Cary Williams: I wasn’t trying to be a jerk with comments about defense


On Sunday, Eagles cornerback Cary Williams said that he wanted to see the team build a defense that struck fear into the hearts of opposing offenses and referenced his time with the Ravens as an example of the kind of unit he hoped to see the Eagles become in the near future.

Coach Chip Kelly didn’t seem thrilled with Williams’ take, particularly the part that dealt with Williams defending a fight with the Patriots in last week’s joint practice. Williams said Monday that he spoke with Kelly after both men met with the media and felt the need to try to clarify his original comments because he thought they were taken out of context even though he said that he never saw any coverage of his comments.

“My intentions were never to bring grief between me and my teammates or me and this coaching staff,” Williams said, via John Gonzalez of “I just had some comments and that was it. I wasn’t trying to be a jerk about the situation or tell anybody what needs to happen. I just feel like we’re trying to build that culture. I think we’re well on our way. I think, to a degree, it was misunderstood.”

While it might have been bad form to portray the Ravens as having a better approach than the Eagles, Williams’ larger point about the need for the Eagles defense to start scaring opponents is hard to argue with. Defensive coordinator Bill Davis didn’t argue with it, in fact, and said that the Eagles, like all NFL teams, are “striving to be a feared, respected defense.”

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  1. Their (Eagles defense) struck fear into me!…I feared that they won’t stop any professional football team’s offense from getting into the endzone on a consistent basis…Maybe sending them back down to the Pop Warner league to practice the basics of tackling would be a good start…signed, a disgusted Eagles fan.

  2. As an Eagle fan, I’m ok with what he said. He didn’t single anyone out, he said the team needs to find their toughness and he couldn’t be more right. The 1st team D was pushed around on the ground, in the air and most importantly, 3rd downs, just like last year. It may only be one series in preseason and against the Pats, but there are too many new faces on defense this year for them to get away with last year’s problems. Taking accountability starts now, and I’m glad to see someone is.

  3. This sucker just needs to walk the walk.

    all he has done this entire preseason, is re-affirm the fact ideas that he is an over paid, unsportmanslike, mouth running, 15 yard penalty machine waiting to set us back..

    lead by example and your game play.
    Take that mouth running and put it on the shelf until you prove something.

  4. Bill Davis had two prior chances to build good defenses and he failed miserably both times (49ers and Cards). Can’t imagine how he got a third chance as a D coordinator.

  5. One of the ONLY Ravens defenders NOT to instill fear into the opponent was Cary Williams. Congrats Eagles you have joined the many other NFL teams overpaying for Ravens system guys.

  6. As a Ravens fans I have two comments:
    1. I’m glad Williams is with the Eagles, and
    2. He never struck fear in nobody’s heart.
    He should just keep his mouth shut and play football.

  7. I like it. We need a leader. BDawk woulda/and did, say the same thing. Tell em Cary. Get them to be a little nasty too. Go birds!!

  8. The years of the Ravens striking fear was just a few years ago(Long before Williams arrived). But this years looking really good!! GO RAVENS!!

  9. Rc33: This guy’s a borderline NFL talent in the first place.

    That shows you don’t really know the game. He’s quite good…but has a hot temper.

  10. Cary needs to get with the program. Chip Kelley is the future of football. It is no longer about being physical and blocking and tackling.

    Real football is about personalized smoothie recipes, and running as many plays as possible in hopes your opponent gets tired and makes a mistake.

  11. tough guys skip practice to attend dance recitals then continue to take practice off and blame the other guys for not doing well. yes he is a jerk until he shows up and participates in the toughness. maybe he should lead by example make a few tackles then talk. he soon forgets his tough guy Ravens were one of the 4 teams to lose to the team that caused them no fear.

  12. What’s wrong is he’s complaining about the other guys being bullies… in a league where bullying matters.

    What he’s really mad about is that his new team doesn’t not bully anyone.

    He wants to be a Raven

  13. This is what happens when a 2nd stringer with a Super Bowl ring get paid big money. Glad he’s gone from the Ravens and we got our 1st string Pro-bowler Laurdius Webb back.

  14. Davis became DC because no one wanted the Eagles job.

    My sugession would be to ask Dawkins and like Dawkins ,Williams is telling it like it is.

    For those astute fans who r calling Williams a phony, consider he started on last years championship team. He is a champion and the only one on this years Eagle team.

  15. As a long time Eagle fan Williams said what should have been said when the Patriots run the ball down your throat without someone at least pushing someone around at the pile. Eagles are soft. Coach is soft

  16. he shut brady out in the afc champ after getting picked on by him eliear in the season.Cary is a good football player lots of prride worked hard his whole career he presses and gets after it every play ,yes hell get beat but hell win more trust me hes a tuff fiesty rangey corner that i wish was on my team still .stop talking trash and give some respect he doesnt have a ring because he got burnt nah he throws off route timing and is right with his man 93% of the time

  17. This guy can actually play. There were many times he was our “shutdown” guy, but he does have a hot temper and a HUGE chip on his shoulder b/c he USA either un or very low dreamt by Tennessee. Give home a chance iggles fans. He really is a player. He may never be an all pro but he is a very good big cb in the NFL .

  18. This guy needs to shut up and play. He was an average at best CB who now thinks he’s a star.

    QB’s had over a 100 rating when throwing against him.

  19. Not an Eagles or Ravens fan, but as a friend of Carys brother.. I’ve watched his games for support..He’s an aggressive player, he does what he has to do.. He won a couple of games for the Ravens with his interceptions. As for the guy saying he needs to walk the walk, he can’t do it alone.. If he’s the only aggressive player on the defense then its useless.. He did the right thing to state his opinion if Eagles defense sucks which it does, he has a right to speak up.. Especially if people put him in it.

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