Ahmad Bradshaw activated from PUP list


At the end of July, Colts running back Ahmad Bradshaw said that he hoped to start practicing in a couple of weeks.

His hopes have been realized. The NFL’s daily transaction release served as the announcement that the Colts have activated Bradshaw from the physically unable to perform list, freeing the former Giant to join his teammates at practice for the first time.

Bradshaw’s long-standing foot problems have kept him from practicing regularly in the last couple of years, so it’s likely that the Colts will also take a proactive approach to managing the wear and tear on his feet so that they have him available on Sundays.

If he is, it’s probably a good bet that he’ll wind up taking the lead over Vick Ballard in the Colts’ running back rotation. Ballard should still see plenty of time as new offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton has said that he wants the team to run more often than they did with Bruce Arians making the calls, but Bradshaw’s ability to pass block and catch balls out of the backfield in addition to his skills on the ground should make him a good fit on an offense with Andrew Luck at quarterback.

18 responses to “Ahmad Bradshaw activated from PUP list

  1. Colts fans seem to think Bradshaw is the second coming of Walter Payton or Barry Sanders.

    A) He’s too fragile, and B) he’s not in their class.

    Of course this is the same group that think Andrew Luck is Peyton Manning Jr.

  2. With Bradshaw’s foot problems, hopefully the Colts’ OC can put some “Pep” in his step. Bah-dump-dump.

  3. Ahmad Bradshaw was great for the Giants but he was no Tiki Barber. All you haters will rant against Tiki, but like I keep telling you, Tiki was the best Giant of the past 20 years. Without Tiki, the Giants would never have won any Super Bowls under Coughlin and Eli would be a backup in Miami. Tikiis a classy man and a good husband. He gets a very unfair rap about his divorce.

  4. No one said he was the second coming of barry sanders but the point of having a decent running back for the first time since Edge James way back in 03 is a lil exciting…and fragile or not he always post 1000 yd seasons..n 5 or more TDs even with a broken foot….he always play 12 or more games a season…I mean hes no AP…but hes decent

  5. I’ve seen plenty of people over-valuing Bradshaw. He’s more comparable to Brown/Ballard than the others.

    He doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Edgerrin James.

  6. Pay no mind to these ignorant fools I promise they’ll be jumping on the band wagon or scrambling to pick bradshaw up in fantasy leagues when he’s running over defenses in games

  7. As I said, he doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Edgerrin James.
    (Insert breath here)
    They have had plenty of backs of Bradshaw’s ilk. Addai, Rhodes Brown.

    They should have just fed Ballard this season. All that cap room and so little to show for it.

  8. Addai’s first two seasons…yes after that he fizzled out…Rhodes…yea but he was a starting every down back…n Brown?????….hes…well …..Brown…..n again I’m NOT comparing him to Edge

  9. Justinstuckrule sez: “Withoit Tiki, the. Giants never have won any Super Bowls under Coughlin”

    Uhh..tiki wasn’t on the roster for either of those years.

    This is a thread about Bradshaw anyway.

    He can easily take the starting job from those other stiffs… Until he breaks, sprains, pulls, or tears something.

  10. To me he’s not an upgrade to Ballard. I would have gone with Ballard as RB1, Brown at RB2/3rd down, and a rookie for spot duty. To me he’s not an upgrade and would have allowed Ballard and the rest of the young kids to grow together.

  11. is sarcasm a colts fan? ballard is going to be good, I would agree about that. whats it hurt to have bradshaw around to take some carries and show the kid how to be a workhorse by example in practice and game prep? everything I’ve seen from bradshaw is hard work and tough yards gained – a lot of yards after contact.

  12. Sarcasm I don’t want Peyton manning jr.
    For as much as I enjoyed Peyton Sr. You will
    Find out soon enough that Andrew Luck will do
    what Peyton had the toughest time doing although
    not always his fault and that’s win in the playoffs.
    So thanks for trying but Peyton proved he is the BEST EVER
    regular season QB. Andrew has a chance to be the best ever QB.

  13. Bradshaw doesn’t have to get 1,500 yards. He (and Ballard) just has to give the Colts a legit run game, which they haven’t had for years.

    Brown, Ballard, Carter and Bradshaw is a very good, deep group.

    The Colts offense is going to be very good this year.

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