Jason Garrett: Don’t judge Tony Romo on wins and losses


Dallas coach Jason Garrett doesn’t think Tony Romo is to blame for the team’s failure to win more than one playoff game during his tenure as the Cowboys’ starting quarterback.

Garrett was asked in an interview on SportsCenter about Romo’s 1-6 record as a starter in “win or go home” games, and Garrett answered that the record is a reflection on the entire team, not just the quarterback.

“I think teams win ‘win or go home’ games. I think teams win playoff games. I think teams win championships,” Garrett said. “Certainly the quarterback has a big role in having a really good football team, a championship football team. Tony’s done a great job helping us get into some of those games, helping us get an opportunity to win the division, to go to the playoffs, and sometimes it hasn’t worked out for our football team.”

As a team, the Cowboys are 8-8 in both of Garrett’s two seasons as the head coach, and Garrett acknowledges that that’s not good enough.

“That’s what we are and that’s the reality of this league. You are what you are,” Garrett said.

Those comments aside, the SportsCenter interview was oddly lacking in football content, as ESPN’s Colleen Dominguez asked just four questions about football and eight questions about how much Garrett looks like the Homeland character Brody. This exchange got things started:

Dominguez: “People on Twitter are talking about you. And so during the Hall of Fame Game people were talking about you. And do you know what they were saying?”

Garrett: “I have no idea.”

Dominguez: “This is what they were talking about: How much you look like Brody on Homeland.”

If that had been the end of it, it would have been one thing. But Dominguez wasn’t even close to finished. She then asked, “Do you watch Homeland?” and, “Have you ever been told you look like Brody on Homeland?”

Garrett tried to brush off the questions and say that redheads are often told they all look alike, but Dominguez wouldn’t drop it.

“Oh, come on! You look exactly like that guy,” Dominguez insisted, without ever mentioning the actor, Damian Lewis, by name.

Here’s a picture of Brody on Homeland. I don’t think he looks much like Garrett, but Dominguez does, and she wanted to make absolutely certain that Garrett knows she thinks that. She also wanted to know how Garrett thinks Brody — a fictional character on a show that has nothing to do with football — would do as a football coach. Dominguez asked, “How would Brody do, coaching the Dallas Cowboys?”

Garrett said he has “no idea” what kind of coach Brody would be, but Dominguez decided to follow up with two more questions about Brody.

“For people who don’t watch, Brody is a good guy, but he’s also a bad guy,” Dominguez said. “So would good Brody do better coaching the Cowboys, or bad Brody?”

Garrett played along and said he’d pick good Brody, but Dominguez still wasn’t ready to drop it, asking, “You wouldn’t want bad Brody to coach against the Giants?”

All that Homeland silliness aside, Garrett did make a good point when he was actually asked about something relevant: Football is a team sport, and when the whole team struggles, it’s not just the quarterback’s fault. If you want to blame someone for the Cowboys’ record, blame someone whose responsibilities extend to the whole team. Like the head coach.

97 responses to “Jason Garrett: Don’t judge Tony Romo on wins and losses

  1. Wonder what the teams Owner, General Manager or the Vice -President of Media Relations has to say about these comments from Mr. Garrett

  2. Those type of questions are more entertaining than hearing Jason Garrett tell us all for the million and oneth time that he’s doing his best “to put the players in the best position to win”.

  3. Where did he say not to judge Romo on his wins and losses? He never said not to judge him on his wins and losses, he said judge the team too. I guess if you wrote about that, you wouldn’t get enough clicks…

  4. Bwahahahahah

    Using that logic all of the following are true statements.

    Don’t judge the waitress on the time it takes you to get a drink refill.

    Don’t judge Obama by the horrible economy.

    Don’t judge your mechanic when your car breaks down 2 days after he “fixes” it.

    Don’t judge me because I drink too much.

