.

  34. “WONDERING!” I would ASSUME this self-centered low life was “milking” the entire thing. Holmes has already self-announced he will miss the first four games some time back! This guy was an all-time poor selection for the Jets.

  35. creatoroftheuniverse says:
    Aug 11, 2013 2:13 PM
    Oh. Who cares. I recently injured myself and my employer kept pushing me towards coming back early. Only HE knows how he feels. He should take the Derrick Rose route and take as much time as he needs.
    I’m guessing you, like he are getting paid while you are out. Cutting that down would make a lot of injuries much less “serious”. I worked in HR so I know.

    I’ve never seen and NFL example of any player with a Lisfranc take this long and we all know he’s a selfish immature person so it wouldn’t surprise me if he were milking it.

  36. The best part about this circus is the ringmaster. Now, wait a minute, it’s the sideshows. No, it’s the location. Ohhhhh, to be a Jets fan.

  37. Like a lot of NFL divas, he’s probably waiting for preseason to end- his supreme talent can’t be risked for a meaningless game….

  38. The JETS are so ignorant for giving this pot smoking bum a $30 million contract.. Holmes is taking full advantage and the JETS are too blame. Once he feels like playing again he will not be an effective WR because he has always sucked balls .

  39. J-E-T-S…jets jets jets,,,,if there is a worse managed band of clowns, criminals, and sissies in this league just show me. From the owner to the coach, to the players, there is nothing salvageable, not a single one. Hell if fat boy was smart he would quit instead of being fired after game 5, but he is so busy sucking toes and whoring his wife out, he couldn’t win if he tried. You have the all time football follies highlight, the eternal butt fumble. A worthless QB who is hot tubbing with teenagers. Hell you don’t even have your own stadium, you have to share it.

    L-O-S-E-R-S,,losers losers losers

  40. Wow do many haters if your injuredand you feel that you physically can’t play what the he’ll is the big deal.
    The man has a contract that the organization has follow.It is what it is.
    He is not an indentured servant he took a pay cut from the Jets so what the Gerik are some you misinformed
    Idiots are talking about.

  41. arrackis says: Aug 11, 2013 6:17 PM

    Wow do many haters if your injuredand you feel that you physically can’t play what the he’ll is the big deal.
    The man has a contract that the organization has follow.It is what it is.
    He is not an indentured servant he took a pay cut from the Jets so what the Gerik are some you misinformed
    Idiots are talking about

    ……Ah …..Um…..Dude, you actually write with an accent. But from where is a mystery.
    If your native language is not English, then God bless…but if English is your native language……
    By the way…what is a Gerik???????????

  42. In all seriousness, look at this collection of bozos:

    1. Rey Ryan – Supposed leader who supposedly offered his wife up on a swingers network and into foot stuff
    2. Santonio Holmes – Wake and Bake
    3. Cromartie – What 9 kids to 7 different women?
    4. Sanchez – Wasn’t he caught on camera running around nude and also posed in a full length fur coat?
    5. McNight – Arrested and can’t speak clearly
    6. Geno Smith – Pouted during Draft where he was OVERDRAFTED, then fires his agent. Dude can’t read a defense.

    This team is soooo ill-conceived. Blow it up.

  43. The jets are like the movie ground hog day, they wake up and the same things happen over and over again to them. Nothing changes.

  44. “This team is soooo ill-conceived. Blow it up.”

    Too late, they’ve already imploded it themselves.

  45. Aaroncurryisabust: “Not every player decides to abuse HGH like that juiced up roidmonkey Adrian Peterson.”

    You do realize how racist that sounds, right? I hope, for your sake, you were drunker than Riley cooper at a horrible concert when you typed it. Bozo.

  46. While I don’t like Santonio Holmes after what how he acting during the season which pretty much made LT leave (I’m an eagles fan at that), Rich Cimini is one of those people that you don’t listen to like Howard Eskin.

  47. I’m as anti Jets as anyone, and think Santonio is one
    of those players that you get “addition by subtraction” when he leaves.

    But, there has been many others that have not come back from Lis-Franc surgery in less than a year, and in some cases it has been career ending.

  48. Why are the JeTS wasting there money and time with this bum… I hope this Lis Franic injury ends his career because he is a bum who smokes weed all day …. He also was the reason the JETS lost to the 49ers last year and Miami the year before. He is a bum fire him now

  49. @steeelfann ….. I like your break down of the JETS , your right on the money on your #6 point … Geno Smith is a crybaby Diva

  50. I laugh at the clown circus that is the Jets as much as the rest of the country, but they really need to clean house from the top to the bottom. Get rid of the GM, coach, and cancerous players.

  51. He’ll be back when the Jets play NE. The Jets don’t want NE to create a defense to stop Holmes

  52. Not sure if I believe him, that said I’ve had foot injuries and they SUCK. So it also wouldn’t shock me if he’s really still hurt & the Jets are just stupid… As usual.

  53. The Jets make it easy to pile on and talk about what a “circus” the team is, but they really aren’t that much worse than any other team that needs a rebuild. Ryan is going back to paying attention to the defensive side of the ball, which is where he belongs; the GM that made all of the terrible personnel moves was fired and the new GM has had one off season to work with; the structure of older contracts has made it impossible to cut all of the bust players and still field a team; and the New York media loves nothing more than to kick someone when they’re down, so all of the worst news gets shouted the loudest.

    Waiting until he is 100% healed up before getting back on the field makes a lot of sense for Santonio for a number of reasons. He won’t do much to improve the squad at less than full go, so at best he can ensure that whoever “wins” the QB competition gets benched four games in. If he misses out on a few games then you can accurately look at the difference in the success of the team with him on and off the field, because last year it had a giant impact on the team when he went down and that can only help him in free agency. Rushing back to play with the foot at 80% makes him more likely to re-injure himself and miss this season in addition to time missed last year, will reduce the quality of his output, and even avoiding re-injury will extend the healing time for getting back to 100%.

    The complete lack of talent at the skill position on the team will of course make them want to bring him back as quickly as possible, because regardless of how much he makes it easy to dislike him, he’s a good player. In what everyone knows will be his last year with the team, what incentive is there for him to make anything other than a business decision? The Jets will be blown up and be in full rebuild mode with a new coach next season barring a miracle.

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