Jets insider says Santonio “desperately” wants to return


It wouldn’t be Jets training camp without conflicting stories from anonymous sources about high-profile players. And so it should come as no surprise that there are sharp disagreements about receiver Santonio Holmes and his recovery from last year’s foot injury.

Yesterday we passed along a report that some people think Holmes is milking his injury, suggesting that he’s more focused on getting a new contract with a new team in 2014 than he is on helping the Jets win in 2013. But now comes a very different take from Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

A team insider told Mehta that Holmes “desperately” wants to return from his lisfranc injury as soon as possible, that Holmes is working vigorously every day and that the Jets are happy with his work ethic. Mehta also reports that while Holmes can’t practice, he’s helping younger receivers, both on the practice field and in meetings.

Holmes suffered his foot injury in Week Four of last season and still isn’t ready to go. It remains unclear whether he will be on the field for Week One.

20 responses to “Jets insider says Santonio “desperately” wants to return

  1. …and with a mentor like Santonio coaching up those young receivers, talking to them about how to be a “pro’s pro” etc. the Jets should be squared away in no time.
    Obviously Rex can’t say much to them since he doesn’t really watch the offense anyway, so it’s all the more important to have a guy like Santonio around.

  2. This guys been a POS his entire career. . until now I’ve heard and seen him working with all the young guys this off-season something has definitely changed with he and Cro this year, maybe the light turned on when they saw all the “older” guys not getting contracts or offered pennies compared to their previous deals

  3. buccfaninhawkeyecountry says: With a mentor like Santonio… Please tell me this post is smothered with sarcasm

    Smothered, buried, engulfed, steeped, and saturated…..with sarcasm.

    No one could use Santonio and mentor in the same sentence with a straight face.

  4. .

    A source ” close to the organization ” claims he’s jaking it. A Jets insider claims he ” desperately wants to return”.

    In other news, the NY Post and New York Daily News continue to hemorrhage readership.


  5. “Jets insider says Santonio “desperately” wants to return to the Steelers or any other team but the Jets”

    There, fixed the quote for you.

  6. Of course he’d say that after being called out as a whiny milking it kid. And he is just that.

  7. the Steelers fan want Rex Ryan as their teams’s defensive coach. That’s why they want him fired by the Jets.Miami wants him too. You’re never going to get him.

  8. Santonio Holmes thinks he is playing the upper card and he thinks he can sit out all season and collect his money. He is just digging his grave ,next season no team will pick him up “He Sucks and he is a BUM” the Raiders are smart to not pick up this lazy pot smoking bum ! He sucks I don’t know why the JETS waste their time with this short idiot

  9. John Idyzik sucks as a GM He could have signed Matt Hasselbeck — who would have been an ideal mentor for Smith — Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Cassel, Tarvaris Jackson or Brady Quinn this offseason. He could have given up a 2014 fifth-round pick and 2015 conditional pick for Matt Flynn like the Raiders did.

    Although none of those quarterbacks is a franchise changer, it would have been a welcomed change from Sanchez, who’s already drawn the ire of a frustrated fan base.

    Instead, he went with a 35-year-old quarterback who hadn’t played a game in two seasons.

    Garrard, not surprisingly, didn’t even make it to training camp due to his troublesome knees, leaving Ryan with the unenviable task of giving the same murky answers surrounding the mistake-prone Sanchez.

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