  5. Teams who want to make it to the playoffs are judged on wins and losses. So why not the QB?

  6. It’s funny to me how the author of this article is complaining about how the interview had nothing to do with football and then writes 11 paragraphs quoting that very same interview.

  7. Last time I checked “wins and losses” were all that mattered but apparently stats and losses get you through the playoffs and on to the super bowl…..but I could be wrong.

  8. I live in a city and root for a team that just won a Super Bowl, and my quarterback’s performance continues to get beat up in blogs and web sites like in spite of the fact that he went 4 wins, 11 TDs, and no picks on his way to a SB MVP trophy.

    Not to mention that he’s taken the Ravens to the playoffs for 5 straight years.

    And Garrett doesn’t want us to judge Romo on his win-loss record? Sorry Jason, but results count. Flacco has delivered; Romo has not and never will.

  9. I get that whole win and lose as a team concept blah blah blah.

    But at the end of the day, Romo must own the fact that he has played his worst football when the Cowboys needed him to play his best football.

    INTs are real difference makers in NFL games.

    The bottom line is Jason needs to hold Romo more accountable for his play or Jerry is going to hold Jason accountable for his coaching.

  10. To some extent of course losses are as much of a team effort as wins.

    But bigtime players rise to the occasion of “win or go home” games and outdo themselves. Romo goats it in most of them.

  11. Sounds like Colleen is a big fan of Homeland, which apparently is some kind of television program. Kind of hard to take her seriously as a sports journalist if that’s the kind of stuff she latches onto in interviews.

  12. I loved watching the redskins spank the cowgirls on national TV on Thanksgiving last year, and again to put them out of the playoffs.

  13. There is a degree of truth to the concept that QB’s get too much credit when they win and too much blame when they lose.

    But in Cowboy’s case, the GM sucks big time, the coach sucks even worse, and Tony Romo just plain sucks. Not as much as his GM and coach but enough to say he does suck.

    How’s that for setting the record straight?

  14. It’s obvious the Cowboys don’t judge Tony on wins & losses. If they did, they wouldn’t pay him 20 mil. per, for .500 seasons.

  15. Judging criteria for QBs. TD to INT ratio, situational success (3rd down, 3 min. drill) making the most of small windows of opportunity, YPG average, total yardage completion, and the “intangible” that does not show up on an stat sheet. Romo is top 8 in every single category. He pretty much always has been . Peyton Manning has thrown ill advised pick sixes in big games (even a Super Bowl) so have many other top name QBs. I don’t say he belong up there with the greats, no one does, but this choke artist label comes from football know-nothings who watch ESPN as their prime source of info. Did you know that the kicking ball supplied in this field goal attempt was not a designated kicking ball, making it much slicker than the actual kicking ball the home team is responsible for supplying? Did you also know Jerry Jones petitioned and successfully got a rule change over this incident. Do any of you geniuses realize that had the kicker Grammatica, even made a cursory attempt to block or interfere with the pursuit of the defender, Romo would have easily scored?? It was a shoelace tackle. Romo has made crucial and key mistakes in big games, no doubt–every QB has!! But for every choke, I can (and anyone who really watches and pays attention can as well) point out 8 other games where Romo, nearly singlehandedly brought the team back into a position to win. Again, and again and again. He is #5 all time in the QB ratings. He has NEVER played with a dominant running game or game changing defense. (see Trent Dilfer). So, just because its the Dallas Cowboys and everything about them is over-hyped and over-exaggerated, you idiots are making fools of yourselves to the true football fans by regurgitating this nonsense. There are only 4 other guys I would rather have behind center: Manning, Rogers, Brees, Brady. You want Roethlisberger or Flacco or Ryan, you can have them. Eli would not win 6 games a season playing on the same team with Dallas” D during his career. Keep yelling “choke artist” but realize, this frat boy loud mouth style is going out of fashion,

  16. @Ravensrooster94: I agree. We are defending Joe all the time, and ALL he does is WIN. Now we’re not supposed to judge on wins & losses?
    Joe would NOT be the QB in Baltimore if he didn’t win.

