Decision on whether Griffin will play Week One hasn’t been made yet


The focus on whether Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will play during the preseason has bolstered the assumption that he’ll play in Week One of the regular season.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, that hasn’t been decided yet.

Though Griffin publicly has said there’s “no doubt” he’ll play, the decision ultimately will be made not by Griffin but by coach Mike Shanahan, after consulting with Dr. James Andrews.

The source says it’s “premature” to talk about Griffin playing in Week One, although he definitely wants to play, he remains on target to play, and he hopes he’ll be cleared to play.

With Shanahan making the final decision based on all available information, it’s hard not to wonder the criticism he received for handling Griffin’s knee injury during a postseason loss to the Seahawks will echo through the decision-making process.  It could prompt an overcorrection, resulting in Shanahan proving that he’s careful with his players by keeping Griffin on the shelf for at least one week of the regular season.

If nothing else, the uncertainty forces Eagles coach Chip Kelly, who’s trying to keep the Redskins guessing about the quarterback they’ll face on the opening Monday night of the season, to do a little guessing of his own regarding whether Kelly’s NFL debut will come against Griffin or Kirk Cousins.

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  1. Sure you just don’t want a second site that just has news about this guy? Where he ate breakfast, what he ate, what time he arrived to practice, etc.

  2. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they go 7-9 8-8 at best
    lets talk about a team with a real shot at going to the super bowl GO HAWKS

  3. You won’t stop until Robert Griffin’s name makes people want to throw up, will you? I love the guy, and I understand that this is a journalist’s job. But it really seems like you’re intentionally making him look bad with these nonstop articles.

    I also understand that we are part of the problem, and it needs to be our job as readers to stay away from Griffin articles until the media drops their obsession.

    Basically, if you like the guy, don’t comment, so that the media will quit forcing Griff down America’s throat until we start to gag. And if you don’t like him, don’t comment and you’ll hear about him less. Either way, it’s time to take a stand against preseason Griffin articles.

    And yes, I understand that posting this is self-contradictory, but enough is enough.

  4. Meanwhile fellow conference athletes like Rodgers, Bree’s, Manning, are actually rugged, and don’t have to run a gimmick offense and miss huge chunks due to fragile joints and poor decision making. But hey just keep telling us how great he is.

  5. Teams are going to be after him big time this year. If he options and flips the ball to a running back you go after him anyway. If he runs teams will not allow him to get to the edge and will force him inside where he will be smoked. The Skins won’t be sneaking up on anybody this year and they will not be playing a last place schedule. Good luck Superman your going to need it.

  6. As a DIE HARD skins’ fan, can i just say….. STOP!!! Please stop. I love RG3, contrary to various haters, he is not a bad guy, and he is not a bust. But OMG I’m sick of hearing about what his farts smell like. He will play week 1, we ALL know that. So what if dude is frustrated. He see’s his boys playing ball, and wants to get in there. He is a competitor and thats what you want. But even as a skins fan, I dont need every 3rd article to be RG3

  7. RGIII is Vick 2.0.

    The guy will be injured on and off his whole career. Though he has more accuracy than Vick, but doubt “Accuracy” matters when you are holding a clip board. Enjoy your next ten years SkinsNation.

  8. He’s an amazing athlete, he pretty much owns this town right now (with the help of Strasburg and Ovechkin’s stars fading lately), but… the over-coverage of him is reaching near-Tebow proportions. I wouldn’t mind hearing about him, say, ONCE a day instead of eight times an afternoon the way it seems we are the past couple of weeks.

  9. It doesn’t matter if it’s RG3 or Cousins, Eagles roll at FedEx either way. If anyone has any extra money laying around load up on the birds, free money! Go birds! Bleed Green!

  10. My biggest question is will Dr. James Andrews be on the sidelines for Week 1 and will he please do a press conference and start talking about all things Redskins?

  11. I liked RG3 a lot more before all the over exposure. Now he seems to be feeling like he can say whatever he wants at his daily press conference. Please shut up and just play, or if your coach says “no” then don’t play. It’s easy.

  12. This amount of overexposure is going to make people despise RG3. I’m a Redskins fan and I’m sick of him. But, the media does nothing here but ask him stupid questions over and over. If he farts they write about it.

  13. surprise…another irIII story….seriously guys. can we talk about the teams that have a shot at the SB? i.e. ravens, 49ers, cowboys……

    This team will be lucky to get out of the cellar this year with a tough schedule. they were lucky last year as the nfc sucked and their schedule was easy. nfc east is stacked now so back to the cellar chumps…..lmao.

    red faces…lol

  14. I am a long time life long 50 year plus Eagles fan! RG3 is a great QB. He appears to be a great young man. The NFL needs a whole lot more players just like him. He is smart, has a good personality, is a phenomenal talent. THERE IS ZERO %%% CHANCE that he does not play. This a wasted article. I believe the Monday night opener in Washington will be a much better game then people believe. Kelly & staff are doing a great job “slowly” getting the right people in. The Eagles defense is a real concern. Their offensive line (if it they stay healthy) is by far and away one of the best offensive lines in football. It is clearly so much better then any line in the NFC East. Not even close. They have McCoy and two really good running backs backing him up. Desean Jackson looks like he has finally grown up and is playing the best football of his career. They have four good tight ends. Special teams will be significantly better. The Eagles defense is a mess right now and if it doesn’t get straightened out they will get torched. They are two years away but will win some games that stun some people and lose some games that will leave Eagles fans dejected.

