Geno Smith wanted to work through ankle pain


The more prudent course of action, especially so early in the preseason, might have been to give Geno Smith a day or two to rest a sore ankle.

But the rookie quarterback didn’t want to take a day off, and the Jets didn’t stand in his way.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Smith “looked much slower in his drop-backs” and “jogged with a noticeable limp,” in his first work after spraining his right ankle against the Lions Saturday. Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg repeatedly told him “don’t limp,” throughout the season, but Smith wanted to get through it.

“Those guys are constantly putting their bodies on the line,” Smith said of his teammates. “So a little injury such as an ankle shouldn’t keep me out of practice. It’s important to show those guys that no matter what happens, I’m going to always come out there and give it my best.”

That’s an admirable attitude for a quarterback to have, especially a rookie quarterback who doesn’t have background with them.

Of course, Smith’s background might have had some subliminal impact on his decision to push himself.

Yesterday’s practice just happened to coincide with reports out of West Virginia that talked about his college team’s lack of leadership last season. None of his coaches or teammates mentioned him by name, but it’s not a reach to think the quarterback is the guy most people look to for that quality.

Again, it might all be a remarkable coincidence.

But with Mark Sanchez vulnerable, and his own reputation in question, Smith was willing to risk aggravating a minor injury.

And the Jets were willing to let him.

13 responses to “Geno Smith wanted to work through ankle pain

  1. ” Smith was willing to risk aggravating a minor injury.

    And the Jets were willing to let him. ”

    Geno Smith is doing what old school NFL players did in the past (playing through injury) to win the starting job and the Jets are going to be bashed for this? Seriously?

  2. Players always want to play despite injuries, it’s the macho thing to do. The head coach’s job is to tell them they can’t play when doing so may create a long-term problem. Who’s the Jets coach? Oh, I forgot, they don’t have one, they have Rex Ryan.

  3. We NEED more stories bashing the Jets. There is not nearly enough.

    OMG, did you see they cut a player yesterday and another guy had to sit a few plays out?? WHAT A CIRCUS!!

  4. Why is this information coming out now, other teams got it, which is why he slipped to the second round. To be honest the 4th or 5th was where I had him. Wow, going to practice with a mild sprained ankle. I played spraining my ankle twice in one game in high school, played the whole game, tape it get me back in.

    God, Ronnie Lott cut off his finger so he could play. The players of the past are laughing at this young man for his heroics of practicing on a sprained ankle.

  5. As a Jets fan, I’m fuming at smith for this. It’s preseason, 4 weeks from the regular season. Not week 15. Playing through pain at this point is worthless if you will risk an injury. Marty is right for telling him not to limp. Limping for an extended period of time damages the knees permanently. He’s a young kid. He has a whole career ahead of him. Why risk a chronic problem over a couple of days off from practice? There’s a fine line between tough and stupid and hes on the stupid side now.

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