  17. Eli Manning: blessed with the clutch gene

    Tony Romo: cursed with the haywire gene

    Why is God so cruel to Romo?

  18. I think its hilarious how the moronic majority that come in here and crap all over Dallas and its players out of pure haye and then show their true ignorance by trying to comment on players performance. Has Promo thrown IMTs? Yep but there was only 1 time where it cost them the game, the rest it was up to the D to get a stop to preserve the leads. As for INTs guess who has the most in the last 3 years? Eli Manning with 56 but because he has a good D he gets away with it.

  19. I’m not a romo hater, I actually like the guy’s game, but this is a sport and he plays the most important position on the field, so wins/losses is a legitimate gripe to have about a player in Romo’s shoes.

  20. Don’t worry Jason, everyone always give Romo a pass, no matter how bad he plays. It’s like being a regular season MVP is all that matters (see Matt Ryan) and they don’t look at the horrific game ending fumbles or INT’s. @richndc: You can show all those bs stat’s, but count the number of times Romo has thrown the game away. I’ll take Joe, Ben or Eli any day over that clown Romo! They got 5 SuperBowl wins between them (and counting) where Romo can’t even win a playoff game!

  21. @ umainebearman

    Eli’s D was ranked 27th in 2011 and 31st in 2012. On what planet has he had a good D? His D has been among the league’s worst the last 2 seasons!

  22. Sorry Jason, Romo WILL be judged by wins & losses!

    He’s a knucklehead when we need him the most and every Cowboys fan hates when it gets down to the wire cause we ALL know he’s gonna “pluck” it up for us!!

    YOU & JERRY can say what we shouldn’t do with Romo but THAT ain’t gonna happen, cause 9 out of 10 times…it’s his freakin fault!!


  23. Many years ago I watched googley-eyed Andrea Kramer interview John Madden. Coach Madden described how he once sat and heard Vincent Lombardi describe the same play, i.e., the power sweep, for an hour without repeating himself. Googley-eyed Kramer responded that the discussion sure sounded boring. Coach Madden – flabergasted – responded boring? Boring? You know how hard it is for a coach to talk about one play for an hour and not repeat himself? Coach Madden concluded by saying it was the most fascinating coaching clinic in which he has ever participated. Moral of the story – some people just don’t get. That was my conclusion with Kramer and certainly my conclusion last night. Talk football not about how much someone looks like some celeb that he really doesn’t look like . . .

  24. Win or go home ands is a stat made up just Romo

    That’s how obsessed people are with him

    I guess they count the many win or go home games during the season that keep any hope of playoffs alive

    Just ESPn being ESPn

  25. I just don’t get how JJ hired a career back up QB to be his HC. Where did you see that this Clown was HC material JJ . With that said let the circus continue…. stay tune for the next act.

  26. What we need now is an interview with Damian Lewis, done by Dominguez, asking how head coach Jason Garrett would do posing as a war hero-turned-terrorist…and how much the two resemble one another. Jesus.

  27. Um, the Hall of Fame does Jason. I think the NFL also counts wins and losses in a 16 game season. Wins and losses always end up on the QB, that is why they get the big bucks, and all the glory.

    I could swear this was actually Rex Ryan defending Mark Sanchez.

  28. 12444uggg says: Aug 12, 2013 1:19 PM

    Ok, I’ll judge him on fumbling extra point attempts and ill timed game losing INT’s.

    Extra point attempts? You do realize it happened once, right?

    Ill timed game losing INT’s? If you actually knew football and watched the games, you would know that Romo threw those INT’s trying to force TD’s with little time left because the Defense once again blew the lead he already gave them. The guy averages 30 points a game but wen the defense lets up more than that, it’s kind of hard to win games on your own

  29. As a football fan I watch games with an open mind. I applaud good football, and I shake my head at bad football. I’ve seen Romo play well and I’ve seen him play awful. He is only one man on a team, and the team is what wins and loses games.

