Rex Ryan on not watching the offense: I see every play on film


Jets coach Rex Ryan knows he took some shots in the media for saying after Friday’s preseason opener that he hadn’t been watching the offense, and he had a sarcastic answer on Sunday when asked about watching the Jets’ offense on film.

Asked how the quarterbacks looked on film, Ryan said, “I never watched the film. I still haven’t seen the film.”

After getting that joke out of the way, Ryan said that the reality is that he does evaluate every one of his players, and that he thinks he was unfairly criticized for being honest and saying that at certain points during the preseason loss to the Lions, he wasn’t watching the offense because he was dealing with issues with the defense.

“That’s what’s so funny, I see every single play, every special team play, every offensive play, every defensive play, I see every one of them,” Ryan said. “I guess my thing is, I shouldn’t have said the truth.”

Ryan said he wasn’t looking at the field when Mark Sanchez threw a pick-six on the opening possession, but he did quickly look up when the crowd in Detroit reacted.

“The truth was, did I see the interception? No,” Ryan said. “I heard the interception when I heard the fans going crazy and I looked up and I saw the young man, the big dude from BYU [Ezekiel Ansah] running with the football into the end zone and so I relayed that. I said, ‘Oh shoot.’ There was an ‘Oh’ something with an S.”

Ryan pointed out that the Jets got to two AFC Championship Games in his first two seasons, and he said he didn’t always watch the offense during those seasons, either. And Ryan says that other coaches are no different than he is: Sometimes they turn around to talk to a player or assistant coach or deal with some issue on the other side of the ball, and miss some of the live game action.

“I told the truth. I promise you [with] every coach, there’s no difference. I guess I need to be tactful and say, ‘Hey, we’ll watch the tape.’ From now on, that’s all I’m going to say,” Ryan said.

Obviously, that isn’t all Ryan is going to say: Ryan is going to continue to be verbose, because that’s who he is. And sometimes he’ll be criticized when he makes an admission that sounds a little puzzling.

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  1. Preseason games are a glorified practice, so I have no problem with him coaching up defensive players during the game, and then reviewing everything in more detail later on film.

    Dumb thing to admit to, but it is being blown out of proportion.

  2. .

    The media should get 15 yards for ” piling on ”. I’ve heard Bill Belichick utter the same words.
    Perhaps he should just buy a lawn chair and watch from the sideline.


  3. Any football coach would tell you what he did/does is perfectly normal. Even though he does not have the title of defensive coordinator he has a part in every play call during the game therfore his focus should be with the D. He hired his offensive staff to do its job.

  4. You often see Belichick talking to his defense while the offense is on the field and nobody ever says anything about that.

  5. Head coaches need to be aware of all aspects of the game in real-time.
    I guess Rex is just prepping for his next job.

  6. How do you disconnect yourself from the game management aspect of being a Head Coach?

    Coaches need practice as well. This guy’s blessing is now his curse. The first two years he had unexpected success. For a while he gave the Jets an identity.

    Now he seems like a running joke. Sorry, this guy will not be the head coach next year.

  7. So does this game mean that the jets done for the season? Oh yea it was the 1st preseason game. There’s times when I watch patriots games and the head coach is not watching what’s going on on the field ,cause he’s busy making adjustments and communicating to the players on the bench. Agree with Rex on this one every coach does it.

  8. wte1 says:Aug 12, 2013 7:12 AM

    You often see Belichick talking to his defense while the offense is on the field and nobody ever says anything about that.
    The difference is that the New England offense isn’t a dumpster fire.

  9. As someone who absolutely hates everything about the jest and their sorry organization, I thought they did a good job in their first preseason game and they didn’t look as bad as I thought they would. Who cares if the coach is watching the offense, he has other stuff to do at times. I still think they are a bad team but will be good enough to ruin someones playoff chances if they don’t show up to play.

  10. What other purpose could there be but to stir up the trolls by another story that will instigate??

    You know these haters will come here to post the same crap daily.

    Some readership.
    Some journalism.

    Both jokes.

