Dez Bryant sympathetic to Johnny Manziel’s plight


On Tuesday, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant offered a strong take on Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, whom the NCAA is investigating in connection with autograph-signing-for-cash allegations.

The overall tenor of Bryant’s remarks was clear: the NCAA, not Manziel, is the problem.

“He should be able to sign as many autographs and make as much money as he wants, because it’s his name,” Bryant said, per Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram. “I feel like he’s the one who created it. He should be able to do whatever he feels as long as it’s legal and I don’t think there’s anything illegal about signing a picture of yourself and making money off himself.

“Shoot, the NCAA is making money off of it when they’re selling those No. 2 shirts. Why can’t he make a little bit of money off of it?”

Bryant has every reason to have no use for the NCAA. Four years ago, collegiate sports’ governing body kept off the field for most of his junior season at Oklahoma State after he lied about his relationship with Deion Sanders.

Bryant, during his remarks Tuesday, said he would be “mad” if Manziel merited a suspension in the NCAA’s eyes but did not receive one, per the Star-Telegram.

But that’s just part of the story. Overall, Bryant seemed sympathetic to Manziel.

And clearly, Bryant hasn’t forgiven the NCAA.

“I don’t want anything to happen to Manziel, I promise,” Bryant said, per the Star-Telegram. “I don’t want anything. I just want them to know what they’re doing is not right. That’s all they need to know and they need to understand that. Seriously. They really do.”

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  1. Greedy guys like him just don’t get it. Guys like him were the recipients of major handouts by boosters (T Boone Pickens, anyone?). Suppose some SEC school says, OK Mr hotshot recruit, come to our school and Mr major booster will “pay” for 1 million autographs. It’s all about creating an even playing field as much as possible. The crooked schools (All the OSUs, the entire SEC, UNC, Oregon, U$C, SMU, etc) ruin it for everyone else.

  2. In 2012, Texas A&M made $37,000,000 (yes, million) more in Merchandising than in 2011, most of it due Manziel merchandise.

    But hey… it’s wrong for him to make money off his own image…or something.

  3. Doesn’t matter what you think. Doesn’t matter what Manziel thinks or what I think.

    The NCAA makes the rules. Follow the rules or suffer the consequences.

  4. The NCAA is modern day slavery, peddling their useless educations they know has little value in the real world. I’m embarrassed Mark Emmert gave the commencement speech at my community college graduation.

  5. MW, but the experience of Bryant has little relationship to what Manziel is going through ( and what Bryant is getting at). The NCAA has a legitimate role in protecting potential pro players under their responsibility from the sharks of the pro world. Players should be grateful for that, and Bryant still doesn’t realized how he was used (as was Reggie Bush) by the agents who sought only to exploit them for their money-making potential.

    That said, Bryant is exactly right and echos many comments by Frank DeFord regarding how college football players (in particular) are exploited for their talent, being put in a de facto minor league that takes all the earnings and spends it on itself rather than player salaries. We either need to end this ludicrous expectation that college athletics remain “non-profit” for the players, or else we need to demand a real minor league that pays those players who risk their entire future just to get a shot at the pros. How many stars never make it to the pros because they get a major injury in college?

  6. Well, yeah…and maybe pot SHOULD be legal…
    and maybe it will be in the future…
    but you put yourself at risk of bad consequences if you get caught with it now.

    NCAA & NFL rules aren’t laws…but if you want to have a career playing football, Walt White advises you to “tread lightly” on their many rules…

  7. If they can’t profit off of themselves, neither should the NCAA. This is modern day slavery, and auctioning off to the highest bidder (NFL Draft – Thank God Almighty we are Free at last! ). I understand the free education side of this, yes. But let’s be real, the elite in which the NCAA are profiting off of, the primary focus of these kids is not to learn, but to play football. It’s a scapegoat and they know it.

  8. How about NFL busts have to give up their money and we give that to the kids? Or anybody else on planet Earth. It’s kind of like a you get paid when you actually earn or deserve it. As long as you can do one of the two.

  9. I agree that he ‘should’ be able to, unfortunately he signed at least one document and likely several that prohibit him from doing so without repercussions

  10. Note to Johnny Manziel:

    If Dez Bryant is publicly justifying your behavior… and trying to be the voice of reason… run the other way… and FAST.

  11. Dez Bryant are right college’s and the NFL wants to make money off of players and the player’s can’t make any money unless they are spending they own money.

  12. Good job Dez! All the NCAA does is collect money from their athletes names and then want to suspend them for bogus stuff while in turn making millions!