    Romo is a 500 player. He can stink up the first half with the best of them and he can play the big come back too. He can play really really well all game long and he has been known to play really poorly as well. When Romo is hot, the team can really be great. When Romo is doing poorly the whole team seems that much worse.

    The Cowboys football team IS Tony Romo. He is their leader and they feed off his energy. To say Tony Romo isn’t responsible for their wins and loses is insincere. Every player is responsible. Tony most of all.

  30. Tony Romo: The best thing to happen to Redskins fans since Joe Gibbs.

    -Titans Fan

  31. youarejealousof6rings says: Aug 12, 2013 1:32 PM

    “Dallas: were failure is acceptable.”

    Pittsburgh: Where education after the age of eight is apparently optional.

  32. Well, I must say, this is certainly an interesting and original take on the career of TR by coach Garrett. On what should folks judge Tony I wonder, perhaps women he has dated prior to his marriage?

  33. I don’t get how anyone can defend Romo. I am not saying he’s the worse QB in the league, but come on. You have guys like Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco with 9 combined playoff appearances in their firsts 5 years in the league. Mark “Butt Fumble” Sanchez made it to back to back AFC championship games. And yet, somehow, Romo apologists are continually touting Romo’s TD to INT ratio, as if that something to be proud of. Do they think Joe Montana sits around thinking about his TD:INT ratio or staring at the rings on his fingers?

  34. he’s a great guy and everybody loves him – that’s why he’s a MILLIONAIRE…it has NOTHING to do with his ability to be an NFL QB…he MUST be Jurruh’s love child or something – because I am absolutely NOT seeing the actual FOOTBALL results here…

  35. This coming from a coach who has yet to have a winning season. How the heck else are you supposed to judge a successful quarterback.

  36. richndc says:
    Aug 12, 2013 1:53 PM

    Judging criteria for QBs. TD to INT ratio…………… blah blah blah….

    Did you read your story before you posted it? I get it that you are a Cowboys fan but seriously, the whole rationale is just not making any sense in a league where QBs get most of the blame for failures of the team. Really? Let’s entertain your point here for a second and not let Tony’s lack of success be the main reason for judging him. There’s really nothing else, because everything points back to his ineffectiveness when it really counts.

    Hey, if that was the case, hell, every QB that has walked in and out of the league would have had a somewhat decent career. Point is, you cannot judge one QB, Romo in particular, differently while all the others are judged the same way – WINS vs. LOSSES. That is not how athletes are judged and doing so would put you totally out of touch with reality.

  37. A little poem for Jason:

    Don’t judge Tony on his wins and losses
    Or even his errant 4th quarter tosses

    All of the debate on Romo is getting old
    Because he cannot win once it gets cold

  38. This is just one example of 1,340 reasons why I don’t watch ESPN anymore. I often wonder if they even care about sports anymore or just want to stir up drama? They have turned into a sports tabloid and I absolutely hate it.

  39. Other than Romo winning one playoff game against a team and coach that quit for the season, and losing week 17 win-and-in games against all 3 divisional opponents, and Romo losing that home playoff game to the Giants, I think he has been one of the top quarterbacks in the game.

  40. It wasn’t Romo’s fault they lost two to Washington last year. The first one on Thanksgiving was clearly Robert Griffin’s fault, the second was Alfred Morris’ fault….

    That, of course, is the hater’s way of saying it was the defense that stunk way more than Tony Romo.

  41. The Buttfumbler is somehow more of a winner than Romo. And that is mindnumbing when you think about it.

  42. What else should he be judged on? Cute girlfriends/former girlfriends? His golf game? His knowledge of Mexican getaway spots?

    At the end of the day, you’re judged by your win-loss record, more specifically the postseason win-loss record.

