Bill Parcells spends $105K on one-year-old colt


On Sunday evening, Bill Parcells bought a horse, and not just any horse. No, this was an expensive horse — and one with a back story.

Parcells, with trainer Gary Sciacca acting as his agent, placed a winning bid of $105,000 for a one-year-old colt at the Fasig-Tipton New York Bred Preferring Yearlings Sale in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Yes, that’s a lot of money for a horse, but Parcells had reason to have an affinity for this young, bay-colored colt.

The yearling is a full brother to a four-year-old colt named Saratoga Snacks whom Parcells owns and Sciacca trains. Saratoga Snacks has developed into a very good sprinter, winning of 6-of-9 races and earning $314,600. Saratoga Snacks last raced on August 1, finishing third in the John Morrissey Stakes at Saratoga just two days before Parcells was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Parcells turns 72 later this month. He has a really nice New York-bred colt who’s good enough to race at his beloved Saratoga, and now he owns one of his siblings.

Life is good.

20 responses to “Bill Parcells spends $105K on one-year-old colt

  1. For those of you out there that love to read stats and project outcomes there’s no better hobby than handicapping. Breaking down a race reminds me of franchise mode in Madden.

  2. The best way to make a small fortune in horse racing is to start with a large fortune.

  3. The runner up to the auction is a dope. Using my ebay skills, I would have figured that the highest bid would have been just north of $100K. He should have bid $112,501.55.

  4. From a gambling perspective horse racing is stupid. The exception is, with cell phones being allowed in many tracks, you can always make your big play offshore and not have to pay the highest juice in gambling.

  5. Three thoughts:

    Why is this our business? Can’t he spend his money however he wants without commentary from the peanut gallery? What’s next? “Bill Parcells spends $2.69 for Charmin at the grocery.” ???

    Second, if this colt is as good as he seems, he’ll easily return positive money on the investment. A few winning purses, a few stud fees, and pretty soon this is a profitable venture. Unlike, say, the investment in Bobby Carpenter.

    Lastly, if Bill Parcells wanted to use $100K as fire starter in his fireplace, there’s a lot more still where that came from. He’s not hurting for money.

  6. Its called a business investment.

    Would you write this article if he just purchased a small town fishing shop for 100K?

    No, you wouldn’t

    I’m pretty sure he didn’t but this horse to ride around his backyard.

  7. Parcells is 72 years old, and has a few million dollars in the bank. He probably doesn’t see any problem with spending his grandchildren’s inheritance on horses. They can wear T-shirts that say “My grand-dad is in the Hall of Fame and all I got was a horse”.

  8. kd75 says:
    Aug 12, 2013 12:58 PM
    Churchill Downs in two years…

    The story said he was a bred sprinter that would be like asking Lawrence Taylor to block.

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