Belichick not ready to discuss Tebow roster spot


Either Bill Belichick doesn’t know, or he just doesn’t want to be bothered.

According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, the Patriots coach was asked this morning about the possibility of Tebow hanging onto a spot on the 53-man roster.

His reply: “That’s not anything we’re ready to talk about right now.”

Tebow was a sparkling 4-of-12 passing for 55 yards in the preseason opener against the Eagles, hardly the kind of first impression you want to make.

But his value to the Patriots would ostensibly exceed his well-documented struggles throwing a football, so if they were going to bother bringing him in, there’s no point declaring their intentions now.

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  1. Here’s a guess: of course not!

    Timothy Richard Tebow is not good at anything. The chances he’ll make the Pats’ roster are, you know, pretty goddamn slim.

  2. Just curious if Tebow plays TE or RB then would I still have to put him in the QB spot in fantasy football. Heck I don’t plan on going after him so I guess it doesn’t matter. I’m just hoping he can be a target for my 6th rd steal in Brady.

  3. They better not waste a roster spot on this guy… Theey need depth at too many other positons … CB, TE, RB. It is my opinion that the PATs do not have the luxury this season to carry three QBs this coming season. Especially with the injurys. (IE gronk) and Denards pending incarceration.

  4. I didn’t think so at first, but now I think he’s on the team. I agree w/previous poster that they need roster spots for a couple of fluid situations, but they devoted a lot of practice time putting in packages only Tebow can run, as seen in the Eagles game. I don’t think they’d waste that time unless they intended to keep him.

  5. Tebow definitely has value as a #3 QB who can mimic different types of opposing players in practice. Anyone that thinks the Pats are going to run him out as a TE or RB at this point doesn’t know much of anything about football.

  6. Wilfork would make a better 3rd QB… Actually I believe they have him on the depth chart…

  7. Counting down… Just ONE more Tebow story remaining– Tebow Cut by Pats, No One Else Interested– and our long national nightmare is over.

  8. Judging by New England’s preseason contest against Philly, the Patriots’ backup quarterback situation is in dire straits. While Mallet may have a “howitzer” for an arm, his throwing accuracy, while not as bad as Tebow’s, was unimpressive. In my judgment, Tebow, while a great college quarterback, shouldn’t even be holding a clipboard for New England this year. And, absent a showing during this preseason that he’s improved significantly, Mallet should be traded next year.

  9. Yeah its pretty hilarious how people have clung on to this make him a TE or RB” idea. Those same people are probably the same one who think going from safety to cab or cab to safety is easy. What exactly in Tebows past has shown that he could play TE? Has he caught a lot of passes? Picked up blitzes? No he hasn’t. Yes he can run….. as long as he is playing in the gimmick… uh I mean the run option. If you can’t keep him as a qb then let him go.

  10. @cardiovascularendurance

    You hit the nail on the head sir. The Pats gameplan better then any other team in the league. As a Bills fan I have had many opportunities to see it in person. He may not make the final roster but with Pats having to face 2 mobile QBs in their division now he could definitely be kept around as a practice player.

  11. jack3dsd says:
    Aug 13, 2013 11:17 AM
    how many rushing yards?

    31 on 7 attempts, with 3 sacks for 23 yards lost.

    Mr Tebow accounted for a total of 63 yards on 22 plays, playing basically the second half of the game.

  12. Tebow, The Lord would want you to succeed. Choose a different position and learn humility. Learn humility and earn the respect you don’t get now. Go with God, but go as a TE, RB, FB, HB or WR.

  13. That team has been so besieged by scandal lately, it makes sense to open up a roster spot to a team deacon.

  14. There are 3 QB’s right now on the roster with one having been possibly injured. I’d say it’s a very safe bet to say he’ll make it to the final cuts, unless the Pats pick up another QB. So the reporter’s question is pretty stupid in my opinion.

  15. .

    It’s typical Belichick…… Failing to set his 53 man roster on August 13th for the convenience of the media.

    Make the bad man stop !


  16. I wish they would do him a favor and cut him now. He deserves to be on a team on the rise, not one in decline with a legacy of cheating to get anything they “achieved”.

  17. Its just like with Denver, everyone says he stinks but in the end they ran for 248 yards and the completions he did make were key first down receptions and most importantly……..THEY WON!!! or is that not what the NFL is about anymore?