  15. I don’t see why this gets so much coverage. It’s not like the skins have no one behind RG3, and they will be seriously hampered if he misses the first game or two. Kirk Cousins played strong to very strong in his appearances last season.

  16. If Washington doesn’t ruin him he will be exciting to watch for many years to come, however, it’s one season playing and one major injury.

  17. Doesn’t matter if they have Joe Montana starting. The Skins are about to get blown tf out.

  18. Guys…

    I am a Redskins fan. I like RG3. I like to hear updates. but…Skins fans can just go to Skins blogs to read the nonstop stuff. You dont have to punish others with it.

    on that note..HTTR

  19. I suspect it’s not Shanny’s call, it’s Andrews. As a Bronco fan, fully remember TD being asked to go back in, while experiencing migraines. Dollars-to-doughnuts, Snyder told Shanny he will follow Andrews lead.

  20. In a real organization, there wouldn’t be such a debate. This franchise has no respectable leadership so 2nd year players like RGknee open their mouths to the media trying to come back too soon from a knee injury that happened because his front office is too cheap to pay for a real field.

    What a joke this team is. That’s why they’re in Landover and hold training camp in Virginia.

  21. Huge Redskins Fan here but I have to say Mike needs to really see where he is health wise and tell him to sit until week 6. That would be after their bye week then unleash him on the NFL. RGIII its a marathon not a sprint.

  22. edwinmoses:

    I think you have me confused with somebody else. I never made a post claiming any player was out of shape and I’m aware of what that phrase means. I never said anything remotely similar to what you are talking about.

  23. He’ll be fine, this is typical Shanahan keeping everyone guessing. Non story, RG3 starts week 1….

  24. Whenever a RG3 story is posted, you can be as sure as Jerry Jones going to hell that the same losers will post the same tired hate. Get some new material.

  25. Funny all the people here whining about RGII coverage. There are at least 5 stories that have zero as in NO comments and this one has over twenty. What story would you post if you ran a website?
    Don’t be hating Griffin for the coverage.

  26. If it was up to me, I’de rest him till’ week 6 (Use the bye week for a smooth transition)
    I’de rather try to make sure he’s as safe for the next 10 years than risk rushing him for a couple of wins.

    I’m not planning on jumping on any bandwagon, I’ve here since the days of Mark Brunell.
    HTTR til the casket drops!

  27. If it was up to me, I’de rest him till’ week 6 (Use the bye week for a smooth transition)
    I’de rather try to make sure he’s as safe for the next 10 years as possible, than to risk rushing him for a couple of extra wins.

    If you’re a Redskins fan and U disagree with me, please remembers how bad U felt during the gamee against the Seahawks.
    I’m not planning on jumping on any bandwagon, I’ve here since the days of Mark Brunell.
    HTTR til the casket drops!

  28. Ahhh……the doldrums of summer football, and writers reaching for stories. The problem is the local writers continue to write stories to make national headlines because they are itching to become journalists on a national scale for sites like Yahoo Sports, AOL Sports, ESPN, etc….. because the papers no longer make money. The DC media market is a magnet for these types of writers because of the success of guys like Tony Kornhiser, Mike Wilbon, etc…. so we will continue to drown in stories on RG3, and other headlines from the DC Pro Football team.

  29. First: gamers want to be on the field all the time, not just RGIII. In Washington, the same thing is happening with the baseball team. Bryce Harper wants to come back early from injury; Manager Davey Johnson is holding him back. So players and coaches often disagree…it’s really not a big deal.

    Second: The mistake RGIII is making is not shutting the F up. But let’s put this in perspective. He’s a second year player thrust into the role of one of the NFL’s biggest stars. So, he still needs to learn how to speak to the media. He’s young; he’s learning…so he’s messing up. But let’s put it in perspective:

    He’s not driving drunk.
    He’s not having kids with 5 different women.
    He’s not beating his wife.
    He’s not committing heinous crimes.

    These are some of the mistakes other young players have made. So, at least he’s making the type of mistakes that hopefully can be corrected in time.

    The people on this board act like they never said anything stupid in their early 20s. I know I sure as heck did.

  30. baddegg says:
    Aug 14, 2013 9:47 AM
    He’s not driving drunk.
    He’s not having kids with 5 different women.
    He’s not beating his wife.
    He’s not committing heinous crimes.
    So, what you’re saying, basically, is he has a lot in common with Terrell Owens

  31. I wish he would shut up sometimes. He is the only quarterback who continually runs his mouth not stop. He needs to be taken to the television show called “INTERVENTION” .

  32. Man, I’ve never seen so many idiot haters in my life, RGIII must being doing something right to have you fools all nervous… HTTR !!!!

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