Stafford says Bush gives Lions a threat they’ve never seen before


Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford saw something in the preseason opener against the Jets that he had never seen before.

According to the Lions’ website, when Stafford hit Calvin Johnson for a 28-yard gain on the Lions’ second offensive series, the Jets’ cornerback left Johnson open to account for running back Reggie Bush in the flat. Stafford said afterward that he thinks that shows how big an impact Bush will have on the Lions’ offense: Defenses can’t just key on Megatron anymore.

“I’m used to it the other way around,” Stafford said. “I went up to Reggie afterwards and I was like, ‘Nobody ever drops Calvin for anybody.’ It was kind of awesome having a corner drop Calvin to play Reggie coming out of the backfield. That’s the kind of the offense that we envision.”

It is, of course, just the preseason. Teams don’t game plan in the preseason the way they do in the regular season, and it’s entirely possible that if the Jets had been game planning to stop Megatron for a week, Stafford wouldn’t have seen the same coverage he saw on Friday night.

But it’s still a promising sign for the Lions that they have a running back who can threaten opposing defenses in a way that no one on last year’s roster could.

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  1. Reggie Bush will Definately make the Lions offense better. Only the Jets would leave Megatron open, just a sign of a poorly coached team.

  2. let me get this straight, the jets ALWAYS accounted for and gave safety help to cover Hartline, even with Bush in the flats and there is someone out there that thinks they would not do that for Johnson during a meaningful game?

    Thats a real shame

    Seems someones going to get their heart broke
    and thats coming from a bush fan

  3. I definitely try not to get too excited about preseason football. Teams don’t plan at all against other teams so this doesn’t mean a ton. I’m actually ok with a defense bracketing or doubling Megatron. Bush has enough talent to take advantage.

    P.S. I’m curious why nobody is talking about Mikel Leshour being the 3rd rb on the depth chart.

  4. Dude will be great for 5 weeks then in and out if the lineup with small injuries the rest of the year. I really like the guy and wish the best for him, but he is to fragile for an every down type player.

  5. “Stafford says Bush gives Lions a threat they’ve never seen before”

    and as of pre-season game 1 – we still haven’t…

  6. My Lions are looking legit this year. Glad we picked up reggie because not only is he gonna draw attention from opposing defenses, but he’s also a positive influence inside the locker room. The o line also looked a lot better than I expected and I was glad to see Ansah off to a bright start. Can’t wait for the real games to begin!

  7. I’m pretty sure the Lions have always had the threat of an overrated bum getting injured, nothing new here, move along

  8. I’m sure lion fans are excited about Bush, just like saints fans and Miami fans once were..Reggie is all hype and will show flashes of some great games, but he’s an injury prone back..he may play 12 games but guaranteed to be injured at some point during the season…

  9. Ha! I love how he and the lions can just blatantly disregard everything that Jahvid Best meant to their team before he got hurt. At best (no pun intended) I think Reggie Bush will do just as well, I doubt that he’ll be considerably better.

  10. Schwartz took over 4 years ago with Stafford as his QB…..since then, the Lions have a point differential of -217

    he has compiled a record of 22-43

    isn’t this experiment just about at the end of its run?

  11. Yeah…thats called a zone. he did what he is supposed to do. dawan landry is new to the team and was late in shifting over to make the play. the fact that cromartie let him go is a great sign of a desciplined player and team. rex ryan is just a good defensive coach, say what u want about him…he always puts out a smart, aggressive defense. oh, and for all the people on here that didn’t recognize that extremely boring and low level zone scheme…i guess high schools need trumpet players too.

  12. It’s preseason let the lions have their time to shine. It’s a fast 4 weeks for them brag about how great they are. Bush is the 3rd best RB in the division maybe 4th if Lacey is as good as he was at bama.

  13. Dear Detroit,

    This is the most optimistic I have been about a Lion’s team since Barry Sanders, Herman Moore, and Chris Spielman were out there…which unfortunately probably means that
    you will create 12 more ways to lose in heartbreaking fashion. You can’t fool me! I will watch every game but I cannot take you guys seriously until you double your playoff win total…meaning win 1 game. I will NOT let you tear my heart out and blend it.