  11. Say what you wanna say but I respect honesty. He’s gettin killed for being honest. Like a few other ppl mentioned and I clearly remember Belicheck huddled up with the def, while the off was on the field. I’m sure other def minded coaches do the same thing.

  12. My goodness, has any team/coach/QB tried to get more mileage out of losing two AFC championship games in a row than these guys? If you listen to them tell it you’d think, I dunno, they actually won one of those games. Maybe even the game after too.

  13. Rex is still a fat man at heart. Watches TV/Videos anytime he can, even if it means not watching a football game live on the sidelines.

  14. lots of coaches don’t watch everything, and have other priorities that they are focusing on during the preseason. The thing is they are not dumb enough to say it to a microphone. Stupid is is stupid does, and Rex keeps getting Stupider every year. I think Rex will be gone before the end of the season.

  15. I don’t see anything wrong with Ryan’s actions here, but just the fact he’s been in NY 5 years now and would make a statement like this to the media is troubling.

  16. I’ll tell you what I won’t be seeing this Saturday that is jets vs. jags. What a waste of time if anyone watches one second of this joke fest.

  17. There is a little bit of a difference between the Patriots and the Jets…it’s called Tom Brady. The Patriots offense is pretty much set so it can be ignored for the most part by the coaching staff.

  18. I hate the Jets and Rex Ryan, but I have no issue with him saying what he said…Belichick does it all the time; there’s a ton of film where you see him talking to the defense on the bench and only turning around to see what’s going on on offense when the crowd reacts to something…just because he doesn’t see it live doesn’t mean he doesn’t see it at some point

  19. He was probably trolling foot fetish sites on his phone at the time. What a joke. Look for his next gig as the ring announcer for a WWE event coming to a town near you!

  20. Asked how the quarterbacks looked on film, Ryan said, “I never watched the film. I still haven’t seen the film.”

    Andy that’s why the Jet will remain mlosers as long as Ryan is in charge.

    Belichick, Brady, Payton Manning all watch game film on the flight home or as soon as they can after the game and are immediately critiquing their own performances. Ryan would rather “get one over on the media” than do his job as best as it could be done.

  21. wte1 says: Aug 12, 2013 7:12 AM

    You often see Belichick talking to his defense while the offense is on the field and nobody ever says anything about that.
    That’s because his offense actually DOES something.

  22. Bill Belichick would never say he wasn’t watching so he didn’t know what happened. He would have the breakdown right after the play and would know what happened.

    Rex said ‘“I had my own issues on the other side of the ball, so I really never focused a whole lot when he was in there,” Ryan said of rookie quarterback Geno Smith, according to the New York Post.’

    You would never hear that from Bill, or most any other coach worth anything. My own issues? I thought the whole team was your issue?

  23. He mostly definetly saw that play. You’re telling me that the head coach missed the Jets first drive of the preseason, I highly highly doubt that.

    He gave that answer to avoid answering any questions regarding the bone-headed int Sanchez threw.

    Also, he was lucky to get away from throwing another one. Again, right into the defenders hands. He has to have the highest completion % to opposing defenses.

    Its so obvious that Rex is clueless and can’t handle all the work that comes with being a HC.

  24. We’ve learned this is who Rex is and will always be. After Week 5, if the Jets are 4-1, he’s sexy Rex. But, if the Jets are 1-5, Rex is done in N.Y.

  25. As he said he shouldn’t have been honest. Non-football people don’t realize that a coach has a lot going on, especially when his specialty is the other side of the ball. If a coach has good assistants that is what they have them for.

    There are The offensive coordinator, QB coach, WR coach and on to watch every play of the offense freeing a defensive coach to do what he does best.

    This is the same way that I’d expect my head coach Chudzinski to treat the defense, fully utilizing the defensive coordinator, LB coach, DL coach, DB coach to watch every play on defense. Since coach Chud cut his teeth as a TE coach and offensive coordinator it would be likely that he would personally see to the offensive side of the ball more. Not really a bid deal, and only non-football people and people desperately searching for something to talk/write about are having any issue with it.

