’72 Dolphins finally get their White House visit


Mercury Morris may not call Barack Obama when the ’72 Dolphins are in his neighborhood, but Morris definitely will call Obama when the team is on his front porch.

More than 40 years after the fact, the NFL’s only 17-0 franchise will get its visit to the White House, next week.

“I’m honored that the accomplishments of the 1972 Dolphins are going to be recognized by the President with a ceremony at the White House,” Hall of Fame coach Don Shula said in a statement released by the team.  “It is a very special occasion and I know it’s something that all of us will enjoy and remember.”

The visit never happened, because then-president Richard Nixon was dealing with the Watergate scandal.  Nixon also was a fan of the team the Dolphins beat in Super Bowl VII, the Redskins.

Obama is a Bears fan; in 2011, he invited the ’85 Bears to D.C. for a Super Bowl visit that didn’t happen because of the Challenger disaster.

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  1. Good to see this team get recognition, they were the best ever. If you don’t believe me just ask them they’ll tell you. Well maybe you don’t need to ask, they’ll tell you anyhow the next time they celebrate another team losing.

  2. This is HUGE for the country, should pull us out of the recession, get the employment rate back up, and shelter the homeless. Great job and highfives everywhere for a job well done.

  3. How ironic: Nixon, caught up in illegal domestic spying, couldn’t meet them, but years later, Obama, who spies on every single American in every way possible, is free to meet them.

    Also.. He drone strikes innocent women and little kids in third world countries, and these fellas want to smile, pose for cameras and be all buddy-buddy with him. Be careful. Associating with those who make it hard for themselves to avoid hell may bring bad luck in this life and after death.

  4. This is great news. That was some year for The Fins, culminating in that SB. I can STILL picture Garo batting that wounded-duck of a heave, into the air and watching it go for the ugliest pick-six in NFL history…HILARIOUS! Congrats to a GREAT coach and historic team, or is it HISTORIC coach and great team?!

  5. It should be noted that current owner Steve Ross is flying the entire team out on his own dime. These guys did not get paid the way current players do, and goes a long way to helping them celebrate their achievement.

  6. The President back then dealing with Watergate couldn’t meet them.

    Given the current issue that some would say is much worse than Watergate, why would the White House think this is a good idea?

  7. I’m actually looking forward to seeing all these old dudes today get honored – a real flashback to a thrilling time of my childhood! Good for them!!

  8. Next up, Obama will invite the Super Bowl winning teams of the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons.

  9. Nixon wasn’t dealing with the”Watergate Scandal” in 1972.

    Watergate didn’t break until July 1973.

  10. He will invite the ’72 Dolphins amd ’85 Bears for fun little publicity visits and photo-ops.

    But the GOP will never be invited because that would involve doing actual work and possibly someone disagreeing with him, something that is anathema to this President.

  11. Until 1974 the “Watergate Scandal” was just G Gordon Liddy breaking into a hotel room. And it wasn’t a big deal.

  12. If anything in 1972 Nixon was more preoccupied with the domestic reaction from bombing Cambodia and Laos than anything Watergate related.

  13. I’m sure they were really bummed out by missing the chance to shake hands with Nixon and Agnew (who, incredibly, BOTH were forced to resign within 22 months after winning 49 states in the Election of 1972).

  14. I’m a lifelong Dolphins fan. I am so tried of the 72 Dolphins. All the credit should goto Shula and the players not the franchise. Good for them. Now please stop talking about it every time a team starts 10-0. Truth is most of them don’t pop a champaign bottle every year. Most of the players don’t care from the 72 team…unless your first name is Mercury….

  15. Might have meant something 40 years ago. But in today’s world, with this most polarizing prez ever, half of the surviving Fins from ’72 won’t want to show up (and they’ll be labeled racist, of course).

  16. And then, could they please go away? Their yearly champagne rituals when the last undefeated team loses are petty and so are they.

  17. im a die hard fins fan, but let it go. Im sure the President has more pressing issues than honoring a team that played hundreds of years ago.

  18. I don’t think anyone cares. Can the 72 Dolphins just fade into our memories. Looking forward to the story in October or November that states the 72 Dolphins popped their Champagne Bottles. Who give a hoot

  19. Obama is a wonderful president and really knows how to connect with these sports team moments…

  20. Going 17-0 was quite an accomplishment. Although I have seen Csonka, Fernandez, and Greise all say the 1973 team which beat the Vikings in Super Bowl VIII was the better than the 1972 team.

  21. The country can now rest easy knowing this big cloud over our collective heads has now been lifted. Has there ever been more of a tone deaf President of the United States?

  22. sheriffrickgrimes says:Aug 13, 2013 10:44 PM

    Well whoopdy doo. Mercury Morris & Company get to meet the Communist-in-Chief. Hail Comrade Obama!


