Report: Johnny Manziel participated in two more autograph signings

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There’s yet another report alleging Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel participated in autograph signing sessions.

ESPN’s Outside The Lines reported Monday that Manziel, who won the 2012 Heisman Trophy, twice signed goods for memorabilia sellers in January — and that the signings were arranged by a memorabilia seller.

ESPN previously reported that Manziel took part in four separate signings. The NCAA is investigating Manziel in connection with those alleged events, ESPN reported last week.

A redshirt sophomore, Manziel would first be eligible for the NFL Draft in 2014.

40 responses to “Report: Johnny Manziel participated in two more autograph signings

  1. Gonna challenge the eligibility rule?

    He’s like Maurice Clarett only instead of guns he’s armed with a pen.

    Or like Mike Williams, only he’s armed with a pen instead of donuts and pie.

  2. Guys a douche bag. He comes from a well off family…will make at LEAST a 500k in the first year of his rookie contract, yet he’s signing autographs for a few grand now?

    Just seems the type of person to go…”oh this is what you want? Okay, i’ll do the opposite and then shove it in your face.”

    There are much more mature and better players available than him…he’s just acting his way out of millions

  3. This is a stupid rule, but it is still a rule. Does anyone think he didn’t sign for money? These autograph brokers are shady characters as well.

  4. I’m not sure why this belongs in NFL section, I look to see if it was in the COLLEGE FOOTBALL section and it wasn’t there…..where it belongs…

  5. The league should punish Manziel by forcing him to play for the browns. This would have him fade into obscurity and render all autographs worthless. Being forced to play in Cleveland would make all other college stars scared to even pick up a sharpie until 2 days after the draft.

  6. If the rules are wrong or right or if they should be changed doesnt matter here. What matters is if he broke them or not. If he did break them then he has to face the consequences.

  7. How stupid can this kid be. After everything that went down with Bush and Newton you’d think he’d have more common sense. Wouldn’t the memorabilia sellers stand to gain from leaking this info? Doesn’t that make the memorabilia more valuable?

  8. He should buy a bunch of #2 A&M jerseys, sell them at an inflated rate then autograph them for free. Not making money off his name that way and it would force the NCAA to confront their hypocrisy head on.

  9. Is he really going to play football this year? He ought to just turn pro now and avoid the problems for Texas A&M.

  10. Ole Johnny Boy needs to enter the 2014 draft, he’s obviously not bright enough to attend college. He thinks the rules were written for regular folks.

  11. This kid is an idiot, and this is coming from a student of Texas A&M. Eight months ago, Manziel was getting headlines for all the right reasons, and it’s now the opposite. And the victory against Alabama seems long gone.

    I miss Ryan Tannehill.

  12. I honestly don’t understand why this is such a big deal. I understand the argument against paying college athletes, because they already get a lot in return from the college, and some colleges can’t afford it. But why can’t a player sell his OWN signature. I don’t think that the NCAA should be able to control what athletes do with their own signature.
    God forbid if this kid gets a major injury and never makes it into the NFL. What if he never sees any money from the NFL. Shouldn’t he be able to profit as much as he can right now, while his talent and health are both still there? I just don’t get it.

  13. This guy is a classic example of entitlements gone wild. The NCAA should shut him done and he should be remembered only as a footnote as to how NOT to handle fame.

    He clearly thinks rules don’t apply to him. Had Cam Newton, RG3 or any other Heisman winner acted like him, they would be history.

  14. It’s a shame this bright, talented young man is going down this road.

    I really wonder how much influence his parents have had on him?

  15. It’s looking more and more as if he won’t play this season, in which case he’ll probably go for the draft in 2014 and it will be really interesting to see where he goes.

    Football talent, yes.

    Intelligence? Still to be determined. Early signs not good.

  16. If his family were penniless, it’d be much easier to feel sorry for him. But they’re millionaires. Just an amazingly self-centered, entitled rich kid. A&M will be fortunate to get him out of there without being put on probation.

  17. Genius move by Manziel…he has nothing to gain by playing another year of football for free. Ask Matt Barkley about that.

    He can’t just refuse to play this year, but he knows he can only hurt his draft status by playing. Solution? Sign some autographs and get yourself suspended. He can say, “I made a dumb mistake, and I know I’ve let my team down…” Meanwhile, he has one year less of pounding, he won’t risk his draft position by going 8-4 and not winning the Heisman, let’s say, and doesn’t look like he quit on his team. Stroke of genius.

  18. Its to bad Congress doesnt put the same effort into impeach Obama as the NCAA does investigating Manziel. Those old fat white men in the NCAA have most the money and all the stupidity. Its Manziels autograph and should be able to do with it what he wants. Every NCAA player has the same ability. Does nothing to influence the out come of any NCAA football game. If its the rules/laws thats the problem,,,do what Obama does and ignore it. Mansiel take some money and go on vacation.

  19. Why in the HELL is EVERYONE caring about this KID so MUCH?…

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