  26. How long will Ryan and the Jests keep clinging to that tired ‘we made it to the AFC Championship 2 years in a row!’ nonsense? That was a literal lifetime ago in NFL years, that was with a team Ryan inherited from the previous regime, and they’ve gotten progressively worse every year since. It’s now like a 40 year old bragging about his high school football achievements.

  27. Peanutele24: “So does this game mean that the jets done for the season?”

    Yes. Of course, there is also the fact that Señor Buttfumble is the QB, they have no good WR’s, TE’s or RB’s, and Marty “Pass Pass Pass!” is your OC. Feel bad for fans of the franchise. It’s a mess.

  28. Coming from a Patriots fan. There is nothing wrong with this. He’s doing his job. I’ve seen more than one coach do this and it’s perfectly fine. I may not think he’s a great coach, but how can you be faulted for doing your job?

  29. I don’t see what the issue is, he was being honest and was working with the defense. It’s not like he had his back turned because he was buying a hotdog up in the stands.

  30. To the fans who say ‘Belichek does the same thing and nobody complains!’; Belichek and the Patriots are winners.

  31. Well we all know belichek loves game film… Especially of the other teams. Rex just did what the patriots do when they draft “character guys”… Turn and look the other way! This comment isn’t towards respectful pats fans, just the ones that always have something negative to say, regardless of the topic.

  32. As a Pat’s fan, I don’t like the Jets, or Rex Ryan, but let’s be real. Does a head coach see EVERY play? If he’s dealing with the defense on the sidelines, he may not see every single play on offense.

    Now please excuse me. I think I just threw up a little in my own mouth.

  33. This guy is a total tool.
    Sanchez is not the answer, but they are stuck as Gino isnt ready, and also doesnt conduct himself like the future.
    Rex needs to go.

    BTW – been a long time since the Raiders were not the laughing stock in the NFL….Jets and Jags the cake now.

  34. Rex deserves this sooo much,he pissed the football gods off.when he kept gurantee wins called other teams out. Like I remember when the 9ers had league look into trying to convince crabs to hold out until he gets traded to Jets. THan Rex was asked about it and instead of not commenting he said man I wish we played those guys. Like he was gonna teach us a lesson ect.

  35. I don’t know which is the more appalling, a head coach who openly admits he wasn’t paying attention to his team or a head coach who refuses to admit his QB is one of the worst in the league.

  36. The Jets really are an offensive team. No really just ask anyone who actually watches that offense every week. It’s offensive!

  37. I never was worried nor did I ever think Rex didn’t watch the plays at some point. The concern Rex is that you don’t seem to be intimately connected to what is going on and the team didn’t perform well. There is a question as to how well you are preparing the team and how in tune you are, not a question of you actually doing the work. It’s about how well are you doing the work and are you using the best methods.

  38. wte1:

    Actually I have said stuff about that. I’ve complained about that and many other very similar things about BB before. Just because not many people are pointing out his flaws doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some. I have been pointing them out for years on this board and others. At least I’m paying attention to all the details that are relevant about football analytics. Now it’s time for some head coaches to pick up the slack and get their heads in the game.

  39. Rex Ryan has already stated that this season he plans to be more involved with the defensive side of the ball. Marty Morniwhig is the offensive coordinator and is in charge of the offense while it is on the field. This has all been arranged when the coaching staff was given their responsibilites. This is not an unusual arrangement. Does anyone think Sean Payton is watching every defensive play? Does anyone believe that Mike Tomlin is watching every offensive snap? Especially in a meaningless game where the tape is more useful in breaking down what each player is doing and grading out performances to determine who’s making the roster?

    As far as time management concerns, I highly doubt that there was much concern about clock manipulation on the first drive of the first PRESEASON game of the year. Ryan was taking an opportunity to offer some coaching to the defense early in the game.

    I know everyone is looking for a reason to put down the Jets, and I’m sure they aren’t going to be that great a team, but to crucify the guy over doing his job seems a bit silly.

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