  43. way to go Colleen Dominguez in setting female journalists back a half-century or so…next she’ll be asking about the color scheme in the coach’s offices or where Sean Payton gets his tips frosted…

  44. Report asks too much about Homeland… gets criticized by write for asking too much about Homeland… Then writer continues to write ALL the questions about Homeland. Great. Job. ALL. AROUND.


  45. Colleen Domingueza: “OMG, Kyle Vanden Bosch, have you ever seen Breaking Bad?!?!? Because you totally look like Walter White!!!!”

  46. Clowns to the left of me jokers to the right…

    I own you all so bad. You guys are scared to death of Romo, it’s hilarious. Here’s why.

    1. Typical NBC article – after all, nobody writes the false narrative of Romo better than them. The way they edit their highlights, their commentary, etc. They know exactly what their doing because most of the are northeast media guys growing up as Giants fans. (see NBC Sunday Night Football Exec Producer Fred Guadelli)

    2. The hate for Romo is because you’re scared to death he’s gonna beat your team. Can he play better in big games – yes, but what’s a big game? The Cowboys would’ve won 3 games without him last year. He single handedly carried the team the second half of the season. Worst offensive line in football, the 31st rated running game and a defense that lost 8 starters.

    3. Tomo Brady has thrown 3 INTS in TWO separate AFC Championship games and won them both – explain that! Maybe it’s because he has a pretty good team.

    4. Eli would have to go an ENTIRE SEASON and not throw ONE INT to equal Romo’s INT percentage. Eli has led the league TWICE in INT’s. He’s the real turnover machine.

    5. Eli benefited from one of the GREATEST defenses in NFL history in their two Super Bowl playoff runs averaging 15 PPG. Not since the 85 Bears.

    6. As Skip Bayless points out – Eli is perhaps the best combination of lucky and good in the history of the NFL. Pick 6 thrown perfectly to Terrance Newman in the flat in a win or go home game in their first Super Bowl run and he dropped it.

    Rodney Harrison’s drop of a ball thrown right to him in the Super Bowl before the play to Tyree.

    THREE throws that were so bad in the NFC Championship game against the 49ers that TWO defenders knocked each other off the ball.

    If you’re a Cowboy fan and you bag Romo you’re one of those casual guys who buys into what the media sells you. “Romo sucks!” 5,000 yards 30 TD’s? LOL – You deserve Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, etc. Smart fans, most of the media, Aikman, Staubach, etc all know he can win but he needs help.

    Romo would’ve been the highest paid player in the history of Pro Football if he would’ve entered free agency. Buffalo, Oakland, Kansas City, Cleveland, on and on an on…

    And if yo don’t know…now you know.

  47. youarejealousof6rings says:
    Aug 12, 2013 1:32 PM
    Dallas: were failure is acceptable.

    43 24

    You failed at typing a single sentence correctly.

  48. Don’t worry. We won’t. We are just happy Romo is in there because the NFC East is a whole lot easier with those 2 clowns (Romo & Garrett) patrolling the sidelines. How should we judge him. On playoff wins. On Superbowl wins? Ain’t got those either.

  49. Valleyforge37. Knock Eli all u want. He has 2 rings to Romos ZERO. And after this year, 3-0. Romo can’t win in pressure situations. Never question the heart of a champion. Eli is a two time champion & 2 time Superbowl MVP. Yea Romo just got a fat contract that’s cause YPUR OWNER/GM/SCOUT/LOSER has his fat hands in everything. You can’t win with those bozos at the helm. Since Jimmy left, what have you won with Jerry Jones in charge of personel? Switzerland won a superbowl with Jimmy’s team. Get your head out of your ass. COWBOYS SUCK.

  50. @valleyforge37:

    Not that points 1-5 were all that good, but you lost all credibility when you quoted Skip Clueless.

  51. 12444uggg says:

    Ok, I’ll judge him on fumbling extra point attempts and ill timed game losing INT’s.

    Or if You’re paying attention, fumbling field goal attempts. But don’t let facts get in the way of mindless comentary.