  13. Not a Johnny football fan but the NCAA is absurd. So he can’t make money off autographs really I understand not taking money to play for a school but this is stupid as was what happened to Ohio state they were their jerseys they should be allowed to do what they want with them

  14. Seems like the kids should get a taste of the money that they make for their team. It’s been wrong for a long time to deny them just to keep it amateur status. It’s all about money in major NCAA and when some players get the chance (need) to go for it they risk a lot. Some fundraisers are the first to blame and truly it’s happened forever. Times are a changing and we should see the future. Anyone agree?

  15. .

    NCAA should pay EVERY student-athlete in any sport…if they can’t work and can’t get paid for anything…when college football alone brings a ton of money.


  16. The Gov’t should look into the NCAA. With the amount of money being stolen from youths…. yet the price of college keeps rising… most of these institutions should be brought to criminal court.

  17. EXACTLY my thoughts. His name is like his company and signing the autographs is his product that he’s making money off of. How is this any different than him starting his own company with any other product. Just because its his autograph makes it wrong and against rules? Wow. If people want to pay for his autograph, its their money. Its their money going to someone who worked hard to be able to do that. That’s work in my opinion. The NCAA is stupid

  18. Yea Dez, All you athletes have the same issue. It’s called “entitled minds”. When you’re a PRO athlete, not in college, etc. SURE, I agree. BUT when your a college student athlete under scholarship, NO WAY should you be allowed to make a DIME off your fame, or performance notoriety under that status. PERIOD. It’s sad tha as the generations go by, the ENTERTAINMENT syndrome rules society. Ethics has no bearing anymore only STARDOM!! What a waste.

  19. Dez is right. The NCAA has its own private fiefdom and the athletes are disposable, self-replicating serfs. Someone needs to break the shackles off these young men and pay them a fair wage, and this needs to get down yesterday.

  20. If Manziel wants to make money off of his name, he is free to do so. Nobody is stopping him. The NCAA isn’t trying to throw him in jail. He simply won’t be able to play in the NCAA anymore. Go pro or go play in the park and sell whatever you like.

  21. I think it’s past time the NCAA admits that they are the farm system for the NFL and let players make some money off of it. The colleges are making plenty of money off of them so the reverse should be allowed as well.

  22. I hate agreeing with a Cowboy but this is pure honesty here. I absolutely concur with Dez. Someone needs to tell the NCAA to go fly a kite and pull then covers off there little amateur charade. If it is amateur let it be amateur and NOBODY gets to make money off it. That means coaches get paid standard university teacher salaries. No billion dollar contracts with networks. That is the only fair solution . That or let these kids profit from their hard work on the field or court. I’m not suggesting the NCAA pay the kids beyond their scholarships. But allowing them to earn money outside of the game, due to their efforts in the game, harms no one.

  23. Dez Bryant is not the best spokesperson for Manziel, but he’s right nevertheless.

    Child stars get paid. Child tennis players, golfers, racecar drivers, etc.

    College athletics is all about giving your talent away for four years so some fat bastards upstairs can get their pensions.

    And the argument that a college education is worth something is a crock. Just ask the waiter at the next restaurant you go to.

    Deregulating the NCAA monopoly is long overdue.

  24. I love the Dez haters. The only thing Dez did wrong in college was have dinner with Deion Sanders, and when asked he lied. He’s a teenage kid with the world in front of him, he panicked and he lied.

    Wrong..yes. Horrible…no. Year suspension? Absolutely insane.

  25. I totally agree. Prior, Bryant and many other athletes of color have felt the unequal justice of the NCAA . These guys were poor and didn’t have a pot to piss in. Bryant’s sin was having a meal with Dion Sanders, which was legal. Fez lied when asked by the NCAA. Johnny Football did not need the money which shows his arrogance. If not suspended, it will show their hypocrisy.

  26. So what do you guys think about giving high school athletes money then?

    Manziel was going to make bazillions of dollars as a pro. He made the brilliant decision to risk it all for a couple hundred under-the-table bucks. Do you think that young man, or college sports in general, would somehow be improved by an infusion of huge chunks of ready cash?

    Every offseason, we hear stories about the downfall and financial ruin of grown men who couldn’t handle the business side of their lives. But teenagers are supposed to do better?

    Pretty shortsighted, sports fans.

  27. Once again these players are suppose to know the rules. They do get paid in a free ride in college for a free education. Ask the ones paying how much money that adds up to. Manziel deserves to be punished for greed as well as breaking the rules.

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