Alex Smith on facing the 49ers: It’s definitely different


The Chiefs don’t face the 49ers during the regular season, which means that quarterback Alex Smith won’t get a chance to face off with his old teammates in a meaningful game this year.

He will get the chance to play them in an exhibition game on Friday night, however, and he said Monday that there’s a different feeling around the game than there is in a typical preseason affair. While Smith stressed that he thought this was going to be a good test for the team’s offense, he didn’t try to avoid the fact that playing the team you played with during the first eight years of his career makes for some odd feelings.

“It’s different. Of course it’s different. I was there eight years. These are a lot of my good friends. Definitely different,” Smith said during an interview with Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt on Sirius XM NFL Radio. “But the weird thing is, it’s still a preseason game. If it were a regular season game, I think we’d have a little more to talk about but this still isn’t the main focus.”

Smith also said that he didn’t think he would be able to give the Chiefs any schematic edge in the game because his familiarity with the 49ers’ defensive personnel doesn’t extend to their game plans. Since teams generally don’t do much team-specific game-planning at this point in the preseason, that’s probably not much of a problem and the zero stakes nature of the game should mean that it doesn’t wind up looking much different than a preseason game between two teams without any prior relationships.

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  1. We’ll always consider Alex a 49er. We all know he didn’t get a fair shot in the beginning, but it is what it is now. If the 49ers aren’t hoisting that trophy in February, I think every one of us is hoping KC does.

  2. Will the media aim cameras at the 49ers GM and go with the whole “he’s worse than Hitler” angle like ESPN did with Thompson during that Favre game?

  3. As a life time 49’ers fan, I wish they would of let Alex keep his job. He was coming into his own and had done things Steve Young and Jeff Garcia could not do in beating Green Bay in Green Bay (not to mention beating Seattle).

    I know Kaepernick did a great job with the run and long throws, but Alex was beginning to thread the needle (IE; NO divisional game and last game against AZ) that Montana used to make.

    Best of luck to him; I hope he make the probowl and leads this team far into the playoffs.

  4. I am a niner fan and I appreciate what Alex Smith did for the team the past 2 years. Before then, though, it was pretty grim. There is this weird mythology around him like I never seen with any other player. Many felt that he was a bust given his #1 overall selection and the success of the player not chosen (Rodgers). To that crowd, he could never live up to their expectations. Then there is the opposite camp, the true believers, who correctly judged that he is an exemplary person off field and believe that he must also have supreme athletic talents which were masked by bad coaching, bad teammates, turnover in the OC position, etc. Seems like none of that would ever have happened if simply had been a third round pick. His talent would have been more accurately judged with less emotion on both sides. Even though that has been a big headache for him, I don’t feel too bad for him because he has made a lot of money and he has been given way more chances to develop into who he is now than a player who was not drafted so highly. All that said, I wish him the best and believe he will be successful in KC.

  5. Some of my fellow niner fans are making me sick, yes we were not the best franchise when alex was there but lets be real. If you had a job 8 years and you were bad/average at best for 7 of those years, you probably would have been fired a long time ago. Alex(nine lives) Smith got PLENTY of chances, time to move on!

  6. Lifelong 49er fan here. I wish Alex nothing but the best…he was treated poorly by both the “fans” as well as the front office and coaching staff. Yet, he handed his entire tenure with nothing but the utmost in class. Unfortunately, this didn’t rub off on our current starting QB.

    The playoff win against the Saints was the most amazing game I’ve ever watched…and I was fortunate enough to have seen it live.

    If Alex was behind center for the Superbowl last year, I truly believe the 49ers would’ve won it.

    While I remain a 49er fan, I’ll be pulling hard for the Chiefs and Alex!

  7. Love the Smith support. The guy is all class. I’ve had a ton of respect for him for what he’s endured throughout his career coming in as a #1 pick to a struggling team and being constantly compared to Aaron Rodgers, but after the concussion and losing his job to Kaep, how he continued to mentor and support Kaep was great to see. True professional and might be taboo to say, but I see some Tom Brady in him. Ok, his deep ball leaves a lot to be desired, but he’s much more athletic, his initial reads at the line are phenomenal and he will kill you with short, precise passing.

    Web said it best, if the 9ers aren’t hosting the Lombardi trophy in February, hope Smith and the Chiefs are.