  18. Name a 3rd string QB in NFL…who would add more value to his team than TEBOW??

    53rd player, but he makes it due to what he’d bring to preparation of pistol/wildcat QB’s

  19. jimmyt says: Aug 13, 2013 12:13 PM

    I wish they would do him a favor and cut him now. He deserves to be on a team on the rise, not one in decline with a legacy of cheating to get anything they “achieved”.

    Poor jimmyt I mean sj39, still mad about one of the greatest SB upsets in the history on the NFL or the constant a$$ kicking you team gets from NE?

  20. Please leave Coach Belichick alone. Some people just want to arouse bad feelings toward Tebow by raising unnecessary questions!

  21. Stop trying to call for Tebow to play TE. He can’t catch or block. He might be a good short yardage back. But why bother with that? Pats have Blount if they need a hammer at the LOS. Tebow only has NFL worth as a practice dummy for when they will be facing teams with QBs running a read option or wildcat type sub package.

  22. I am pretty sure a couple of months ago some bloggers were reporting that Belichick “hated” Tim Tebow and therefore there was no chance that the Pats would consider signing him.

    You can’t dress all 53 active roster players for a game and the Pats always wisely use the PUP list as an extra roster position so there are positions available to players that add value and depth.

    Whether the Pats keep him or not, it is nice to know that the Jets are on the hook for twice as much of Tebow’s salary this year as the Pats and he is a good guy that I wish all the best.

  23. The only reason Tebow is there is Bill is doing Josh McD. a solid. He’s giving Josh until the start of the season to see if he can work some magic with him.

  24. Why are sports fans always so excited when a coach “shuts up the media.” The media are the fans’ link to information. And you want them to be “shut up”?
    You all must really enjoy the way Obama keeps the mainstream media in the dark…

  25. I like the guys who say that if you think tebow can play a different position that you don’t know anything about football. You know that there are plenty of instances of college qb’s switching positions once in the NFL. Tebow practically has been a rb his whole NFL carer anyways. Heck, taiwan Jones switched from rb to corner this year. If you are athletic enough, you can switch

  26. You could play with his stats and say Tebow was 8 of 16 because he ran 4 times for almost 8 yards per. I’m not backing Tebow. But, it seems to me that Mallott is the dud!

  27. First, the less stories you read about your team on PFT in August, the better. There have no torn ACLs or other major injuries. July was awful with Hernandez crap. Things will look much better when Gronk is better.

    Second, as much as I like Belichick as a coach, I realize that he is an egomaniac and wants to show the world that only a genius like him knows how to properly get something out of Tebow.

    Mallet did not impress anybody last weekend. He has a great arm, but no touch on the ball or feel for the game. Tebow, while being a much weaker passer, might be more productive than Mallet. It really doesn’t make a difference. So goes Tom Brady, so go the Patriots.

  28. Why do so many Blowhards out there have to make such a big deal of this? Tebow is exactly where he should have been coming out of the draft. He is a third string developemental QB, and nothing more, other than a celebrity. His biggest supporter is Josh McDaniels, who may very well be the heir apparent to coach when Belichick and Brady ride off into the sunset in a few years. McDaniels now gets the chance to see if he can make anything out of him in time, just like most other NFL teams do with a third string QB. With no veteran QB on the roster, and Ryan Mallett on the block to be traded before the next draft, Tebow is likely to stick for this year, glued to the bench, just like Mallett.

  29. descendency says:
    Aug 13, 2013 12:00 PM
    jack3dsd says:
    Aug 13, 2013 11:17 AM
    how many rushing yards?

    31 on 7 attempts, with 3 sacks for 23 yards lost.

    Mr Tebow accounted for a total of 63 yards on 22 plays, playing basically the second half of the game.

    He actually had 31 yards on 4 (four) attempts. And last I checked, sacks aren’t always on the QB. So 86 yards on 16 plays. The 3 sacks can’t necessarily be held against Tebow.

  30. Sorry, the guy just cant play. His motion is long and slow. He has terrible accuracy and he hasn’t shown the ability to get the ball out if his hands quick.

    Sacks aren’t always on the QB but the two I saw were on the QB. When a D overload blitzes the QB has to get the ball out to his hot read. Tebow never does that, he tries to slip the blitz run around and make a play. That works in college, not so much in the NFL

    And no, he can’t play TE. Guy has never blocked anyone in his life. He’s never had to get a release off the line. Not to mention he’s smaller than most TE’s.

    Sorry but the hourglass on Tebow time is just about empty.

  31. In a “passing” league all defenses are built to stop the pass, when a team commits to the power running game, defenses dont know what to do, linebackers are small and fast and cant stop the run consistantly thats why Tebow wins games.

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