  52. He’s right. Football is a team game. Wins and losses are not the sole responsibility of the quarterback. A quarterback can play well despite a loss, and poorly despite a win.

  53. Could be the lack of Defensive Take Aways 16 versus 44 from Chicago

    Could be league Leading 7.4 Penalties versus 3.6 in ATL

    52% of Romo’s starts have ended in a 100 or higher QB Rating second only to A Rodger GBP

    Romo’s win % in those 100 QB Rating Starts is just .77% compare to .97% of Matt Ryan cause Ryan has a more complete Roster & Romo has scrubs so he can only throw

    Romo would not have to do anything late in games or the season if the Rushing Attack was effective or if the Defense could protect a lead or get a turnover but they can’t can they?

    Opposing Defenses know the RB’s are ineffective don’t they?

    Opposing Defense know all they have to do is move the safety and a WR will run the wrong route don’t they?

    Opposing Defense know neither the Cowboys Defense or RB’s will protect a lead so they can “gamble” without any real risk can’t they?

    Opposing Defense only have to focus on Romo right?

    Its not like Romo failed to give the games over to an effective rushing attack or effective defense right? Romo has not choice but to throw!

    This team has had “No other option” except Romo and that is not Romo’s fault is it?

    No NFL QB has to win alone, not even Romo!

    I think Romo threw it cause the Running Game & Defense were working so well

    Romo’s broken ribs (from 1st Qtr) did take some mustard off of it though

    I disagree with Garret & Jerry letting him play on after the broken ribs in the 1st qtr

    If you watch the replay – there is a point where Romo says to Witten “They are gonna go with Orton” but the brain trust sent Romo out there anyway

    Its why neither Garrett or Jerry were mad at Romo cuase they sent him back in injured

    Look for the “big names” sitting it out on the sideline around that time and you will see how they tapped their helmet when it was go time – it speaks volumes

    I guess Romo could have dropped back and kneeled it 3 times right?

  54. This guy must have some dirt on the Cowboys front office that could damage the franchise.. Multiple playoff failures, never won a big game and still get a pay raise.

    Its basically QB torture. He gets them close to success only to snatch it away. Then tells the Cowboys you will like it and they ask for more.

  55. First. Ummm. Isn’t that how QBs are judged?

    A coach that shall remain nameless once said that stats are for losers. The dumbass coach of the Cowboys says not to judge Romo by wins and losses.

    Guess which coach is more successful?

    Of course you judge QBs by wins and losses!

    Second. Another hard hitting Q&A from an untalented female sports reporter. So, Dominguez, presumably of Hispanic descent, thinks all redheads look alike? Imagine if a white guy said all black athletes look alike. That guy would be fired! Dominguez should be fired not only for this line of thinking but more so for her line of questioning. Absolutely disgraceful!

  56. Garrett: Don’t judge Romo his wins…or skills as a QB. Or anything relegated to football. Judge him on nailing Jessican Simpson when she was still almost hot.

  57. Why don’t you judge him on that? Dan Marino, one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game is judged because he never won a superbowl. But at least he made the Dolphins better. Without him, he had no running game, they were a .500 team at best. With Romo at his best the Cowboys are a .500 team. Great job Jerry. Keep building the “WINNERS” you have. LOL.

  58. Funny she kept trying to push homeland on him and he never watched the show. Sometimes you wished the PR staff had nerf bats on them so they could use them on dumb reporters who pull this kind of stuff.

  59. I agree with richndc if u guys don’t know your
    football u don’t need to comment. Romo
    did win a playoff game against the eagles three
    years ago. I would like to see any of u hater
    try to win games by yourself with the offensive
    line problems Dallas has had and see how good
    u do

  60. garrett is really smart, he’s planting a seed in jone’s head that wins and loses really don’t matter (it’s how you play the game)

  61. don’t judge him on W’s and L’s?

    That might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard any coach (outside of Rex) say.


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