  8. @ ctiggs

    Your awful math is making me sick. He played on the 49ers for 7 years, not 8 and was great the last 2, not just 1. Even so, his last 4 years his QB rating was above 80 and he improved every year. Not to mention the fact last year was the first time he ever had the same OC for more than one year. Don’t be the reason people call 49er fans, “40-whiners”

  9. Love how the media always gives the credit to kaep on making it to the sb last year and he was the missing piece…never seem to mention how smith played his brains out in the playoffs 2 years ago and if not for 2 botched fumbles on special teams would have gone to the sb also and probably would have won. Niners will regret letting him go, he manages the offense better and is much less risk of getting hurt, if kaep gets hurt the niners are screwed.

  10. This would be a much different article if it were about Greg Jennings and going back to Green Bay. I’m marking my calendar for that one! Lol.

    Best of luck Alex. You were always pure class and this 9er fan salutes you.

    Also….to my fellow English speaking fans. It is “Would’ve” as in “would have” and NEVER “would of”. Automatic thumbs down and I even shake my head at you like so…… doesn’t feel too good does it? Lol

  11. KC is going to be happy with Alex. He’s as honest of a QB as they come. Build a good team, they will be good, build a bad team they will be bad. KC has six pro bowlers, Alex should have more than enough to produce a solid team.

  12. kylehealy

    7 or 8 years what ever. What is your definition of playing great dude? Yes he had multiple OC, but use your eye test, this kid was never great. He played not to lose, which was fine but we as 49er fans need and deserve more. If you are satisfied with average and no Championships so be it, because im not. Smith had his chance and i was the main one screaming lets draft this kid, over Aaron Rodgers.

  13. theyson:

    49ers would have won the Superbowl if Alex Smith was the QB? Uh, maybe if he had the 2011 defense with him. You forget at the end of 2012 the 49ers defense had a pretty big dropoff, with the injuries to Justin Smith and Aldon Smith. I am not sure they even win the first playoff game against Green Bay without Kaepernick’s 181 yards on the ground. In the SB Kaepernick went over 300 yards passing, something Alex Smith only did a handful of time over his entire career, let alone against the AFC champion. We will never know, but I don’t think there is a great argument that Smith would have had a better post-season.

  14. All the best of Luck to Alex for his career in KC.
    Good post theyson! A lot of fans seem to think that teams remain static from one season to another. There are even major changes that sometimes happen during the same season because of injuries etc. The team at the end of last year was not the same team the 49ers fielded in 2011. Special teams, which was a big strength in 2011 took a dive to something more normal this last season. The 49ers set a turnover to take away ratio record in 2011 and it dropped by 19 in 2012. That’s 19 less possessions people let alone the effect on the field position involved.

    The quality of the team that began in 2012 was not the same one that finished the season. As theyson already posted, the loss of the Smiths’ turned a great defense into one that gave up an average of 29 pts per game. Then you must also figure in how Ackers injury and the loss of Manningham, Hunter and K. Williams effected the offense. Kaeps special skills were needed to compensate for all those losses for both the offense and defense.

    Could Alex have taken the 49er team that started the season in 2012 to a Super Bowl victory? Probably!. But the question that has to be asked is- could Alex have taken the team the Niner’s turned out to be after all the injuies and losses of key players that transpired thoughout the season? To that I would say a definitely no.

    Harbaugh knew that the team could not count on being as free of injuries and repeating the insane plus turnover to take away ratio. Things happen and each season’s variables are different. It takes both a good team along with some luck to make a successful Super Bowl run.That is why he made the switch. He wanted to optimize his chances. He didn’t expect the that same level of luck to last. That luck turned during the NFC championship, as was evidenced by the better team losing.

    The argument that Alex ( barring a couple bad breaks in the NFCCG ) could have taken the team to the Super Bowl in 2011, means he would also have done so in 2012. This is rather a simplistic analogy and does not consider the variables involved in each of the separate seasons.

  15. This is crazy. People on here saying that if Smith had played in the SB, we would have won. So that means that if Smith had played, we would have beaten GB. ATL as well. Would the Niners have beaten NE had Smith played? C’moooooon Son!! Alex Smith was good for us the last couple of seasons. He got hurt. Kaep stepped in, and won some games. He got us to the SB. We have a good shot at going again, but with a new, more dynamic offense. The defense is a staple in SF. This is no different than Montana and Young. It’s time to move on. The football gods have spoken, and he is in KC. I hope that he has a wonderful career there, and I hope to see him against my SF 49ers in the SB in 2015. This year is out of the question.

  16. The best game ive ever watched had alex smith as the qb. throwing a game winning td. in the first postseason game in 10 years. at candlestick. against NO. That game was epic. The bootleg and the td pass to vernon. Ima watch it now:)

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