  14. I remember back in 08 they moved up in the third round and picked up a back, Kevin Smith. With him in the back field (with Rudi Johnson) and megatron on the outside they looked unbeatable. As a matter of fact they didn’t lose a single preseason game.
    Looks like the same team.
    Staffords not much better then Culpepper,
    Heads coaches are about the same talent level,
    Bush at this point is no better then KS that year
    and megatron is still megatron.

    Don’t get to excited lions fans, that season didn’t end so well either.

  15. Reggie was happy to go to Miami to play on grass. Turf is where all of his injuries happened.

    He’s good for some highlight plays but also can’t be depended on for a full season. Dances too much behind the line and is poor on blitz pickups.

    Other than that….

  16. I hope he means since he has been there because im pretty sure the Lions fans and organization once watched this guy named Barry Sanders and if my memory serves me correctly… he wasn’t too bad.

  17. Dear Detroit,

    This is the most optimistic I have been about a Lion’s team since Barry Sanders, Herman Moore, and Chris Spielman were out there…which unfortunately probably means that
    you will create 12 more ways to lose in heartbreaking fashion. You can’t fool me! I will watch every game but I cannot take you guys seriously until you double your playoff win total…meaning win 1 game. I will NOT let you tear my heart out and blend it.

    Im right there with you…

  18. Obviously this KID is to young, and not well versed in Lions history to remember #20. I watched that man make my team look foolish on several occasions. Reggie Bush could not carry Barry Sanders’ jock strap.

  19. Bush will fit in good with the Lions offense. He adds versatility and a scoring threat. he wasnt brought in to run 25 times between the tackles. Nobody in Detroit is counting anything until January comes around.

  20. That’s great and all, but if we are going off of end results, and yes its preseason, they only scored three offfensive points. Until the Lions can prove they can get into the endzone on a consistent basis, they’ll just be the same Lions of last year; gaudy statistics and few wins.

  21. NFCN gearing up to be a really tough division. Right now, I think public sentiment sides with the NFCW as the best division in football. While I think the NFCW is a little better at the top right now, I give the edge on depth to the north. I’m not as high on the rams as everyone, Bradford is overpaid and overrated and their best offensive player is a rookie.

    With the Lions healthy, they are one of the more dangerous “last place” teams from 2012.

  22. Well I was about to make a long post here, but my feeling is I will probably be complaining about Stafford on a week to week basis anyhow, so what’s the point. Just shut up man and go earn your paycheck for once in your lifetime. No more talking for you.

  23. Let’s get some facts straight about injuries and usage: Reggie played 2 seasons for the inept Dolphins, who had absolutely no weapons other than him. He had 60 more carries in each of these 2 seasons than his max with the Saints. He missed 1 game. The Lions top 3(mediocre at best) backs combined for 96 catches last year. He is the perfect addition to this team. Expect fireworks.

  24. Yes, they may have something on offense – but its the defense that made Sanchez look like the next Joe Montana people should be concerned with.

  25. As a Dolphins fan, I was sorry to see him leave. Injury prone? Yes. Every down back? No. But the kids a weapon, and has the moves to take it home from anywhere on the field. I wish him the best in Detroit.

  26. I don’t blame Stafford for being excited. Last year teams blanketed Calvin and dared someone else to catch a pass. With no running game, Nate and Broyles out, and Young’s mental illness starting to manifest, it was hard to make defenses pay for that strategy.

    This year the offense looks phenomenal. We’re going to light up the scoreboard.

    But as someone else already noted – the big concern is how the secondary allowed Sanchez to complete an easy-breezy touchdown pass. That guy was so open that an 8th grader could have thrown that strike.

    Things aren’t anywhere near as bad as when defensive guru Rod Marinelli’s defense couldn’t stop a middle school pop warner team from scoring 35 points; however, there’s reason for concern.

  27. So many Lions haters. I think Lions fans (myself included) have endured enough torture. We’ve become the cubbies of football. It’s painful, however I’m with Stafford. I think we finally have something to be excited about and I’m not just talking about Reggie.

  28. Will it be as easy to blame everything on this Bush as it was (and still is) to blame everything on GW Bush?

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