    Archie Bunker, alive and well.

  23. Focus on your job as President, and not Hollywood and making up events to be in the spotlight. You have a country to run, remember?

  24. How come you don’t mention in the article that the Fins tampered to get Shula and had to give a first round pick to the Colts because of this ? Without him its unlikely they go undefeated.

    17-0 *

  25. Glad Obama can open the white house for more celebs when he still refused to the white house for children. our president is a sick selfish man who be should be impeached

  26. So, Obama sees his poll numbers in Florida are shaky, so he better make a trip there and find a way to scrounge up votes.

  27. patssmelllikepoo: Yes, the previous one.

    Furthermore, with all the people who continue to harp on how he’s got a country to run, might I remind you that you might have a household to run or work to do, so maybe you should be doing that instead of posting on here or watching a football game…there are only so many hours in a day, you know.

  28. darkneptune73 says:
    Aug 14, 2013 10:34 AM
    Anyone find it sad it took 7 presidents before they were able to get a visit?

    No, I have been alive for 9 and i have not had a visit…

    As much as I love football and it’s cute to see athletes get their pics taken with the POTUS, it is by no means “sad” that they did not “get a visit”.

    It is far more sad that every wounded vet does not get a visit with the pres (if they choose to).

  29. Just sad that people line up to bash the president in reaction to ho-hum presidential events that all presidents do. This is not a Fox news focus on why we should hate everything the president does no matter what thread. I know we live in a time when its wrong to say sometimes or in this case, but this Obama=bad stuff is just as moronic as GOP=bad would be. This is not a political post folks.

  30. I’m glad he has time to meet a football team from 1972.Not like he has a country that is in ruins or anything. Lets just keep ignoring all the problems and they all will go away! ITS PARTY TIME! Obama 2016!

  31. I don’t mind presidents hosting current champs. It’s a cool honor. But seriosuly, reaching back into the past at this point in time with this country in such an economic mess to do this for two different teams who won something 30+ years ago? Not a good look politically.

    Sad thing about the Archie Bunker comment by tedmurph is that Archie was probably a true blue democrat, just like the originators of the KKK.

  32. The greatest team ever was the 2007 Patriots. 18-0 before losing on a few flukey plays in the SB, albeit to a great team….and in the era of the salary cap no less.

    Go ahead and get angry with the thumbs down, but while the 72 Dolphins will always be one of the all-time great teams in the NFL, they were surpassed in 2007.

  33. Reading the rubbish on here is unbelievable. The Dolphins are the only unbeaten team so deal with it all of you. Doesn’t matter if you like them or not, they did it, and no one else has been good enough to do it, so get on with it.
    Good for them finally getting an invite to the White House, it should have happened years ago but those Presidents didn’t do it.

  34. And when you wonder why this Country is divided, just read all the ignorant comments on this post that serve no purpose other than widening that divide…

  35. Aug 14, 2013 7:56 AM
    im a die hard fins fan, but let it go. Im sure the President has more pressing issues than honoring a team that played hundreds of years ago.
    Pressing Issues?? Sure he does: Benghazi, IRS scandal, Fast N Furious, Illegal Drone strikes, Guantanamo debacle, the current unemployment rate, still blaming almost everything on Bush and especially Obamination-care. But all he’s probably worrying about right now is where he’s gonna be playing his next 18 holes of hack golf. Hey Fins when you get to the WH, get ready for yet another meaningless speech by a most MEANINGLESS prez.

  36. Is their any truth to the rumor that they will be having scrambled eggs for dinner, while washing it down with a glass of geritol??Maybe they can get a senior citizens discount on their hotel rooms also??

  37. @annes22
    Only PERFECT season, meaning they won all the games they played in ’72 not the only undefeated team. I’m not saying this makes it any more impressive or less impressive, just clarifying. Great team any way you slice it.

  38. Bunker would have been a Dem because he’s a union man, but anyone denying the KKK is a far right organization and the Dems are the party of civil rights should stop listening to right wing propaganda and pick up a history book. Sad is right.

  39. @KD75- 5 people were arrested on June 17 1972 for the Watergate break in and you can believe the Nixon administration went into cover up mode right away so it is very true that Nixon was very much so dealing with Watergate at that time.

  40. Kudos to Bob Kuechenberg, Jim Langer, and Manny Fernandez for REFUSING NOBAMA’S INVITATION! They disagree with the LIBERAL LEFT POLICIES OF NOBAMA!

    I’ll make this promise. I don’t lean to the left like most of the teachers I work with, which will probably prevent me from winning Teacher of the Year the way it worked against Susan Lucci winning that Emmy. BIG DEAL! But if I ever do win such an award, I’LL BOYCOTT MEETING NOBAMA AS WELL! I’ll go when his successor is in; 1,250 DAYS TO GO! RUBIO/CRUZ ’16!

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